A Crescent Moon Over the Alps

Nowadays the traditional Swiss “summit crosses” — wooden crosses placed on mountain peaks in the Alps — are considered crass, culturally insensitive, and probably racist. But summit crescents — that’s another matter entirely. They’re both inclusive and transgressive. What could be finer?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Swiss Alps: Crescent Moon Instead of Summit Cross

Without a permit, the Swiss “artist” Christian Meier (photo) mounted a three-meter-tall crescent moon in the Appenzell Alps, which even glows in the dark. As justification for his action, he says that he felt the need to set up an antithesis to the traditional Christian summit crosses. With the help of a helicopter he had the symbol of Islamic oppression transported to the summit of the 2,140 meter mountain. In the village below and among hikers and mountain climbers, anger is stirring. They call this “piece of art”, among other things, an “impertinence” and “bottomless filth”.

The authorities are also not too happy about the luminous foreign object on the mountain. There is concern that the light could not only trigger false alarms, but may also be a danger to rescue workers on the mountain. The Swiss air rescue service has been informed of the non-approved light on the mountain. The crescent moon could also attract gawkers to the location where only experienced mountain climbers can go, and therefore endanger the lives of the inexperienced.

But such thoughts do not go through the heads of these left idiots. “The motor for this project was my joy to provoke. A piece of art has to have a certain interpretative openness to it, so that we can move people to maybe question their views. And when that happens, that makes me happy,” said Meier to the BAZ [Basler Zeitung].

To provoke and — if possible — to replace the values of the homeland with an imperialistic, misogynistic violent ideology, that’s what makes lefties “happy”. To destroy one’s own culture and establish everything foreign is an ideal spreading like cancer among our leftist multicultural betters. [Bunt- und Bessermenschen].

Roland Inauenn, the responsible Canton chairman, does not want to impose a financial penalty on Meier, but he demands that the installation be removed within a week.

The SZ [Süddeutsche Zeitung], which got all excited in their article on Monday about “right wing extremists” (meaning the Identitaire Movement) who had the nerve to replace a sawed-off summit cross with a brand new wooden cross on their own dime, finds the unlawfully installed Islamic symbol not nearly so disgusting as the IB’s cross.

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  1. Remove the (so called) art work and the quisling with immediate effect.

    Such arrogance, such provocation CANNOT be ignored. Send this idiot to anyone of the Islamic states he seems to admire so much, better yet get him to erect a cross there ( say Saudi Arabia) as an artistic statement!

    The Muslim world will be watching this event extremely closely,
    Failure to remove it ( artist and “artwork”) immediately will result in a deluge of such misplaced crescent moons appearing in predominately CHRISTIAN nations through out Europe.

    Stamp down on this hard Swiss authorities, do not prevaricate!

    • It was put there without a permit and is a form of littering. It should be removed, and those responsible for putting it there should be charged the not inconsiderable sum for its removal.

  2. The degree to which artists but also, a far too large proportion of the authochton population have completely lost it, is frightening. It is disheartening.

  3. “Bottomless filth” just about says it all, when describing the islamic cult which this traitorous artist, Meier, seems to admire so much. During WW2 the Swiss government would have swiftly made an example of anyone stupid enough to perform an abomination of this magnitude, so I hope to see them act swiftly to squash this lunacy now in WW3.

  4. If I wasn’t so old and feeble by now, I would go up that Swiss mountain myself and smash down that so-called “work of art “. That phony artist knows very well the crescent moon is the symbol of Islam. And we know now that Islam is not a “religion” like other faiths, but instead a plot to overtake the world, disguised as a religion.They have been at it for 1400 years.
    The heroic “winged Hussars ” and other heroes fought the Muslim armies at the gates of Vienna on September 12, 1683, and saved Europe. Now a moron puts a crescent moon on top of a European mountain. It’s disgraceful… By the way: on the photo, he looks like a complete idiot. Maybe he was paid with a thick wad of petro-dollars for his deed?

