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French President-elect Emmanuel Macron walked out to greet his supporters to the playing of “Ode to Joy”, the official anthem of the European Union.

In less depressing news, two Boston doctors, a man and a woman who were engaged to be married, were found murdered in their luxury penthouse apartment. Their throats had been slit, and a message was scrawled on the wall in blood. The suspected perpetrator, a man born in Guinea-Bissau named Bampumim Teixeira, was still on the scene when police arrived, and he was shot and wounded in a violent scuffle. He is under arrest in the hospital where he is recovering from his wounds.

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» Spanish Naval Frigate Brings 651 Migrants to Europe

Boston Doctor Sent Frantic Text Message Before Death

In the last moments of his life, Dr. Richard Field managed to send a text message to a friend, pleading for help, PEOPLE has confirmed. Alarmed, the friend contacted police, who rushed to Field’s luxury penthouse in Boston.

But they were too late. By the time police arrived, Field and his fiancée, Dr. Lina Bolanos, were dead. Police say that both doctors’ hands were bound and there was blood everywhere. The couple’s throats had been slit, and the killer allegedly wrote “a message of retribution” on the wall.

Police encountered the suspect at the scene, and a brief gunfight ensued, with the suspect shooting at officers, according to a police statement. The suspect, later identified as Bampumim Teixeira, was injured. “The suspect was struck by the officers and after a violent struggle, placed in custody and transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries as a result of gunshot wounds,” the Boston Police said in a statement.

A motive is not known, but Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told reporters that the couple must have known the suspect.

Friends of the couple tell PEOPLE that they cannot fathom why anyone would want to kill the doctors.

“They weren’t the type of people to screw people over,” says friend Gina Rand. “So when I hear ‘retribution,’ I wonder ‘what for? What could these people possibly have done that someone would want to kill them for?’ These were people who dedicated their lives to helping others. They cared so much about other people. They were the kindest people I knew.”…

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Doctors Found Bound, Slain in Luxury Boston Condo

A couple found brutally slain in their high-rise Boston penthouse were identified on Saturday as respected doctors, police said.

Cops reportedly found victims Richard Field, 49, and fiancée Lina Bolanos, 38, dead with their throats slashed inside a bloodied 11th floor apartment at 141 Dorchester Ave. around 8 p.m. Friday after a violent shootout with the couple’s suspected killer.

The couple’s hands were bound and their bodies mutilated, the Boston Globe reports, citing a source close to the investigation. Blood coated the wall, the paper added.

Authorities identified the alleged assailant as Bampumim Teixeira, 30, a convicted bank robber recently released from prison…

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Experiment With Terrorist Rehab Fails 1st U.S. Test

After six Somali refugees were convicted of plotting to board planes and join ISIS in Syria, a U.S. federal judge in Minnesota decided to enroll one of them in an experimental terrorist rehabilitation program.

The program was developed in Europe and operates on the principles of the “countering violent extremism” or CVE, which is also part of the global, United Nations-supported Strong Cities Network.

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How Government Literally Makes People Go Insane

The most effective way to change the world if you have kids is to treat them right. Everything could change in one generation if there were a radical shift in parenting.

Unfortunately, some indicators suggest things are getting worse. For instance, there has been an increase in kids hospitalized for attempted suicide or suicidal indicators.

Now we can just hope that parents are becoming more alert to the warning signs and are therefore properly identifying them early in order to prevent suicide.

But the most concerning thing is that these incidents tend to be concentrated at certain times of the year. One of the most likely times for a kid to need a hospital visit because of suicidal tendencies or attempts is in the fall when school starts back up.

There are two probable reasons for this. One, being ridiculed and bullied by their peers makes kids feel like social outcasts, and transitioning to a new school year could increase that. Evolution has programmed the human mind to want acceptance of the group for survival reasons, so being ostracized can make you literally feel like you are going to die because if this was 10,000 years ago, you probably would.

And then there are the drugs. You know, the legalized forms of c he spiking and dropping levels of dopamine and other chemicals in the brain, this can cause erratic behavior.

But either way, the school system seems to be the root of the problem, whether it is exposing kids to negative people they don’t need in their lives, drugs to help them function “normally” in an abnormal school environment, or just the unnatural environment itself where one is trapped, caged, and coerced in order to prepare them for an equally coercive society afterwards.

Coercion is Ruining Society

It turns out coercion is a serious problem that can lead to mental health issues. Coercion might even cause most of the ills we see in society today. The same thing that makes a teenager lash out and act erratically in opposition to strict rules is what makes people do crazy things in a society dominated by arbitrary and oppressive government edicts.

According to Bruce Levin, PhD, in his article, Societies With Little Coercion Have Little Mental Illness:

Coercion-the use of physical, legal, chemical, psychological, financial, and other forces to gain compliance-is intrinsic to our society’s employment, schooling, and parenting. However, coercion results in fear and resentment, which are fuels for miserable marriages, unhappy families, and what we today call mental illness.

