Syrian “Refugee” Allegedly Defenestrates His Three Children at German Asylum Center

I couldn’t find any English-language news reports on this incident. However, an article at is fairly clear in machine translation.

The asylum center is in Lohmar in Rhein-Sieg-Kreis. The 35-year-old Syrian father was arrested after his children were thrown from the windows of the center. Police suspect that he may have deliberately attempted to kill them.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news report from RT:


1:00   At the scene we found three injured children ages five, seven and one year.
1:04   The five- and the seven-year-old children are apparently severely injured
1:10   and have been transported to the trauma center. The one-year-old child
1:13   was injured only lightly and it was brought to the children’s clinic.
1:22   According to witnesses the two heavily-injured children fell
1:26   from two different windows. What happened with the third lightly-injured child
1:30   is at this point not clear yet.

19 thoughts on “Syrian “Refugee” Allegedly Defenestrates His Three Children at German Asylum Center

  1. what is proof there that they are his children? he may have brought them in under false pretenses in order to qualify for better aid.

  2. No doubt it will all be passed off as an “unfortunate misunderstanding” whilst more precious human and financial resources will be thrown at this problem immigrant family. Meanwhile 10,000 German homeless will be left to their own devices. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.

  3. It reminds me of what the Moroccan-Dutch writer Hafid Bouazza (1970, related about the Male-Arabian Right to Life of his Own Children:

    “Een vader gooit zijn vrouw en baby op de treinrails om treintoegang af te dwingen. Een baby! Het is schokkend dat deze man niet is gearresteerd voor het in gevaar brengen van het leven van een vrouw en een baby. Menige westerse kijker zal hierin wanhoop hebben gezien, maar het is geen wanhoop, het is een hysterie, een walgelijke, destructieve hysterie die Arabieren eigen is.
    Het is het Oud-Testamentisch scheuren van je kleren en as over je hoofd gooien en je haar uitrukken. Schokkender nog is de mentaliteit die achter zo’n daad schuilgaat: namelijk dat de man de eigenaar is – niet de kostwinner, maar de bezitter – van vrouw en kroost. Ik vraag me af hoeveel Arabieren (m/v) nooit hun vader hebben horen zeggen: ‘Ik heb je gemaakt, dus ik kan je ook het leven ontnemen.’”

    An attempt at translation:
    “A father throws his wife and baby on the train tracks to enforce train access. A baby! It is shocking that this man was not arrested for bringing in jeopardy the life of a woman and a baby. Many Westerners will have viewed this as despair, but it is not desperation, it is a hysteria, a disgusting, destructive hysteria inborn Arabic.
    It is the Old Testament ripping your clothes and throwing ashes upon your head and tearing out your hair. Still more shocking is the mentality that lies behind such an act: that the man is the possessor – not the breadwinner, but the owner – of wives and offspring. I wonder how many Arabs (m / f) never heard their father say, “I have made you, so I can take away your life.”

    • ‘Hysteria’ is exactly the right word. You see them metaphorically throw their toys out of the pram whenever something doesn’t go exactly their way (eg the riot at an asylum centre when sweets weren’t bought for them).

      Then there’s the continual whine ‘we’re human beings’, designed to emotionally blackmail. A meaningless statement if ever there was. If a wilderbeest thinks ‘ah well, we’re both animals’ when he sees the lion, he’ll understand that the difference between his species & lions is more relevant as the lion’s teeth sink into his neck.

      Hysteria demands immediate gratification & turns everything into a major drama about one’s self. I’ve seen ME boys described as ‘little princes’ because of their indulgent, male-centred upbringing. This creates narcissists who have never grown up.

    • [ I wonder how many Arabs (m / f) never heard their father say, “I have made you, so I can take away your life.”]

      Unfortunately, there is a redneck corollary: “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.” I knew such a fellow at work who would go on and on with stories of his harsh measures of discipline for his son, which included in one event tasing the boy.

      If it reads like moral equivalence, I’m sorry. I guess my point is: If you live in a trailer park, sooner or later you’re going to be on Cops.

      • It’s not moral equivalence, it’s bigotry.

        Since I’ve had family members who lived in trailer parks from time to time, I’m more familiar with them than a lot of people in my circle. There are bad types who live there, that’s true. But there are also ordinary, decent folk who are reduced to those circumstances by the horrific price of real estate, which has driven rents so high, especially in towns that are mostly toney. A trailer isn’t too bad to live in, especially when you consider the difference in rent between it and a similar-sized apartment.

        My advice: be cautious in your generalizations unless you have stood in the proverbial shoes of the persons you describe in such a fashion.

        • Insofar as bigotry is defined as intolerance of one whose OPINIONS are different than their own, and living in a trailer park is obviously not an opinion, you are quite mistaken.