  5. “The crescent moon could also attract gawkers to the location where only experienced mountain climbers can go”

    I would have thought that experienced mountain climbers are far more common in Christian nations than Islamic ones. So if a group were to climb up to this sculpture and deface it (with, say phallic or porcine imagery, a few humorous verses, or a real pig’s head) then it would remain untouched for quite a while.

    • That is true. I am a (modest) mountaineer myself, in the Alps and the Scottish Highlands, and I have actually never come across muslims.

      Sorry – one.

      That was when I climbed the Giewont in Poland in 2005. A Turk living in Germany. But other than that, in almost 20 years of climbing? ZILCH. Muslims seem to be averse to the sometimes tremendous effort it takes to get to the top.

      • This may be a useful nugget of information for when/if the excrement hits the ventilator!

        Come to think of it, it’s true, too. But it’s also true for a lot of other “ethnics”, come to think of it.

  6. Apart from the political/religious significance of this particular erection (excuse the expression), I’ve been moved to check out the history of “summit crosses”.

    I’ve long enjoyed the religious symbolism in the paintings of Friedrich, including Gothic cathedrals in forests and crosses on mountains, but assumed that since the first was a fantasy the second must also be. Good to be enlightened (!); oddly enough I saw a tv programme on Friedrich’s contemporary JWM Turner at the weekend, which also had such a cross in one of his paintings- all is now clearer.

  7. This is so personally self-destructive for one’s own culture, nation, and person, what can one call this level of insanity…is there a word to even describe it? This goes beyond the predictable babble of liberals everywhere, the “I have lots of black friends” type of nauseating nonsense. This is serious mental illness, this is denial of ultimate reality, it’s hari-kari. I mean, it is not as if we don’t have enough anecdotal evidence of what happens when Islam invades any space already occupied by Christians. Are these people unable to read?? Can they not see with their own eyes what they are bringing to their own shores?? Why would any thinking person invite such diabolical madness to their cities and towns. Why!! These people should be considered mad, because they are inviting their own destruction, and the destruction of those they love. It is a fatal sickness, one we must find a cure for. By all means, give anyone who feels this way a free ticket to the Islamic nation of their choice. Let’s start a fund to get them there. But let’s not allow such insanity to impact people who do not suffer from such delusions.

  8. This is sad : the Swiss authorities have even forgotten how to implement basic law and order. This graffiti artist should have been arrested and charged for environmental crime as well as construct-permit violation – a straight-forward case of law-breaking. Make him pay too, for the cost of removal.

    • But, I am telling you, try to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk and you will be fined 80 Franks. Try to let a dog off his leash on a trail, and you will be fined 150 Franks. Try to ignore your horse pooping in the forest, not picking up the ‘freshly baked apples’, and you will be fined 200 Franks. TRY TO PARK YOUR CAR in front of a fire hydrant, and they’ll hunt down your mother and kill all your cats AND your first born. And take the car away form you. Just sayin’.

      That country is impossible to live in anymore.

  9. Where is this bottom feeder? Where does he sleep at night? Can you post his address

    Well take care of this p[erson], give us address?? Location???


    • Amusing, Zhukov, but we don’t target people here. Not even the deserving. We are neither Democrats or Stalinists (yeah, I know, same thing) so ’twill have to be another group. We’re strictly front porch* people…

      *I typed accidentally “front Porsche” people. Not them either, sigh. (No, I don’t really want a Boxster, not unless I were free to sell it.)

    • Zhukov,

      When you decide issues through violence and assassination, you become like the communists and Muslims, who also resort routinely to violence and assassination to maintain their hegemony.

      It is illegal to threaten violence or directly advocate violence against anyone. I hope you are subject to the authorities.

  10. I think he has done a good thing. It has engendered debate and with some luck may give people pause to thing about the future – is a cross on a mountain better or worse than a crescent on a mountain? He was probably attacking the cross rather than making people think about Islam, however, but we need to try to bend the debate rather than simply resisting.

  11. I would put another great piece of art there… Like a sculpture of Mohammed as he stands behind a mountain goat.

  12. Leftists “For all the world a stage”…MeMeMeMe Me Me…Look at Me!

    From: The Bard’s” As you Like It” ,Act II.Scene VII

  13. Nature abhors the void.

    Europeans have discarded Christianity which is the foundation of their civilisation and used to give meaning to their lives. Thus they have created a spiritual void which sucks in other beliefs. First of all Islam, of course. But other things as well and some of them are even worse.

