The Kensington Tower Block Fire — Cui Bono?

Early this morning a horrific fire occurred in the 24-story Grenfell Tower, a block of flats on the North Kensington, London (see this news report for details). Our English correspondent Seneca III has some pertinent questions about the obvious flammability of a building that was so recently and so expensively refurbished.

The Kensington Tower Block Fire — Cui Bono?

There was recently a £10 million refurbishment of the Grenfell Tower building. As always, the first step must be to follow the money in order to find the underlying cause of this Third-World type of tragedy in what was once the capital city of a First-World country.

Suspecting how things may work in Londonistan these days, we need to initiate a process of elimination by demanding immediate and precise answers to some obvious questions.

Those questions are:

1.   Was the contract for the refurbishment put out to bidding, was it awarded without a bidding process, or was it a mixture of both under the overall control of the relevant council/funding source?
2.   Who funded this refurbishment and how?
3.   Who were the principal contractor(s)/architect(s)/engineer(s)/designer(s) of the project, and what was the predominant ethnicity and cultural origin of the beneficial owners of them and the private companies and organisations carrying out the work?
4.   Who, if any, were the further sub-contracted persons or organisations involved and what was the predominant ethnicity and cultural origin of their beneficial owners?
5.   Who purchased the and installed the flammable cladding material and what was their predominant ethnicity and cultural origin?
6.   Who manufactured and performance-certified the cladding? Was it manufactured in the UK or elsewhere? If the latter, where?
7.   Who were the building inspectors who signed off on this refurbishment, and what was their predominant ethnicity and cultural origin?
8.   Who made what profit out of this refurbishment, and where did that money ultimately end up?
9.   Will anybody involved suddenly disappear overseas without explanation or warning? If so, who and to where?

Final Question: Will we ever get to know the answers to these questions, even if they are asked, or will any enquiry be conducted secretly and kicked into the long grass if the answer(s) don’t fit the current ideological thrust of the governing classes?

Well, it will probably be the latter, and I suspect it will be a leg-dragging case of Boards of Enquiry or similar, habituated by the usual collection of useful drones who will obfuscate, dither, dissemble and wait for the incident to fade into the distant past in the hope it will be forgotten about.

— Seneca III, Middle England, 14th June 2017.

44 thoughts on “The Kensington Tower Block Fire — Cui Bono?

  1. Seneca III I’m thinking similar thoughts. I’m wondering too:
    1. Are there any redevelopment plans for the area that require the demolition of one or more tower blocks
    2. Is this going to be used to disperse the ethnics into surrounding boroughs or counties, which is what I’ve heard mooted at various times over the past years

  2. The Hungarian news reports tons of garbage in the building which caused the fire to spread so fast. Any news about the ethnic composition of the people living there?

    • Yes indeed.Thirty percent were Muslims.The Muslims were awake cooking the Ramadam meal which is eaten from 1 a.m to 2a.m. The fire started at 12: 26 a.m.It was only reported to the fire stations at 1:56 a.m
      Presumably it was either accidentally started(by cooking )or deliberately set at the time Muslim families would be wide awake and non-Muslim families asleep.

      There was no central fire alarm or it was not working (possibly disabled) ,no central smoke alarm or none that were working.No central sprinkler system ,or none that was working.Only one staircase and that was blocked off at the time of the the renovation about 18 months ago and never reopened..

      A third of the people living there were Muslims and from the footage (no surprises most of those who escaped were Muslim- fully dressed and wearing head scarves.A third of the inhabitants were white indigenous British .A third were black of Carribean or African decent .The very few white and black non-Muslims who escaped where either half- naked or wearing pyjamas.

      It sounds as if the Muslims who were awake phoned their fellow Muslims to warn them to get out but didn’t phone the emergency services.A white British man who escaped said some of the sprinklers and smoke alarms in the individual flats were working.His was not.He was woken by his neighbor’s smoke alarm.

      Join the dots.

        • “Only one staircase and that was blocked off at the time of the the renovation about 18 months ago and never reopened..”

          If only one(1) staircase? Then how the survivors escaped using stairs?

      • MSM is already spinning this as heroic Muslims who saved their neighbors because they were awake for the glorious Ramadan holiday.

    • Surprisingly they are muslim immigrants in this high rise building in Kensington / Chelsea areas. How an immigrant can simply walk in to Kensington and get a place to live ?? When long long Native Londoners have been shoved off into the far far suburbs. Very fishy, very “calphate”” too. Kensington and Chelsea..this is millionaire – billionaire territory where long lived and now ousted, Londoners would have loved to live..and thsat would be nigh impossible to live there esp. get housing there in upscale Boroughs. Just HOW ? immigrants a la islamo, simply walked right into upscale Kensington and Chelsea is a staggering piece of news to me. I lived in Stepney, east end London..and could never ever imagine getting to live in upscale Kensington.

      • Kensington is not all billionaires. Some of it is ghetto – like this area and Holland Park area in general. Home to Jihadi John, and some of the most deprived wards in the country. However some of the posh parts are very close to Grenfell Tower, as I saw today when visiting the site.

