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  1. Remember how Romney said something during his money raising campaign about how 47% voters are stupid, or something?

    She also was talking at rich donors. This is how they talk about us. And every so often they forget “the mike is on.”

    Pathetic. Infuriating.

    • Vera – Romney did not say 47% of voters are stupid. What he did say was that 47% of voters do not pay any Federal taxes and therefor would not care about his plan to lower taxes.
      I happen to think that is entirely true.
      And, this was not caught on an open mike. It was a clandestine recording during a non miked Q&A on a Democrat’s cell phone.

      • Yes, thank you, that was it. Whether or not it’s true — how would one know? — it hurt his campaign. And he said it to rich donors, which did not help.

        In any case, when he was running, I figured the GOP was offering their weakest to save the strong candidate for this year. Ha. I don’t think GOP knew what was coming… 🙂

        • “Whether or not it’s true — how would one know”

          Hey Vera, Google is your friend…Look it up.

          The most recent statistics are 47% pay no Federal taxes. Probably by now it is higher.

          Romney was a turn around technician and I highly supported him. That is what we needed to right the Federal boat. Instead, what we got was someone who doubled the national debt and set the Middle East on fire.

          Look at the explosion in food stamps, disability benefits and welfare. Look at the decrease in employment, home ownership and the stagnant wages of working people.

          When companies are too big to fail we have a serious problem. Romney was a turn around artist and knew when to call it quits and sell off the parts. Instead, we have massive unions and wall street bankers making multi million salaries off our backs. We are now flirting with negative interest rates on the working man’s savings…

          Full disclosure, one of my brothers worked with Romney for several years.

          Have you ever wondered why Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts are now in the same store? Ask Mitt Romney as both companies were going under until he and his team were called in. Yes, several people lost their jobs. But many more didn’t lose their jobs when the two failing companies were consolidated. It is called creative destruction (I think.)

          No one wants to talk about how the auto company bond holders took a 40% haircut in the deal to bail out the unions and how many hundreds of locally owned dealerships lost their shirts. Ask Greta Carlson.

          A bond holder? A bond is a loan.Can you imagine making a loan to someone and having them tell you that they are only going to pay you back 60 cents on the dollar you loaned them? This sent chills up my spine as my children’s college accounts were invested in bonds, once thought a completely safe vehicle although a somewhat stodgy investment. If Obama and car companies could do this, what would stop other industries or municipalities from doing this?

          In short Vera, I think you lack some crucial information about the Romney candidacy. So much attention was placed on his putting the dog crate on the roof of his station wagon, totally orchestrated by the Dems and the media that very little attention was paid to the dire needs of our country. The hole has only gotten deeper and at this point it will take a miracle to dig out.

          You know, I had a dog named Babs that spent 24 hours, due to flight mishaps, in a crate in transit from LA to Bangor ME. I am sure it was tough on her but she made it just fine. I think Babs might have enjoyed riding on the roof of a car!

          • Great detail on the better candidate of 2012. His biggest mistake was following orders to ignore the Tea Parties who would have done the essential get-out-the-vote legwork. I knew he was doomed when he permitted them to be cut off at the knees at the convention. He followed orders from the GOP(e)- i.e., all the conserv. talking heads and the Beltway insiders.As a result, he lost; his performance, especially his obnoxious behavior toward Trump demonstrated all too well that he hasn’t learned a single thing.

            That’s why so many white men sat out the last election. They thought he was a naive mouthpiece. Nothing he has done in the interim has proved them wrong. It’s a shame really, since he is a nice person.

            I remember how little they were able to dig up on Romney – the dog, and a bit o’ blarney about his bullying someone in third grade. Now, they’re going after Trump for refusing to talk about his income/tax situation while he’s being audited – which is exactly the right thing to do since the IRS was turned into a Dem political weapon back when the Clintons were in power. All the other stuff they’re throwing doesn’t stick…but that’s all they know how to do…

          • I agree with you D. It seems that Romney has gone off the rails of late. And I am sorry that he took such poor advice in 2012. I did think he was the better candidate although, as you said, he succumbed to the anti tea party for the powers of the Republican party. (and I think by now their strategy is one of power and greed.)