    Even if we manage to fight back Islam (and this is a big ‘if’), the void will still remain and it will continue to suck in some horrible trash.

    The only way Europe can save itself is to return to authentic Christianity (and not the silly liberal caricature that passes for Christianity in the modern West).

    • Ain’t gonna happen, Anton. “Authentic Christianity”, if I understand correctly, teaches “original sin”; even a basic grasp of psychology makes it plain that this is nonsense. “We are all as God made us, sir, but our ancestors had a deal in the shaping” -Abraham Farlane (Raymond Massey), in my favourite film, “A Matter of Life and Death”, aka “Stairway to Heaven”, 1946.

      • I am sorry Mark, but is exactly people who think and feel like you, who are responsible for the degradation and weakening of the West. It is you who have made it such an easy prey for Islamists. I do not mean this as a personal attack – I have no bad feelings against you – it is a simple statement of fact.

        As Islam does not understand the original sin and leaves, on the whole, far more space for human pride and animal passions, it must be a much more acceptable religion for you. I do not want to write too much, so, if you want to see my point, I would suggest you read Michel Houellbeque’s book Submission which clearly and masterfully shows how and why a modern Western intellectual is incapable of embracing Christianity and would rather become a Muslim.

        As for the original sin, I think that any attempt to understand or explain the human condition without it is simply ridiculous and does not hold water.

        But, I admit, it is somewhat uncomfortable and that is why people would invent any number of flattering illusions to shield themselves from uncomfortable truth.

        This is why the Western world is doomed. It has rejected the only medicine that could save it, as it has a bitter taste, and preferred sweet narcotic drugs which kill the pain but speed up the dying.

        • Well said.

          However, Mark is a good man with a good man’s intentions to live an honorable life. His take on original sin is due to his own agenda about the evils he sees Christianity to have visited on his family. It is when we take the timeless truths personally that we founder on the rocks…I have seen it happen often: for example people who will “never” do such-and-such to their children because of their own experience as children. Thus, the bitter atheist, though Mark doesn’t fall into that category…

          I don’t think the Western world is doomed -there are far more Orthodox Christians and Jews out there than you will hear about because our legacy media is determined to actively suppress any news about them. Are they a minority? Yes. But a larger minority than you’d necessarily know.

          I just returned from getting my hair cut and the woman mentioned in passing that her daughter would be home from college this weekend because “she wouldn’t miss Homecoming at her boyfriend’s church”. No big deal, just family news. All of her kith and kin are regular church-goers. It’s not that their churches are without conflict, it’s that they put the continuation of the church itself before what they see as the inevitable petty squabbles that arise in every congregation. Oh, right: those squabbles are, voila!, an example of original sin.

          But we still need a new moral language to describe the reality of our inherently limited human “divide”; the chasm that lies within ourselves as “the angels of our better nature” sally forth to battle the other part of us – the destructive, angry, fearful side so mired in scarcity…the saddest thing for all of us is the existential fact that even when we desperately want it to be so, sometimes love is not enough.

          As for “original sin” – it’s a good example of a concept that needs new words to describe the reality. Moral theology (and other disciplines like psychology) must needs keep up with the language of physics in order to make itself comprehensible to those who made up their minds very young, and often made them without the full knowledge of what we were about.

        • Anton, I detest Islam, or I wouldn’t be here.

          The secular Enlightenment in Europe was necessary to free people from religious (Christian/Jewish) dictatorship. If some threw the baby out with the bathwater, by abandoning the best parts of the Judeo-Christian moral heritage, this doesn’t negate the need for this huge step forward in human thinking.

          Forgive further film quotes, but here’s another from “A Matter…”, also from Farlane: “Only in America is a man full grown”. And from “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”: “I’m not the Messiah- you have to work it out for yourselves!” Or in my own case, I understood from my father that one needs a moral code, but it’s not necessarily the same as his. If I were a believer, I’d consider this a part of God’s plan for us.

