Matteo Salvini: No More Migrant Rescue Boats

As reported in last night’s news feed, Italy’s new interior minister Matteo Salvini (who is also deputy prime minister) turned away a “rescue” ship carrying hundreds of migrants, and said that Italy will no longer accept any such boatloads of immigrants.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Italian news portal Cagliaripad:

Salvini: Italian Ports Closed

The stopping of the boat with 600 people

Italian ports are closed to the disembarkation of migrants after a rescue conducted last night by the boat Aquarius, which requested authorization to dock and was directed to Europe. If confirmed, it would be an action without precedent decided by Matteo Salvini.

There were 629 migrants on board the Aquarius of SOS Méditerranée, with personnel from Doctors Without Borders, which was making its way towards an as yet unassigned secure port. Among the passengers were 123 unaccompanied minors, eleven children, and seven pregnant women. A total of six rescue operations were carried out.

According to what Salvini also declared in a letter sent to the Maltese authorities, if the island state will not permit the boat to dock, a block requested by the deputy prime minister of the Lega Nord will commence, and the boat will not be allowed to land in Italy.

See also this report in English from The Times of Malta.

19 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini: No More Migrant Rescue Boats

  1. Every one of those MSF loons should be arrested for people smuggling along with the entire crew and the ship sold by the state to cover the expense of sending the passengers home.

    • Selling the vessel would be more practical of course, but torpedoeing it to ensure it was never again used as an invader taxi would be far more satisfying! Besides, it would make a great reef for the fish and coral if only one could figure out how to remove the stench of [the] unbathed…

        • From news reports that I have seen crew & doctors on board the vessel are visibly afraid, both
          Physically and psychologically, of their charges.

          The ship returning to its point of sailing should
          Be the only option!

          No doubt we would be subjected to the dangling of
          Babies over the railings, pregnant women threatening
          To jump overboard etc, but somewhere along the line
          This emotionally charged bluff has to be called.
          Nobody is being forced to walk the plank for goodness
          Sake – The whole of Africa, rather than solving it’s
          Own problems, will swamp the European continent
          Soon if common sense doesn’t prevail.

  2. they are not “migrants” they are colonists brought to your country to take it away from you. it has been the communists plan for decades. who needs military conquest when you have colonization to bring about a one world government.

    • Quite. 123 ‘unaccompanied minors’ eh? Where have I heard that phrase before, normally applied to Muslims over the age of 27 who are cunning enough to delude the deluded into increasing their welfare handouts and protecting them from deportation and accusations of rape?

  3. Hey Italy, and Greece, and Poland, and Cyprus, and Hungary, and Austria – The United States of America just freed-up 28,000 well-trained, fully equipped, mostly Christian, all volunteer troops in South Korea – want some help?

  4. Australia had reduced maritime invasion to zero. The Italians should study their techniques.

    • The world will be surprised how very quickly the Libyan migrant problem is cleaned up if the Italian government is unwavering in turning back the do gooder “rescue” industry. The Australian example was always the answer.

  5. Why in God’s name would Spain take 629 economic migrants? The unemployment rate in Spain is currently around 17%. They do not speak the language or have any skills that Spain could utilize. Obviously, the fact that Italy refused to take them would have deterred would-be migrants from leaving Africa to journey onto Europe. Now it will be all systems go as they know that Spain will take them on. There are over one billion people on the African continent, how many of these will give it a shot The insanity continues.

    • Ada Colau mayoress of Barcelona, and Ximo Puig president of Valencia regional parliament both offered, then Sanchez the Spanish PM followed through with the welcome.

      They are all socialist, Colau further left, Puig also Valencian nationalist, “but by a different route” to than Cataluña is taking… related though . The north east is left and multiculti, closer to France than to Spain in that sense.

      Andalucia is also socialist stronghold, the “workers party” now becoming technosocialist , getting more closely tied to French/EU politics.

      Sort of explains, without explaining.

  6. The Ze(u)ro-crats will find another way to revert the old political power in Italy, soon or later. The national suicide by self-invasion must not be stopped. They will issue new legal sanctions against italy, and anyone who try to rebel to the multicultural enrichment. IMF and ECB will take care of this issue: they destroyed South Africa and Greece for much less. The toyboy of Merkel, Micron, has already issued condemnation statement for the blasphemous italian move. MSF, Emergency, and all other NGO coordinated by UNHCR and UNICEF are worried of losing money.

  7. The Times of Malta article is very informative.

    It’s very interesting that the decision not to allow the ship to land was taken at the Italian government (federal) level, while the (presumably Leftist) mayors of several Italian cities bleated to let the invaders in, no matter the cost or consequences.

    The Camp of Saints is literally playing out in real time, but in this case it appears that Italy has chosen survival over altruistic mass-suicide.

  8. So this is the first Salvini that Italy has fired across the bow of the Brussels eurostate. I suppose that the Euro will be torpedoed. So Rome is rising while Brussels sprouts.

  9. “Among the passengers were 123 unaccompanied minors, eleven children, and seven pregnant women.”
    Is this the euphemism for “around 500 men of a fighting age”?

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