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I’m going away for a couple of days, and there will be no news feed until I return. While I’m gone, Dymphna will be in charge. So sit up straight, eat your peas, and say “Yes, ma’am.”

I just learned that Swiss voters — contrary to advance polling — approved the imposition of immigration quotas, including from the EU. This will not sit well with Brussels, which will almost certainly attempt some serious arm-twisting on the Swiss in response.

Notice Reuters’ take on the referendum: it “could hurt an economy dependent on foreign professionals.”

Y’all may be interested in discussing this and other issues in the comments.

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  1. I’m certain that Switzerland is dependent on foreign professionals. How did any Western country survive without them, more to the point?

  2. Switzerland, with its mix of German, French, Swiss, ought not to be able to get along. Yet it does, as tiny as it is – proving that size doesn’t matter. The helicopter of nations…and all of them armed, to boot.

    Here in the middle of nowhere we have families of Swiss immigrants who came over – perhaps at the turn of the century, a little later? French Swiss judging by their various last names.

    I love their food.

      • Oh my, you’re right. A recommended movie from the 70s- about a southern Italian illegal immigrant desperate for work who gets into Switzerland and commits one cultural faux pas after another. Finds work in an upscale restaurant…is eventually escorted to a train to be returned from prissy Switzerland to messy, lively Italy. But not before he pees on the flowers.

        The story line is more than outdated; it’s sadly innocent of the Deluge to come – and the irony of modern-day Italy overrun with immigrants of another breed entirely.


        My favorite cuisine is northern Italian; it combines the best of both French and Italian.

        Sprawling, lively America has so much room (still) that it has never had to develop the nuances of living cheek-by-jowl among so many deep differences. When you think about it, kind of miraculous there weren’t more wars.

        As beautiful a tapestry as the centuries have woven in the old country, I hope we never have to learn the minutiae y’all have had to do in order just to get along.

    • Fortunately for y’all, my eyes have something wrong with them and I can only use one at a time. So you’ll no doubt get past me.

      Peas aren’t so bad: in my childhood it was string beans. I loathed them but Sister Fabian let no one leave the dining hall if one of us failed to finish our dinner. Not usually a problem as we were mostly always hungry – it’s the nature of growing organisms – but Lord, I loathed green beans. That is, until I was older and actually tasted one that hadn’t come out of a can.Same with cheese. The only “cheese” we ever had was “American cheese”. It is a loathsome ‘food product’. And then I grew up and met cheddar and brie and the cheese world was transformed.

      • Thanks for replying to my flippant comment. Actually I have odd tastebuds (according to others)- love proper cheeses, like you, but can’t abide veg, except potatoes & corn- too bitter. And don’t try to persuade me that chillies are proper peppers (which I like)- this lie is due to Columbus’ attempt to persuade Ferdinand & Isabella that he’d found a westerly route to the East Indies!

    • Yeah. Reuters.

      It’s the same chorus they sing here. Mass immigration is NEVER good for any country unless business is absolutely booming. But business is bombing. Do you know the current unemployment rate in Scotland? The true numbers are hard to get in any country but an optimistic website here said that it’s currently 28% in the US. Those are Depression-era numbers. One-in-four young adults are living with parents, having moved back in.

      In reality, the numbers are probably higher as many people – the Baron is one – have stopped looking.(His case is special since he has to work close to home due to my health. And now with his limited eyesight, I doubt he could do a long commute anymore.)

      I feel sorry for the ones who have graduated college in the last ten years. They may have started out well but as more and more businesses closed or cut back, partly driven by our job-killing health “care”, many of those kids have returned to the roost. They will never make up the lost earning years. We are losing the fledgling members of the middle class.

      • “We are losing the fledgling members of the middle class.”

        Ah, but according to the latest political contortion to the exasperating unemployment figures as stated by Schumer:
        Schumer: ‘What CBO Said Is That Many American Workers Would Have Freedom’

        “Bottom line is very simple,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “What CBO said is that many American workers would have freedom. Now that’s a good word, freedom to do things that they couldn’t do. “

        • The welfare state ethic. Sad, sad.

          Did you read the comments? Gives me hope that this mentality is only a veneer.