            It is interesting to me, in a sick way, that the Republican party felt such a threat from ordinary citizens asking them to curtail gov’t spending… That really does say something.

            We are now in deep leadership crisis IMO.
            Anyone that has watched the video of Ms Clinton’s collapse knows that we have a real problem…
            Is Ms Abadin going to run our country? How about Bill? He hasn’t been looking all that great lately.
            Ms. Clinton and her crew have spun so much I don’t even think they know the truth anymore.

            If anything, the pneumonia problem is a secondary problem to an underlying significant problem,

            Having had a serious pneumonia two winters ago I didn’t faint or lose control of my legs. In fact, I took a shower, dried my hair, walked in the snow to the car and checked in at the ER, Three hours later I was in the ICU and placed in a medical coma and put on a ventilator… So, I think HRC’s “I have pneumonia” schtick is BS.
            How does anyone collapse from heat stroke/pneumonia and walk out of an apartment building looking right as rain; although a bit high, after 90 minutes? They probably put her on O2 and shot her up for her underlying problem…
            I was in a world class teaching hospital. There was no shot or pill to right me.
            Sorry, I don’t buy anything she is selling. She will “release medical records” as soon as they cook them up.
            IIMO that she is totally jacked up and the Dems will drag her dead corpse over the finish line if need be.

          • Babs, how do you collect the information on whether specifically voters pay fed taxes? Which voters, which election? You mean someone could just come to the office that keeps track of voter registration, sift out who actually did vote by name and address and hand it to the IRS, who runs it against their records and makes it public?

            I know our data is being compromised more and more, but I have not heard of this. Link?

    • Hillary Clinton knew that her microphone was on. In fact, she was in the
      middle of a speech, screeching & talking loud. I’m quite flattered to be
      included in Hillary’s insulting “BASKET OF DEPLORABLES”.

      She called us, among other things, “Islamaphobes”. Well, yes; in spite of
      the fact that our “news” media has been “misidentifying” ISLAMIC
      TERRORISTS to try to fool us – you know “workplace violence” and any
      other thing that gives JIHADISTS any other name but what they really
      are (psychologically disturbed individual, poorly treated person,
      puzzlingly maladjusted, & other references that carefully avoid the term
      “Muslim radical”).

      I suspect that Barak Hussein Obama has issued a surreptitious
      suggestion that the Jihadists in America cool it for a little while; at least
      until after the election of Hillary Clinton; after which they can resume in
      earnest on their quest for Jihad.

      Fang & I are locked & loaded in case any of the Jihadists wish to wage
      Jihad out here in our neck of the woods. We descend from a long line
      of American warriors from every war in this country’s history and we
      dare not lose what they have built.

  2. Poor Hillary, hopeful President over <50% of deplorable citizens. She is really going to unite the nation.

    • Alas, it’s too low-res for that! As always, I was constrained by the size of the original images.

    • Trump will increase employment for Americans, that’s deplorable.
      Trump will lower crime rates, that’s deplorable.
      Trump will stand up for America and all Americans, that’s deplorable.
      Trump will lower taxes, that’s deplorable.
      Trump will appoint competent, honest people all throughout the government and civil service and get rid of incompetent and dishonest politicians and bureaucrats, that’s deplorable.
      Vote for Trump, he’s deplorable.

  3. Churchill–right again!
    “Americans usually get it right–after first trying everything else!”

    Well they tried the first black President, and look how that’s worked out; and now brace yourselves for the first woman Prez! I’ve said it all along. Could be wrong of course, I hope I am, but…..

  4. What we need is a comic strip movie! The DEPLORABLES! at a theatre near you!
    The INCREDIBLES have had their show, now it’s our turn!

  5. For once I would half agree with half of what The Hildabeast said, she got the “deplorable” part right, her aim was just a little off, just a little (lot) further to the Left there honey.
    Universal Suffrage, the classic blunder. No Identification, no problem, can you breath under your own power, Ok your qualifications check out.

  6. I read Hilary’s apology as rather disturbing, to wit where she is reported to have said that saying half was wrong. That seemed to be a fake apology whereby she was implying that half was wrong, and it was actually more than half!!!

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