Upgrade in Progress

Final update: The upgrade process and the migration are complete (I hope). The posts that were missing for a while are back in place; scroll down. The comments for those posts are gone, unfortunately. I wish I could get them back, but that’s not possible.

Newer posts will eventually appear above this one.

Further update: We’re in the final phase now. I’m republishing the posts from over the weekend. Dymphna will be approving the new comments shortly.

The old comments from Friday night through Monday morning have been lost. It’s a shame, because some of them were very good, especially the ones on the two Tommy Robinson posts.

Update: Henrik and I hit some major hairballs last night and this morning, and they have kept the Gates of Vienna site in hiatus. However, we expect to be rolling again later this afternoon. All the missing posts will be re-established, but we may not be able to recover the comments that came in since Friday night.

In recent months we have had occasional problems at Gates of Vienna, due to our increased traffic and the resulting overload on the server. We’ve upgraded to the next-higher level with our hosting service, and a migration of data is now in progress.

The upgrade process may cause some brief downtime in the next 24 hours. We’ll do our best to keep any comments from being lost in the transfer, but it’s possible that some of them may disappear en route.

6 thoughts on “Upgrade in Progress

  1. did you make certain your data had its passport and visa? Otherwise, your data is apt to hit a wall and not be allowed into its new site. 🙂

  2. Sorry Gov…I don’t have the addy to contact direct…

    My topic is Medical…misadvice..

    In Febuary 2017 I suffered acute heart attack…I was treated on the spot by paramedics…which I owe my life to…

    I later followed a program of rehab…

    My appointment with the heart consultant…to give me a review of my health gave me great concern…I was not met with whom I thought but some Dr from the Sudan…he recognised my name eventually…from a place he had immigrated to in Ireland…a small community… this Dr said to me I am more Irish than you… having lived there for 3 years..I nearly fell over…

    Dr Sudan was a total complete incompetent Medical consultant…he had not a clue regarding my medical condition…

    This Dr and hid family gained access to the UK…he is been paid highly as a Consultant to conduct medical advice..as a Locum…outside the UK…he is paid for for by the location he consults in…which is NOT the UK

    • Poor old Ireland. Shooting up on Muslims like there is no to-morrow. (Forgive the pun.)

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