Once Upon a Friday Sermon

An “American” imam gave the following sermon the Friday after the terror attacks in Garland, Texas. He repeatedly emphasized that violence against innocent people in the name of Islam is always wrong, BUT… And then he had a few words to say about the “Zionist” Pamela Geller and her blasphemies against the prophet (pbuh).

Below is a video fisking of the imam’s sermon. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for annotating and uploading this clip:

I don’t know who the imam was, or what mosque he was preaching in. If anyone can fill in the missing information, please leave it in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Friday Sermon

  1. Of course, muslims also have different definitions for the words they use when speaking to non-muslims. In their eyes no non-muslim is innocent so it cannot be wrong for muslims to kill us.

    • correct, and anyone who’s not a muslim is by definition guilty of a crime worthy of death…
      After all, being an infidel IS a capital offense in islam.

  2. “innocent” is the keyword. Since Imans go out of their way not to define what they mean by innocent, it gives them all sorts of leeway when their followers commit violence against unbelievers.

    This is just one more reason we need to give people like him a one way ticket to whatever dark pit he crawled out of. It won’t happen though, we’re stuck with the murderous scum until they start openly slaughtering us in the tens of thousands.

  3. Islam is a function of the people that created it and of the people that now adhere to it; they see Islam as the truth because to them it is the truth. It is a manifestation of their truth, an expression of them.

    And so they don’t see the contradictions that we see in Islam; then again why would they, they don’t see the world as we see it.

    And it seems to me that this is the elephant in the counterjihad’s dining room. The real problem isn’t so much Islam as the people that identify with Islam’s understanding of the world.

  4. Not sure where this guy gets the idea that he’s not allowed to say anything anti-Semitic in the U.S. He could go speak at any major university, denounce “the jooos” and Israel, and get greeted with chants of allahu akbar.

    And he could be pretty sure that nobody would get up and ask him why Mohammad beheaded hundreds of Jews in Medina and whether or not that was the right thing to do.

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