          Further, my remark regarding moral equivalence was in reference to comparing the redneck who would take his own child out of this world to the Muslim who would kill his child. A cursory read would have separate that from the reference to the trailer park.

          Have you ever even watched Cops, or the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, which was hilarious BTW. My comment was not to indict all who live in a trailer park, but to point out, as you also do, that some of their neighbors may not be so savory.

          I have a good friend who lives in a mobile home, on his own toney 40 acres – where he cuts his own oak to stay warm and grades his own road when it washes out. So there’s another invitation to moral equivalence: “Some of my best friends…”

          Sorry that struck a nerve but you calling me a bigot is right up there with the typical lefty calling racist. It didn’t stick.

          Now, if you have close redneck friends who beat their kids whom you want to stick up for, call me out on that.

          • Nope, I’m fortunate not to have any of those.

            It was a sore subject in our family back in those days. Unless you have relatives who have lived in a trailer park, or have lived in one yourself, you may not realize how much trailer park residents are stigmatized, condescended to, looked down upon, and despised — just because they live in trailers, before any other characteristics about them are known.

            If Dymphna happens upon this exchange, she’ll probably tell you a story or two.

          • I could tell I hit a hot button. Sorry for that.

            I had a 10 mile commute to work on surface streets, before I was laid off, and I probably passed half a dozen little trailer parks. In my LA beach town you might be surprises at how little space each tenant was given. I never stigmatized the folks personally that chose that way to live, other than the usual jokes – which you obviously object to. Fair enough, I respect the message you give here and you’ve enhanced my sensitivity. But Drop Dead Gorgeous was a damn funny movie. That’s where the line about being in Cops comes from.

            BTW, my friend in the trailer has just replaced the aluminum siding with T&G, insulated his walls, totally rewired, and passed all his inspections. Other than that his house is only eleven feet wide, he loves it. I don’t even think he still has the wheels for it.

            Oh man, Dymphna is going to blast me, isn’t she?

          • Why would I blast you? I missed the start of this conversation, but I’m a fan of those You Tube DYI remakes of modest dwellings. In California people live in storage units because housing is so expensive.

            Have you seen the midget apartments going for a LOT of money in NYC? And that’s been a way of life in Japan for a very long time.

            The Great Recession was kicked off by the real estate “bubble” – i.e., selling homes to people who couldn’t afford them, had no idea how to maintain them, and left them for the bank to have instead.

            See Barney Frank in 2005, lying through his teeth.


            BTW, we live in what could be considered sub-standard housing in some places. I dearly cherish the carpenter who told me to ignore the perfectionists, that our quirky cottage had “charm” and “character”. Which it does…

            A part of every fundraiser’s proceeds is devoted to repairing something or other. This time I think it will be the very ancient carpeting in the sun room. I’d love to have a wood floor but will settle for carpet. Then the next one will either a kitchen sink or a chaise longue for that sun room…oops, I forgot. We have to replace the roof on the addition. It’s about 25 years old now and that was the length of time we were told they last. Most of the house has a tin roof and those last forever. Rain sounds wonderful on a tin roof.

        • So if its with respect to western examples of the same behavior noted in this translation, its a sweeping generalization, but when its “Arabs” its true? I believe Islamic culture is completely incompatible with western countries and values but your statement just seems like a bit of a double standard. A little hypocritical. Let me reiterate, I’m not saying you are a hypocrite, I’m just saying that that last paragraph is.

          • Could be. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been a hypocrite. It all depends on whose trailer park is being gored, I suppose.

          • Dookert,
            I think you really missed the message in the Baron’s reply to my comment. He wasn’t responding at all to my comparison of redneck child abusers to Muslim child abusers. His caution regarding making generalizations had only to do with my trailer park reference – thus nothing hypocritical in his statement about standing in the shoes of another.

            Your response is not all that coherent, in fact I wasn’t sure if you were responding to me or Baron until he decided to take your critique on the chin.

        • I have lived in an RV for over a decade.

          RV parks vary…some are luxurious resorts, some are run-down properties inhabited by troublemaking people, and there’s everything in between. In most of the US, if you can find a decent RV park with affordable rates for lot rental, and if you know how to keep your RV in good repair, it’s just about the cheapest way to live safely and comfortably.

          • And it’s a good solution for people who cannot afford the million dollar homes…I wonder what an RV rental in California is? One fellow was renting a tent in his backyard for 60.00 a night. Shower included.

  4. This plague of locusts will leave nothing unharmed – but that is what happens when a people refuses to face the possibility of Hell on earth. It will come as a pestilence to either rouse them to action or bind them under tyranny and death.

  5. Next up: cartoon with a picture of a man throwing kids out the window with a red line through it.

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