    • I agree. This is of no concern to GoV, and let’s leave the speculation till after the bodies have been pulled out at least. Bit disappointed in this to be honest.

      • I am puzzled. A far began in a flat as a result of a fridge exploding. That was around 12.30 am. The ‘tall white man’ whose fridge exploded, had clothes in a bag already packed by his front door, BEFORE he knocked on his neighbour’s door and informed them his flat had caught fire because his fridge exploded.

        1. If my fridge had exploded, and I couldn’t immediately and safely put out the fire, I would call the fire services. The call should have been made at 12.31. It wasn’t made until 12.56. That’s a lot of time for a fire to take a hold.

        2. Why did he have his clothes already packed in a bag by his front door and then bang on his neighbour’s door??

        Is anyone looking for that man?

  3. London? Where did I read that name again recently?
    Almost top-floor?
    9+11=20, 14+6=20.
    Awful dead, being burnt alive…

  4. Building codes where probably ignored. Part and parcel of living in a third world city as their mayor would put it. This is just another symptom of a declining nation. I will go out on a limb here and say not much of value was lost.

  5. This aint no accident!

    Its a cover up, theres been over recent past few years many simular fires started in tower blocks in same area, and other parts of london.

    I lived in and grew up in late 80s around portobello road, ladbroke grove, notting hill, kensington, holland park, a strange area and crammed with muslims even back then, a mix of west indians, yardies, muslim scum arabs, pop stars, actors, aristocrat rich kids and politician poofters all rolled into one!

    Just google, and you be amazed as i was today, theres been many simular fires in recent times, suggesting that these firesvare no accident!

    This tower block fire is arson jihad! And there covering it up.

    Theres been little or no mention in bbc cnn or other media outlets at all this that this coukd be another terror attack!!!

    This in itself stinks, i smell a rat!

    In one vjdeo clip on rt theres even a muslim voice u hear in background, spouting “alla hu akbar”

    This looks very much like another attack, jihad.

    Being covered up.

    Stinks! I suggest all patriot brits find and take up arms now!

    The enemy is not islam! Its these phony politicians, whos remit is now expired, time up!

    Brits must rise up, and revolt, and take uk back under controll, the british army must be activated to remove uk traitors politicians and beauracrats and detain them all. In detention.

    Uk must revolt, and british military take over control of whats left of the uk before were all done for here.

    The game is over now, the main Enemy here are left commies, socialists, liberals, marxists, the antifa nazis, the police,

    There needs to be military coup in uk!!!’ Or were done here.

  6. When people move into an apartment like this they bring large amounts of flammable items – clothes, paper, wooden furniture, rugs, etc. Every building with elevators have a chimney that can rapidly spread flames upward and out. Also, is it certain that no terrorism is involved.

    The US Navy undertook to eliminate flammables and to provide sailors with materials that could not easily catch fire. This saved lives when the Stark was struck. The program was under the auspices of the Surface Ship Survivability program office.

    • The UK’s SkyNews reports that the apartment tower is owned by the local London town council (government housing) and is heavily North African/Muslim/Somalis/Ethiopian/Eritreans/Sudanese and all other manner of third world legal and illegal migrants. The fire broke out on the eve of the ending of the Islamic fast period and cooking inside the apartment flats on charcoal stoves is common. Welcome to the third world Londonistan 2017. London has fallen, literally. Fears are that the tower could collapse.

      • In most US jurisdictions one is not allowed to have a grill indoors or outdoors within 10 feet of flammable materials.

  7. This is the third-world-ization of the UK. Say what you want about cold showers, but the Brits could build safe buildings. This tower inferno disaster smacks of welfare housing to me. “Bad wiring” caused the fire, and the sprinkler system piping didn’t work? Hmmm….how many were tapping into power lines with jury wiring? Was the water sprinkler system diverted to another use? This is what happens when you import the third world mentality and put 100 families into a 25 story building. It’s a microcosm of any first world city overtaken by the third world. Don’t be trapped on the 24th floor when the fire breaks out. Don’t be trapped in a city overtaken by the third world when the power goes out.

  8. I seem to recall there having been previous issues about flammable cladding in Dubai

    From: The Gulf’s Towering Firetraps

    The flammable sheathing has not been used in the UK since the 1980s and codes in the United States specifically prohibit them on buildings of more than three or four storeys. There is fire resistant cladding, which has been used for several decades in those and other countries but it is much more expensive. Lax codes and weak enforcement in the Gulf have allowed for the cheaper flammable material to be used there.

    If “flammable sheathing has not been used in the UK since the 1980s”, how did it magically appear in North Kensington? Like Seneca III, I sense a major failure of even the most basic smell test.

  9. It’s a problem in Melbourne as well. Someone, somewhere, is making a fortune out of fake cladding.

  10. well, probably the muslim welfare receivers were responsible on their own for the fire, as it happens often in welfare flats with muslim refugees. they dry and hang their laundry everywhere in the flat, the aisles etc and i would not be surprised if suddenly pictures will show up in what (selfinflicted) dirt these people were leaving.

    • One MSM newspaper reported that rent for a 2bedroom flat in
      This building was set at £2k per calendar month?

