Protest Against Muslim Street Prayers in Clichy-la-Garenne

Muslims in the Parisian suburb of Clichy-la-Garenne are unhappy with the location of their state-sponsored mosque: they want to be closer to downtown. In protest, they have been praying illegally every week in the streets of Clichy.

A group of local notables — native French, that is — decided they’d had enough, and organized an intervention during they street prayers. The confrontation between the “seculars” and the Muslims became quite heated. The event was unusual in that elected politicians were among its prominent leaders.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating and subtitling this video:

19 thoughts on “Protest Against Muslim Street Prayers in Clichy-la-Garenne

  1. …. and, being an illegal act, the gendarmes were conspicuous by their absence!

    God help them all when the rule of law breaks down altogether.

    • “stop” has been used by the French (and others) for a long time, especially when space is at a premium like it is, for example, on a “banner” – a noun, not an adjective. 😉 🙂

  2. The opposing forces are now out in the open and the battle lines are forming. Those little ‘spot fires’ of liberty keep erupting, so it is just a matter of time before a major ignition point is reached. And it doesn’t appear to be that far off.

    • While the unholy trinity of Government/Media and a definately NOT “independant” Judiciary have put out those “spot fires”, (Riposte Laique for example has 42 prosecutions against it – including from the ghastly Mayor of Paris and the Interior Minister himself), as quickly as they could, this demonstration brings some hope.

      While it is not all that BIG at first sight, for the first time a sizeable group of ELECTED OFFICIALS have followed the call of a courageous Mayor and have come out from behind their desks.

      It must be said though, that they were mainly (if not all) from the conservative side.

  3. Civil war is coming, Europe is Christian, how the French even allowed to this point , it’s insane !!, wake up people before You will be swept away from this savages ,,,..

    • The powers in France, ie Government, Judiciary and Media are riddled with what the French refer to as “Islamo-Gauchistes” (Islamo-Leftists). Add to this the overwhelming number of Arabo-Sub-Saharan-Muslims in the country many of them in strategic administrative places, plus the relentless persecution of those who speak out against it, and we might have to hang in there for a while yet.

      • France needs to reform an organisation like the OAS if she is to have any hope of preserving herself.

    • I don’t believe the french have enough to start the fight that is needed to solve this problem.It is a pale beginning and i will be ended soon.Frace eventually would have to give up some territory to the muslims(10%of the population that we know of);that in the best case scenario.
      The worse case is they would be terrorized and dominated more and more till the complete submission.
      With the energy that I am seeing here… none of this persons are ready for a real fight.
      Their pale faces and their weakness is visible;and that energy is readily visible form an animal perspective( muslims being very close to animals that is)

  4. Apologies:

    With the enthusiasm of the eternal beginner, I had a small editing mishap:

    Missing at the start are the following 2 lines of subtitles:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening
    Elected Officials are facing up to the ‘Prayers’ in the Street.
    A demonstration had been organised for this Friday….”

  5. Are public prayers illegal in France or not?

    If yes, why no arrests?

    If no, why the banner saying their praying is against the law?

  6. I feel so sorry for Europe in some ways, because they have been misled into thinking that a “welcoming” culture is a good thing, even when it’s not. There is no point in welcoming people whose values are diametrically opposite of the the native people.
    Muslims belong in muslim territories, where they feel comfortable and at home.

    My everlasting question is why did Europa do this to herself? WHY?

    P.S. There was a reason for the crusades, you know. Read your history if you don’t remember it or never knew it.

    • Would be fun indeed! Kick them all the way back home!

      Just remember, this situation did not happen in France overnight like in Germany and Austria. No, in England and France, it has been a decades- long slow process.

      These immigrants feel France is theirs, and they are not moving. Who will move is you– the white “longer-living there” Frenchman.

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