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How to Remote Hijack Computers Using Intel’s Insecure Chips: Just Use an Empty Login String

Exploit to pwn systems using vPro and AMT

You can remotely commandeer and control computers that use vulnerable Intel chipsets by sending them empty authentication strings.

You read that right. When you’re expected to send a password hash, you send zero bytes. Nothing. Nada. And you’ll be rewarded with powerful low-level access to a vulnerable box’s hardware from across the network — or across the internet if the management interface faces the public web.

Remember that the next time Intel, a $180bn international semiconductor giant, talks about how important it treats security.

To recap: Intel provides a remote management toolkit called AMT for its business and enterprise-friendly processors; this software is part of Chipzilla’s vPro suite and runs at the firmware level, below and out of sight of Windows, Linux, or whatever operating system you’re using. The code runs on Intel’s Management Engine, a tiny secret computer within your computer that has full control of the hardware and talks directly to the network port, allowing a device to be remotely controlled regardless of whatever OS and applications are running, or not, above it.

Thus, AMT is designed to allow IT admins to remotely log into the guts of computers so they can reboot a knackered machine, repair and tweak the operating system, install a new OS, access a virtual serial console, or gain full-blown remote desktop access via VNC. It is, essentially, god mode.

Normally, AMT is password protected. This week it emerged this authentication can be bypassed, potentially allowing miscreants to take over systems from afar or once inside a corporate network. This critical security bug was designated CVE-2017-5689. While Intel has patched its code, people have to pester their hardware suppliers for the necessary updates before they can be installed.

Today we’ve learned it is trivial to exploit this flaw, allowing anyone to gain control of vulnerable systems without a password.

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Inside a Young Jersey Shore Man’s Alleged Path to ISIS

POINT PLEASANT — The web searches relating to ISIS propaganda allegedly came in rapid fire.

“Where to buy black jihad flag,” “france terrorist attack,” “isis propaganda video.”

At least two dozen of these types of internet searches were among the thousands officials say Gregory Lepsky, 20, who is accused of plotting to build a pressure-cooker bomb in support of ISIS and detonate it in New York City, made in a one-month period earlier this year.

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What Our Politicians Have Done to America, Part 18

Looking at the final goal of the UN in Agenda 2023 we see the final nail in the coffin for personal liberties, personal freedoms, and the ability to make a better life for you and your family; Goal 17) Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. This goal will only favor global corporations that submit to the NWO agenda. They will be the ones who will get the trade deals, manufacturing deals, farm deals and so on. Small businesses will no longer exist because they only benefit individuals not the community as a whole, at least that is what they will say. They will be outlawed or taxed out of existence. Government will control monopolies on food, seeds, technology and even our medicine.

National laws will be ignored in favor of global benefits for corporations that are puppets for the UN. This will not be done in a democratic manner. It will be forced upon the people through government coercion. They want equality for all at the expense of everybody. There never has been total equality and never will be, naturally. Only through forced wealth redistribution can this happen. The key here? Global warming is nowhere in sight.

But instead of rolling with the fact global warming is not living up to the hype, scientists are manipulating weather records so that it looks like the planet is still warming.

The reason is because climate change — also known as global warming — has to be kept alive since it is the long-term tool governments are using to redistribute wealth. If global warming isn’t real, then all of the plans hinging on people buying into climate change panic will have to be redone … which is exactly what we’re seeing.

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50,000 Remain Displaced After WWII Bombs Found in Germany

The more than 50,000 people evacuated from a town in Germany after several unexploded War War II bombs were discovered won’t be able to return home until Monday, officials said.

Hanover officials told residents and businesses to make sure their water, electricity and gas supplies were turned off. The evacuations represent about a 10th of the city’s population.

The evacuation process began Friday night and the deadline to leave town was 9 a.m. Sunday.

A total of 13 unexploded bombs were to be removed. Five were successfully located by midday Saturday.

Bomb disposal expert Chris Hunter said it was “quite a significant incident.” He told Sky News: “We don’t tend to see five at once.”

Hunter said more bombs are being discovered because of increased construction in the area.

He said high-explosives have been dormant for years but they often have booby-trap mechanisms and can detonate at any time.

“It’s inherently dangerous,” he said…

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Is Marine Le Pen Really Far-Right?

By smearing all opponents as fascists, the left blurs the line between democracy and thuggery.

What is ‘far-right’? With the progress of Marine Le Pen to France’s presidential run-off, the term has been liberally used — as it has been over recent years across the West. Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary, and the Sweden Democrats are all said to be far-right, to name but three.

The fact that the first two of those groups engage in intimidation, racism and overt displays of political violence would ordinarily distinguish them from a peaceful democratic party opposed to mass immigration like the Sweden Democrats. Yet everywhere there is the same name creep. The website Breitbart is frequently called far-right, as is the administration of Donald Trump. So too is Richard Spencer, a self-proclaimed white supremacist who last year whipped up a crowd of supporters doing Hitler salutes. Is nobody interested in the differences?

