The Clintons Cash In

Peter Schweizer is making headlines with a book about the Bill ’n’ Hill money machine. Clinton Cash hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already #1 on Amazon in “International and World Politics”, #1 in “Leadership”, and #2 in “Federal Government”.

And Hillary Clinton is already attacking it. Presumably the next moves against the author may include audits, smears in Clinton-friendly media outlets, damaging disinformation leaked to the press, and maybe a personal visit by well-muscled men wearing ill-fitting suits. Such tactics are, after all, the tried and true methods of conducting business in Clintonworld.

The new book tells us nothing really new about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Everyone who is paying attention knows by now how they get their money, and what they do in return for the largesse of their foreign “donors”. But the Clintons rely on the fact that the vast majority of Americans aren’t paying attention. They count on mass ignorance — plus Bill’s lovable grinning mug — to get them through lawsuits, bar hearings, grand jury investigations, elections, etc.

The latest batch of material, however, has provided some new smoking guns. The cloud of cordite fumes is large enough this time to attract the attention of the traditional Clinton lapdogs MSM outlets. Even The Washington Post has been forced to admit that the shenanigans revealed in Mr. Schweizer’s book show that the Clintons “skate close to the line” in their financial dealings.

The following discussion on the topic of Clinton money is from last Friday’s Sam Sorbo Radio Show, and features Diana West as a guest:

Below are excerpts from a Fox News article about the latest revelations:

Veteran defense lawyers see possible criminal inquiry for Clintons

With a sitting Democratic senator recently indicted on federal bribery and corruption charges, top criminal defense lawyers in the nation’s capital say Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton could conceivably face similar scrutiny, amid mounting disclosures about the tangled finances of her family’s philanthropic foundation.

The new book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, an investigative reporter affiliated with the right-leaning Hoover Institution, has unleashed a torrent of conflict-of-interest allegations relating to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s own conduct during her tenure, from 2009 to 2013, as secretary of state.

Particular scrutiny — by Fox News, the Washington Post, and the New York Times — has focused on why the State Department, under Clinton’s leadership, green-lighted a foreign transaction that enriched major donors to the foundation while placing an estimated 20 percent of America’s stockpile of uranium – the fissile material that can be used to make nuclear weapons -under the control of a Kremlin-backed Russian firm.

It was, moreover, shortly after the uranium deal went through that former President Bill Clinton nailed down a $500,000 fee for a speaking event in Moscow.

“There’s certainly smoke there,” said Caleb Burns, a partner at the Washington law firm Wiley Rein LLC, who has long experience handling financial and public integrity cases. “The question’s going to be whether or not she took any official action in exchange for those donations. If she did, I think there is going to be a high, high likelihood of additional scrutiny, either from Capitol Hill or from the Department of Justice itself.”

11 thoughts on “The Clintons Cash In

  1. “I think there is going to be a high, high likelihood of additional scrutiny, either from Capitol Hill or from the Department of Justice itself.”

    Whatever this guy is smoking, I wish he would share it with me…
    The probability of Obama’s Justice Department investigating this corruption approaches zero. The Congress will whine and moan but nothing of any merit will happen.

    The Clintons have said that they made “mistakes,” read we got caught, obfuscating our donor list. Has that made news in the national media in any major way? And, I am sure that it will take years, read post 2016, to get all the tax filings under control because Obama’s IRS will slow walk the process until after the 2016 election. If the Congress couldn’t nail Lois Lerner to the wall there is no hope here.

    Any woman that votes for HRC in 2016 is a moron. This is the same woman that dragged through the mud several women that her husband molested and the same woman that didn’t divorce the slime ball when he had intercourse with a woman young enough to be his daughter in the oval office of the White House! HRC put up with that because of power. And now she wants to talk about women’s rights?

    This has just gone from sick to sicker (as has so many things in the West.)

    Like I said, any woman that votes for her is a moron.

    • It is sick. But we have to make the push or we’re no better than abused women who don’t do anything, as Diana West and/or the radio interviewer said. Get to know – really know – your Congressional Rep. I just looked mine up today on Twitter and he’s not there. He’s going to hear about that. That’s what he has paid staff for. Every other VA rep has a Twitter account. I’ll bet he thinks we’re all dumb rubes who’ll never notice. And HE’s an Republican. But then again, except for De Mint and Vitter, all the other GOP senators voted for Hillary as SecState. That’s a sin of huge proportions, as she has shown us.

      “Any woman who votes for HRC in 2016 is a moron”. Agreed. Any voter or used-to-be-voter who doesn’t take the time to make courteous demands of their senators and reps is also a moron, and in addition, a willing dupe.

      Let’s make a pushback list.

      • That’s a sin of huge proportions, as she has shown us.”

        Yes D. It is a sin of huge proportions. But… what does the opposition have that causes our supposed representatives to vote this way?
        We have elected over the last election cycles scores of people that we thought would vote for us. That hasn’t been the case. What is it that turns the majority of the Congress against the overwhelming majority of the people?
        It is an uncontrollable fact that the majority of the people wish immigration, especially illegal immigration, be curtailed in order to protect American jobs, our culture and diseases that have been contained in the US for decades..
        What makes our gov’t turn a blind eye to this, especially Mr. Rubio, while American neighborhoods are being overrun with low skilled workers and their children that are a drain on our social services? Why doesn’t the Federal Gov’t recognize the burden they are placing on the current American people? Why is immigration our cross to bear?
        I would much rather send huge amounts of (unfettered by corruption) foreign aid to countries inflicted by political wrongs than welcome these “refugees” into our system. How about if we paid the refugees to return to their countries?
        Paying people off seems to work quite well with the upper echelon. How about if we try it with boat people???

    • Sad to say, but the dozens of politically motivated murders the Clinton’s coordinated to cover up their activities really do pale in comparison with something like this. Not to diminish the importance of those lives, but this just happens to have pretty significant implications for global nuclear security.

      • Maybe Bruce’s idea is: Anyone who would assassinate a personal friend for political gain would not hesitate to sell out the country’s security for political or financial gain.

        • Yes, there does seem to be a correlation there. And it isn’t like this is worse than selling advanced nuclear weapon designs to the Chinese, which probably isn’t the worst thing the Clinton administration did (it’s so hard to pick some one worst thing when it comes to the Clintons, not least because it requires remembering so very many unpleasant events).

  2. These two make the Rosenbergs look like rank amateurs. They have sold out the United States to the Russians right from under it – literally!

  3. My representative has started doing monthly “town hall” conference calls and some sort of system of operators to take and queue up questions. One of the questions he took in the last one was about accountability for HRC. About all he said was that she was going to end up in front of trey gowdy in a hearing.

    HRC appears to be untouchable as she has managed to rig the system to avoid all normal accountability mechanisms. The only thing she can be taken down by at this point will be the election and then only if various new anti election fraud measures are actually effective.

    This country is in for some very very serious negative consequences if she wins.

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