National Independence Day in Warsaw

Today is Poland’s National Independence Day, and Polish patriots staged a march for the occasion in Warsaw, as they do every year. Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel is at the march, and sent some photos and messages a few hours ago, when it was still daylight in Poland.

Here are some excerpts from his notes:

A lot of Hungarians come for this march. The march has always been pro-Orbán. But ultra-nationalists like Jobbik also show up.

A Spanish nationalist leader was just speaking out against Islam, and Roberto Fiori, the head of the Italian Forza Nuova Party is speaking now.

Tommy Robinson was scheduled to speak, but has not yet appeared.

We’re heading to the national stadium now where there will be more speeches. We’ve crossed the Poniatowski Bridge and are below it, but can see behind us the march is still on the whole of the bridge and beyond.

For a different viewpoint, here’s a report on the occasion from The Independent: “Fascists to stage ‘world’s biggest’ far-right march in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day”

6 thoughts on “National Independence Day in Warsaw

  1. I just looked at Times of Israel.
    “Polish far-right march goes global, drawing people from afar
    Event in Warsaw marking Poland’s Independence Day has become one of the largest gatherings of white supremacists worldwide in recent years…
    I really think it strange that they witlessly repeat what BBC & other Western media are telling. In fact they should concentrate on France, UK, Germany where xenophobia and anti-semitism is rising. The funniest thing was that the photo with anti-Semitic slogan was made in Germany.

  2. I was there, it went very well with tens of thousands of participants. My grandfather defended the Poniatowski Bridge from the Nazis in September 1939, so the experience was particularly powerful for me (this was my 2nd march, the first was last year). The march does have a strident, aggressive tone that could turn some people off, nonetheless many people brought their children and their was a diverse mix of people from every generation. As Poland is no longer ruled by post-communists, I think its time for an evolution of the organization of the event. The most moving moment was walking down Jerusalem Avenue and seeing an older woman waving a Polish flag from her balcony blowing kisses to the crowd. The mass of marchers sang the “100 years” song to her, most often heard at birthdays. Poles just want what’s best for their country and to avoid the tragic fate of Western European nations like France.

  3. I don’t know about everybody else but I am getting rather bored by leftists who refer to any group of people whose views are incongruent with their uber-left template as “far right” or “fascist.” It was never an accurate description and clearly intended as a smear which I see the so-called “Independent” persists in chuntering out. Isn’t it time people in the UK boycotted this already ailing organ of disinformation?

  4. Hi you folks in Warsaw: can you send a regiment over to Cologne on new years eve, please? It would be fun to see the enrichers flee like chicken in the face of real patriots.Or maybe a batallion will do….

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