There was a time when the term acted as a useful cordon sanitaire, marking off actual fascists and neo-Nazis from the legitimate political ‘right’. But across Europe sections of the far-right, like the far-left, became more moderate. At the same time, the short-term political advantages of designating all opponents ‘far-right’ proved irresistible for some partisan campaigners.

Today there are groups that campaign against Ukip as ‘far-right’, leading one to wonder what political language they would use if the jackboots came, all their imprecations having been expended on corduroyed ‘Kippers? Such overuse of the term has eroded the boundaries it created, making many people suspicious of all such designations. Many people — especially young people — are less suspicious of the National Front than they perhaps ought to be because they have seen people who do not deserve the label ‘far-right’ being branded in precisely such a way.

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Macron Wins French Election in a Landslide Over Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron won France’s presidential election Sunday after his opponent Marine Le Pen conceded shortly after polls closed at 8 pm.

Le Pen called Macron to concede the election after the centrist candidate was projected to have won approximately 65 percent of the vote in the country’s run-off election. Reports showed a low voter turn out for an election that was considered to be a determining factor in France’s future in Europe.

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Macron Walks Out to EU Anthem to Address Supporters

Emmanuel Macron walked out to the European Union anthem, “Ode to Joy,” at the Louvre Sunday night before addressing supporters after winning the French presidential election.

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Nigel Farage Admits UKIP May be Over in Two Years

Nigel Farage has admitted that Ukip may only last another two years if Theresa May delivers the Brexit “voters wanted”.

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Ukraine Bans Steven Seagal as ‘Threat to National Security’

The US action movie star Steven Seagal has been barred from entering Ukraine for five years after the Ukrainian security service (SBU) labeled him a security threat and placed him on a blacklist.

“A decision concerning an entry ban is taken if there is enough information… about a person committing a socially dangerous act that contradicts the interests of Ukraine’s security protection irrespective of a territory where it was committed,” the SBU said in a written response to the Ukrainian media outlet Apostrophe.

The statement also said that an offense committed by a person should fall under the jurisdiction of the SBU for this person to be banned from entering Ukraine. However, it did not provide any details that could shed light as to why the US actor captured the attention of the Ukrainian security service.

The SBU spokeswoman also confirmed the ban to another Ukrainian media organisation, UNN.

Seagal took the news about his ban from Ukraine with sarcasm.

“Apart from a black belt, I have a black list now,” Seagal said, according to his representative, who also told TASS that the actor has a 7th dan (degree) in the modern Japanese martial art aikido.

[Comment: Blacklisted because Seagal knows that Nazi’s are now running Ukraine — – thanks to the US State Dept destabilization team. Ukraine Nazi’s are afraid their citizens might actually listen to what Seagal has to say and think “You know what?…He’s right.”]

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Modi Govt Must Stop Illegal Issuance of Fatwa in India

Sonu Nigam ‘Azaan’ tweet row: Govt must take strict action against those who issue fatwa, says singer.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | May 7, 2017:: The Popular Anti-Azan Twitterati Singer Sonu Nigam has urged the central government to take action against those who issue death threats in the form of “fatwa”.

Just in last month, Nigam got embroiled in a controversy over his tweets against use of loudspeaker at odd hours during azaan (Muslim call for prayer).

“I have full faith in God, who is omnipresent and all-pervading. But I don’t like this mentality, when any one issues fatwa against any other person, saying cut off his hair, kill him. There was a fatwa… for cutting off my head,” Sonu said on popular TV show “Aap Ki Adalat” as prepared for India TV telecast.

“In my view, the government must do something about this. We live in a civilized and democratic country. We are a republic. How can we allow such things like fatwa? I am also against lynching of people by Gau Rakshaks. I am totally against any violation of law or taking law unlawfully in public hands.

“I don’t like gundagardi (hooliganism) in any form. You can’t go in a group of 12 people and threaten a family in the name of religion. Such things should not happen in our country. We are all doing well, actually. We are doing very well these days. This is not a political statement, but I believe ‘Achhe din aa rahe hain’ (good days are coming),” he added…

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Teenager Accused of Fatally Stabbing Service Station Worker Segregated for ‘Threatening to Rape and Murder Prison Guards in the Name of Allah’

A teenager accused of fatally stabbing a service station worker at Queanbeyan, near Canberra, has been segregated for allegedly threatening to rape and kill prison guards.

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Spanish Naval Frigate Brings 651 Migrants to Europe

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s defense ministry says a Spanish navy ship has rescued 651 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe.

It said the frigate Canarias, participating in a joint EU mission, made the rescue early Saturday morning off the coast of Libya. The ministry says the rescue operation was carried out “in complete darkness” and that the migrants were from several different sub-Saharan countries.

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