          BTW, notice on ObieCare, your insurance is still tied to your job. Decent insurance anyway. Otherwise line up for state care. Just like the DMV for your car – same level of attention paid to your health as TSA provides for your security.

          Don’t you feel better already??

    • “…. dependent on foreign professionals.”
      What a joke! Immigrants are Muslim, illiterate, barefooted… etc The only thing they know is the road to Welfare offices, like Anjem Choudery. Still politicians tell us we will die without Muslims. The only thing that happens is they build a mosque here and there and then Ethnic Cleansing starts in a circle around the Mosque to a radius of 2 kilometres.

      • The likely consequence of this new shift will be to bar white Euros and open the door for African and Asians.

        There is always a Catch 22.

        Cameron’s proposed migration changes make it tough for white Americans to migrate to the UK.

        Whites are just being herded into boxcars. Blacks and Browns are free range.

  3. The unemployment rate in Scotland is reported as being 7.2 per cent, allegedly approximately 199,000 unemployed Scots. But those flying haggis figures really do not reflect the Scottish economic reality of employment activity and inactivity.

  4. Three years required to implement the outcome of that referendum into law? The EU could push a lot of ‘enrichment’ onto Switzerland in that time!

  5. Three years or whatever it does not make a difference. This is only a ruse to make people believe that they have a say in their affairs. Europeans have no say in anything. Europe fate is squarely in the hands of Arabs, Muslims and Satan.

  6. It has been suggested that a book published by an ex-president of the Swiss Confederation, Michele Calme-Rey – The Switzerland that I wish for us (Die Schweiz, die ich uns wuenschen) with its pro-EU message may have tipped the balance in favour of the anti-immigration initiative.

    The result is a shot in the arm for parties like UKIP – Nigel Farage: “This is wonderful news for national sovereignty and freedom lovers throughout Europe” and Wolfgang Bosbach of the German CDU – “we have to curtail poverty migration (Armutsmigration).”

  7. Expect a new referendum in short order. That is what happened to Ireland when they gave the “wrong” answer in the first EU referendum. In Norway, where both of the referendums gave a no to EU result, the country was added into the EEC in a backroom deal, which amounts to a full EU membership in the duties department without representation.

  8. Well while Obama is easing immigration rule for terrorist supporters!

    The Swiss citizens have only decided for safety reasons to be more selective on who and how many immigrants can immigrate to their own country ! Switzerland is a real democratic country, where each citizen can/ must vote and will not let anyone else decide for them.
    Specially not the chaotic Eurabia !!

    Yes Switzerland said more or less the same thing about the EU as in the call, Nuland the U.S. ambassador is heard using to the Ukraine ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, …

    BUT Switzerland is NOT ashamed nor scared to say so ! A slap and a lesson for the EU and more …

    You should all do the same and decide for yourselves without having Brussels doing it for you !


    • Don’t you understand that this will be PCed up?

      White Europeans will be punished and dark refugees will be welcomed.

      keep your eye on the ball.

  9. As a footnote, this story ran three days ago in RT, which is where I saw it. Our fearless (UK) legacy media seem to have ignored it initially.

  10. The multi-culti argument in favor of unrestricted immigration was pushed by the ruling class urbanites in Switzerland. However, it was the rural cantons above all Ticino with its Italian speaking Greens [!] that put the yes vote over the top.

    The fear of another million Muslims migrating into Switzerland–according to some campaign posters–was another deciding factor in favor of the referendum along with the threat that the Swiss governing elites would seek membership in the EU.

    It is kind of a late reckoning. The Swiss turned away about 25,000 Jews at their borders in WW II and sentenced them to die in the Nazi concentration camps on the political grounds that “the boat was full.” Nevertheless, after the war, the Swiss had enough room to allow a million Middle Easterners, Africans, and an assortment of folks from the Balkans to find room in the Swiss ‘boat’….


      • They certainly were not, money is, of course ‘fungible’, so Nazi money was indistinguishable from any other once deposited with the ‘Gnomes of Zurich’.
        An open audit of the Swiss banking system would be absolutely fascinating and very embarrassing for many governments and businesses.

        During WW2 the Swiss perhaps, played rather too close to one end.

    • If you all never forget, at least learn.

      What this ruling will end up doing is restrict other white Europeans (sans cash) and open up Switzerland to plutocratic Third Worlders.

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