Lunch is on me

Typing “(pbuh)” in the previous post — and writing about Mohammed cartoons — made me remember an image I made a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Actually, it was nearly ten years ago, and right here in Schloss Bodissey. The occasion was my stint as the judge in a Mohammed cartoon contest. I couldn’t enter any of my own work, obviously, but I wanted to post an illustration to help advertise the contest. I love to construct images — I’d rather do that instead of real work any day — so this is what I put together:

8 thoughts on “Lunch is on me

  1. Baron, you forgot the butter. Butter makes it better. It’s not a sandwich without the butter regardless of what the innards are!

    • …unless the innards are a strong, unpasteurised French cheese! Are Americans, or Australians, even allowed to buy these? (Actually I shouldn’t, because of my meds, but nobody lives forever…)

  2. MAYO!! But not on that sandwich.

    In the South, DUKE’S mayonnaise is my all time favorite but due to budget constraints, we have been forced to buy Kraft’s mayo. It is OK but not as rich as Duke’s.

    One local grocery chain has Kraft’s BOGO about every second month… it does help a tad to help the EVER increasing budget crisis at our house.

    Now why is ground beef so danged expensive??

    • On the off-chance that “why is ground beef so…expensive?” is a real question vs. a rhetorical one:

      During the fall of 2014 and subsequent months, ranchers and other growers of cattle who would normally have let their animals forage on pasture were unable to do so. They had to *purchase*–from states where the rain still fell–alfalfa hay and other feed(s) for their stock. Even in California, where many cattle are raised, the price of beef went up, and the price of ground beef (“hamburger”) went up by $1/lb for the same grade (80% lean) of meat.

      Until the rains return in a steady, moderated way (what happened in Texas this week is definitely NOT helpful), the elevated prices for meat are bound to continue. 🙁

  3. Your Pbuh & “J” sandwich illustration delivers the right frisson of dread.

    • That’s what he does since he can’t draw or paint anymore. I sure miss his art work, but I enjoy the things he creates with our old camera instead.

      That is OUR peanut butter and jelly, OUR knife (I still have it), and OUR white bread sitting on our kitchen table. IIRC, we ate that thing afterwards. But now I can’t remember when we last had a loaf of white bread in here. It’s been a long, long time since he made that arrangement and took the picture and then fotoshopped it. [All these years later that bread sure looks good, though I know my endocrine system doesn’t like what it – or any grain – did to my overall health. It’s a shame it takes so long to figure out that food can kill us.]

      In a way, this Pbuh fotoshop is not all that different from some of the still lifes he would arrange on that same kitchen table and then paint. Flowers were tricky: if it took him two days, they’d often have slightly changed their angle in the vase…

  4. A very halal sandwich.

    After all it is not a representation of Mohammad, but does show his principles.
    Whoops there is a pic of that man on the jar.

    I did wonder if there was a specific kufr ingredient, to be sliced?

    Good to put in a super market that is trying to make certain areas halal.

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