      I was naively under the impression that there was some sort of cap
      On the amount of housing benefit that you could claim?

      However let’s keep in mind the horror of the circumstances the
      Inhabitants found themselves in – terrible deaths and injuries,
      Children amongst them

      Saint Theresa called a Cobra meeting (really, again) the Collective
      Of Bonkers Retarded A***holes, and visited the scene in person.

      She obviously is conveniently overlooking her culpability in
      This matter, too many people let in to the country whilst she
      Was Home Secretary, housed in death traps financed by the
      Unsuspecting tax payers of the UK.

  11. I can almost guarantee that there would be irregularities, failure of proper inspections, sub-standard materials, fire safety plans not followed and so on. Follow the money, corruption etc. it happens a lot here in OZ as well since the entire building inspection and materials testing standards regime was dismantled and privatised.

  12. As always the media did not lose an opportunity to show that some Mohammedans acted like human beings. Never ends.

  13. A few years ago there was a fire in an apartment block in the Docklands area of Melbourne. It was in a new building, but the cladding went up in flames.

    Turns out the builders had used cheap, non-compliant cladding from China and it was a minor miracle that people weren’t killed.

    I’m betting that the cladding used here was of similar standard and some money changed hands to allow it to be used.

  14. Complaints about the overly strict enforcement of L.A. County Fire Department building codes, until someone else’s building burns and the one you live in doesn’t. I have never heard of a High-Rise apartment building in L.A. or Chicago burning though we hear of it in other parts of the world quite often. Of course with our soil we are prone to that sinking feeling, just ask the folks of S.F. about their leaning Tower of Pizza. However, there was no excuse for that fire just as there was no excuse for the damage to the structure, electrical and plumbing to the high-rise condos in Florida whose interiors were finished with Chinese drywall. I have reviewed quite a few of the REO appraisals. The ill-gotten gains in both of these incidents will not do the perps any good where they are going. Best they turn around, repent, and make amends.

  15. There are a lot of excuses/reasons about the fire. Fair enough. But no mention in msm, or maybe anywhere, about the fact that this building, after burning for 18-20 hours, totally engulfed in flames, was still standing. Now compare that to the suspiciously quick-falling 9/11 twin towers and bldg 7. Many other tall towers worldwide burned worse, hotter, never fell. Yet the twin towers on 9/11 fell in their own footprints in comparatively no time at all. There are some dots here to connect which this UK tragedy brings up. Some questions to be asked. But then who cares, most buy into the government’s official story. Memory is an important part of the human story but the system wants you to forget anything that’s important.

    • Yeah, we all know that 9/11 was a controlled implosion with the yahoos flying their party jets into the building as cover. The IRS files that were stored in the buildings were sufficiently damning that the buildings had to be taken down as the business concerns were worth more than the people who worked in the buildings. This is no different, the business concerns are worth more than those who live in the buildings. In fact, given the egregious lack of oversight in the remodel, I would say that the residents are regarded as being expendable or disposable. Tsk, tsk.

    • Tell you what — rewind the clock 48 hours, crash a fully-loaded 747 with full fuel tanks into Grenfell Tower, and we’ll see if it falls down then.

      • Too right, Baron!

        While the actual aircraft impacts played a definite role in both 9-11 tower failures, a larger factor was the huge amount of jet fuel that softened reinforcing steel members and compromised their capacity to provide structural support.

        No melting necessary, just a minor alteration of Young’s Modulus (i.e., softening) and the whole meghilla comes down.

        These “truthers” are a most tiresome lot.

        • What is “tiresome” is the wilful ignorance by some concerning this subject and are on the level of those who believe some American politician’s idiotic and fact-free accusations of Russia hacking the US election (ah so that’s why my toast got burned). The simple explanation the US government gave its citizens for the 9/11 towers is insulting. Haven’t they figured out by now that anytime you are being given a simple explanation you are being lied to?

      • Speculation. You don’t actually know what the results would have been. And jet fuel (kerosene), as Norseradish believes, does not soften reinforced steel.

        I’m sure you have a good explanation for building 7.

    • I understood the Twin Towers were not as strong as they might have been (and would have to be if built now).

      Regarding London, a block in my borough (Southwark) caught fire a few years ago, and people were killed. The Fire Brigade has since enforced improvements, eg my own block (three stories, but mainly older folks) got sprinklers etc.

        • Popular Mechanics like the NYT contributes to the false narrative. Dig a little to find who pays who for those articles.

          Grenfell Tower is yet another example of how serious fires do not cause skyscrapers to collapse to the ground. A traditional Japanese temple maybe – a steel structured tower block, no.

          People are still babbling about how came about that a fire on two storeys of the Salomon Brothers skyscraper in 2001 (the old World Trade Center Building 7) caused the whole structure to sink majestically onto it’s own footprint at very close to free-fall acceleration.

          Just sixteen years after 9/11 the evidence that we have been fed a completely false narrative about that day stands smouldering in London today. That sad inferno draws an awe inspiring disparity between the elite and the drones:

          2001 – high tech destruction of WTC in just 11 seconds for more power & money
          2017 – low tech failure to safeguard against ordinary fires for the impoverished

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