          Take away this freedom, and you end up with the most intolerant and prescriptive elements of the major religions, and the most intolerant and prescriptive is, of course, Islam.

          • Ps Thanks for your comments, Dymphna. I’m not sure about some of the orthodox Christians’ and Jews’ agendas, but unlike Hesperado, I think we should seek allies where we can find them (like the Western allies with an ungrateful and obstructive Stalin in WW2).

  14. I have a few observations.

    Artists are, at their best, extremely talented. They are at the forefront of advancing the aesthetic in our lives.

    However, they operate straight from the emotions. Their acceptance by the elite of a culture makes them think they are superior in all matters of the intellect, rather than simply in the very narrow bounds of artistic endeavor. In a sense, they’re like movie stars: a lot of attention for a shallow viewpoint.

    The traditional Swiss culture is extremely orderly. The people are almost obsessively orderly. It stands to reason there will be a lax enforcement of standards on public property because the situation never arose. Previously, no Swiss would dream of cluttering a public space.

    However, the Swiss have chosen to allow the pollution of their orderly society through the application of faulty points of view: that anyone can adapt to Swiss standards. Thus, although not part of the EU, they voluntarily drank the kool-aid of giving refuge to Middle Eastern immigrants. The Swiss even maintained their immigration quotas during World War II, when they knew the fate of the Jews perfectly well.

    So, having allowed the entrance of aggressive Muslim intruders, they now have to adapt their laws and enforcement to maintaining their culture: in other words, Christian public symbols are allowed, but Muslim are not. It may not be fair, but it’s functional.

    Artists, being superior in the creation and presentation of media, but average or inferior in actual intellectual knowledge, can be expected to follow the siren song of cultural Marxism and to compliment themselves for it. They should be allowed complete freedom of expression on private property. Publicly-owned parks, streets, and recreation areas are not suitable for the artist to throw down his paints, or whatever he decides his medium of expression to be.

    • Regarding artists I generally agree with what you’ve said. I would like to add that they should also be “expressing” themselves with private money. Is Mr. Meier receiving a government salary, grant, stipend or whatever it might be called. If so he is no more an artist than my postman. If he is truly self-employed then perhaps someone should inquire into the commissioning or funding of the project. Helicopter lift time isn’t cheap.

      The Art World sneeringly refers to people who make art for the fun of it as “crafters” (part of the bitter-clinger clan). Artists expect money. Noteriety is just their inner P. T. Barnum saying, “look at me and give me money because I’m important.” There was a time I would have said their stunts are a cry for someone to love them; but, since I have come to believe that liberalism is a reflection of a deep and entrenched self-loathing (suicide projected onto all of humanity) and therefore cut off from the love of God or Man, I have to go with ‘show me the money’ as motivation to public humiliation.

  15. Well said.
    BTW, “…they voluntarily drank the kool-aid of giving refuge to middle eastern immigrants”, exactly the same as the Norwegians; who are also bending over backwards to accommodate their ‘new countrymen’, while I have had three of my comments removed from a popular Norwegian blog–comments which have been allowed here on GoV.

  16. We need a new religion.

    One that worships a God in the form of a boar.

    Or they could climb that mountain and festoon it with Porky Pig stickers.

  17. This is so easily handled!

    Another Swiss “artist” needs to announce that he painted Mohammed pictures and Koran verses on the huge crescent as even more “shocking” and “transgressive” art in order to “get people to think” .

    Yet another Swiss “artist” needs to announce a public pilgrimage to the top of the nountain to urinate and defecate on the crescent as “shocking” and “transgressive ” performance art in order to “get people thinking”.

    Perhaps they could even set up a livecam on the mountain to take pictures of visitors urinating and defecation on the crescent. Preferably take pictures and post them to YouTube!

    And what can the Muzzies do about this “thought-provoking” and “transgressive” art?


    Muslims cant put a 24/7/365 Mujaheddin guard up there. The locals can have fun with the idea. It could even become a tourist attraction!

    I know! I know! The local villagers could even sell little crescent-shaped urinal freshener cakes in the surrounding villages for all the infidel tourists too old to make the hike and the pee.

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