The Italian Village Where Migrants Outnumber the Natives

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

The country invaded by migrants: 113 refugees with 110 inhabitants

In Gambara, in the hamlet of Corvione, foreigners seeking asylum exceed the resident population. Grimoldi: “Ethnic Replacement”

by Claudio Cartaldo — December 7, 2017

A good 113 migrants against 110 inhabitants: In Gambara, in the Hamlet of Corvione, foreigners seeking asylum exceed the resident population.

And there is an immediate clash in the province of Brescia, where there are 38 municipalities that have to deal with a higher rate of reception than the maximum set by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Brescia Oggi newspaper has drawn up the map of reception (centers) in the Lombardy province, which highlighted Gambara’s extreme case. The hard center-right attack: “In Corvione di Gambara there are more asylum seekers than residents. The government, the leftist mayors and immigration professionals are creating disasters,” said Regional Security Councilor Simona Bordonali. “A figure that certifies a further failure that we do not want to pass under. These guests have stayed for years in a former restaurant that could accommodate up to a maximum of 90. Now for immigrants the state proceeds quietly in contempt of the law. The ministerial threshold, the entire municipal territory of Gambara, should host a maximum of 12 asylum seekers. Instead they count 10 times as many. All with the silent consent of the mayor, who instead of fighting the situation is giving these guests dozens of identity cards.”

For the Hon. Paolo Grimoldi , a member of the Lega Nord and Secretary of the Lombard League, the idea of the distribution of migrants desired by the minister is “a fairy tale”, a “colossal dance in reality”, with “incredible degeneration” as in case of Gambara. “This village represents the first concrete demonstration of the ethnic substitution that the PD and the Left are implementing,” concludes Grimoldi. “It is time for Minister Minniti to intervene and transfers these asylum seekers elsewhere.”

18 thoughts on “The Italian Village Where Migrants Outnumber the Natives

  1. I’m speechless, what is happening in Europe and all over Italy , Europeans loosing Their minds to allow this illegal savages living in own cities and towns, it will end up very badly..

  2. Google ‘Gambara Italy’ and then click on the ‘images’ button. It will break your heart.

  3. Stupidity!
    These people can destroy a town in less than 10 years.
    Seen it in Africa many times.

  4. So Italians decided to turn their country into Somalia or Nigeria or something other than Italy. I hear the same multi culturailism gibberish here.
    Let’s fast forward 50 years to when Italians are the minority in their country, when Florence becomes Mogadishu. Italy will be a slum ruled by Africans, and that will be the end of it. It will still have some ancient ruins, but so does Syria and Turkey, which are on no sane person’s travel itinerary.

  5. First things first. The 110 residents must unite to kick out , tar and feather, ride out on a rail, the leftist mayor. Put someone in who will speak out for Gambara. Secondly they need to drum up support from the other 38 municipalities that are being imposed on. Maybe then, unified, they can suggest these “refugees” be placed into the homes of the bureaucrats who run the Ministry of the Interior. Let these bureaucrats house, feed, cloth, educate, and pay for all their expenses, then report back to the villagers on their successes.

  6. In addition, is this the right village? After looking at the google map for the village of Gambara (I believe I have the correct one), this village is larger than I thought and surely looks like there are more 110 indigenous inhabitants who live there – more like a thousand. Unless most houses are empty.

    • indeed, it is a small town with certainly over 1 k inhabitants. The hamlet of Corvione is located a few mikes nw of there and looking from above, I would not like to be found death in that place. No disco, no girl schools, no market for drugs, one bus a day… if there is.
      So from afar, this looks like the right place for seekers of quiet and peace.The mayor can not be that thick.

  7. add. the area is full of hamlets with peasant stock people, which almost all are passionate hunters in Italy. That will unrest the newly arrived.

      • The mafia are involved in people trafficking.
        Various crime syndicates across Europe make €billions, not just from transport but accommodation and cheap labour.
        So profitable apparently it was reported some syndicates on the Balkan route have even created their own pro-immigration NGOs.

        It would seem romantic notions of patriotic Mafiosi are rather wide of the mark.

        • you’ ve got a clear picture of the nature of criminals. The romantic idea of a Robin Hood like criminal is unhistoric and a product of highly civilized systems.
          Criminals are human waste .Period.

  8. They fought against Odoacer and then against Theodoric. Both defeated the natives of Italy and more or less improved it. Now they invite trash that will destroy Italy.

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