The Big Lie

Have you noticed that whenever a person of the Islamic persuasion blows something up, or shoots people, or beheads someone, or gets caught with a trunkload of explosives, the first thing the federal authorities tell concerned American citizens is that the incident “has no connection with terrorism”?

Not partway through the investigation, mind you. Not after sifting mounds of forensic evidence. Not after long hours of interrogating suspects. But the first thing. Before the smell of cordite has dispersed from the scene. Before the blood on the sidewalk has dried. Before the strewn body parts have been collected and covered up.

When the Islamic nature of the bomber, shooter, or beheader becomes undeniable, the perpetrator is further described as a “lone wolf” who was “radicalized on the Internet”. He is never, ever part of a jihad network within the United States. Such things don’t actually exist, thanks to the eternal vigilance of our zealous law enforcement agents.

Our new Secretary of Homeland Security considers those “lone wolves” to be his most pressing concern. The Wall Street Journal reports :

Homeland Chief Says ‘Lone Wolves’ Biggest Terrorism Worry

In his first major speech, newly installed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday that self-radicalized “lone wolves” are the terrorist threat that he’s most worried about.

Mr. Johnson’s assessment echoes that of other U.S. law enforcement officials, who have spoken recently about the risks from people who don’t attend overseas terrorist training camps but are sympathetic to the ideology of groups like al Qaeda.


“We risk going too far, we risk creating suspicion and fear among people about those that are different from them,” he said. “If you’re charged with thinking about homeland security, whether you’re me or the state homeland security adviser to the governor or the police commissioner, you can build walls, you can build something that is so secure that you make everybody paranoid and you deprive people of the basic privacy and freedoms that this country is all about. And we can’t do it.”

If the “lone wolf” designation becomes implausible, there’s always vandalism. Take the sniper attack on the Metcalf substation in California. It occurred last April, but the details weren’t revealed until just a few days ago: professional gunmen took down seventeen substation transformers in nineteen minutes. They disappeared from the scene just before the arrival of the police, leaving behind AK-47 shell casings with no fingerprints.

Yet the electric company referred to the incident as “vandalism”, and the FBI said it didn’t think a terrorist organization was responsible for the attack.

Those are some vandals, those Metcalf vandals.

No matter what happens, in any given incident there is never any terrorism involved. The authorities and the media repeatedly push that idea far past the limits of absurdity, as they did with the Boston Marathon bombers, despite all the evidence of their affiliations, their little vacation trips to the Caucasus, etc., etc.

The most extreme example of the genre so far is Major Nidal Hasan, the Killer Shrink of Fort Hood. His actions were designated a form of “workplace violence”. They had nothing to do with terrorism, not to mention Islam — notwithstanding the fact that he was a devotee and penpal of the late Anwar al-Awlaki.

When an incident becomes too problematic, evidence must be hidden, denied, or destroyed, as happened after
the New Year’s Day explosion and fire on Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis. City officials issued the blatantly false assertion that a “gas leak” was the cause, and then immediately demolished the charred building in order to support the FBI’s statement that there was no connection with terrorism.

If nothing gets blown up and no one gets killed and no explosives or meat cleavers are involved, the possibility of any terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, is entirely discounted. A case in point is the young man who got himself stuck in an outlet pipe of a New Jersey water treatment plant in the wee hours of a January morning. The incident had a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%. The media were perplexed at why the fellow might have engaged in such strange behavior, but they left it at that. He was charged with trespassing, and then everyone lost interest.

The late-night intruders at the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts were also exonerated of any terroristic doings — they were simply indulging in a little midnight sightseeing at a closed installation:

The FBI has cleared the seven people who were arrested for trespassing at Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts after midnight on Wednesday. According to a May 18 report on The Blaze, the seven college graduates from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore were cleared of links to terrorism.

It appears that the recent graduates were just visiting Quabbin at midnight as an educational visit because of their degrees in chemical engineering. The FBI says that these chemical engineers have nothing suspicious in their background, and they have been cleared of any links to terrorism.

With these blatant absurdities we have now moved into the realm of the Big Lie. If the feds say it often enough, and the media dutifully repeat it with a straight face, then eventually everyone believes it — or at least quits paying attention.

The granddaddy of all Big Lies appeared in the media last week after an Iranian grad student at Georgia Tech caught on fire when some bottles filled with gasoline and/or kerosene just happened to ignite in his apartment. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has only the bare facts, but an accompanying TV news report from WSB-TV adds some interesting details:

The news announcer actually says: “Investigators do not believe a Georgia Tech student who caught himself on fire was trying to make a bomb.”

Oh, really? He had what you described as a “Molotov cocktail”, but he wasn’t trying to make a bomb? How do you figure that?

Does he store gasoline in bottles as a hobby?

How stupid does this newscaster think his listeners are?

One can imagine the conversation that took place when the police detective visited the victim in his hospital bed:

“Uh, Mr. Akhshabi, do you have any knowledge about how all those incendiary devices ended up in your living room?”

“Officer, my good friend Mahmoud asked me to hold onto those bottles for him. He said they contained zamzam water. I had no idea he was a violent extremist… Nurse! More morphine, please!”

As Vlad says:

The US really is becoming an Orwellian construct. For the second time in as many months, the DHS, (or is it the FBI?) is denying that the obvious cause of this fire is the cause at all before they can possibly know.

This goes beyond Orwellian into some new region of madness. Our credulity is strained and our intelligence insulted as manifest nonsense is being shoved down our throats — and we just keep on swallowing.

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

These lone wolves have no connection with terrorism.

Everyone can just go back to sleep.

Hat tips: Vlad Tepes, JP, and Itinerant.

37 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. Nothing but a bunch of rhetorical mumbo jumbo to avoid saying the truth.

    “Self-radicalized” means “studied the Koran”.

    “Ideology of groups like al Qaeda” means “Islamic theology”.

    “Extremists” means “jihadist”.

    “Extremist mission” means “Muslim terror attack”.

    “Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks” means “Sept. 11, 2001, Muslim terror attacks”.

    So much for truthfulness and political correctness.

  2. Every time something goes boom with Allahu Akbar being screamed in the foreground, we are told it is but a tiny fraction of extremists, Arabic-speaking, Koran-quoters all, misunderstanding the instruction manual written in their own language.
    When we protest that it only takes a handful of extremists to kill thousands of people, and that maybe the Koran is responsible, we are soothingly told, no, you can’t understand the Koran, because you don’t speak Arabic.

    If we should be stupid enough to say we don’t believe Mohammed was a prophet, that the Koran is bunk, and there is no Allah, and Jesus Christ is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, we are said to offend ALL MUSLIMS.

    You simply cannot win.

  3. You might look at is the manner in which “the narrative” is presented, how it has adapted and radicalized over the years, especially the last six. The changing narrative presentation style could be put into stages of ascending aggressiveness:

    Phase One, Classic Propaganda. This is setting a narrative in a more passive way, through politics. This soft propaganda is what we are used to, so it is upsetting that the next two harsher phases are being implemented.

    Phase Two, the Narrative Blitzkrieg. Instantaneously on the scene, the government presents the official facts, stops investigations; media happily goes to print; the investigation is “complete”. A very on the scene type of propaganda, during the confusion and shock of the event. Very Mussolini – take advantage of emotional moments and step in.

    Phase Three, Full Compliance. The narrative is now compulsory. Noncompliance such as an pesky investigators or independent writers will be punished by law or defamation.

    We are solid into phase two and heading into phase three.

  4. Given the times and our circumstances, it is mandatory that “lone wolf” become a de facto synonym for “Muslim.” As in: “A lone wolf who prays toward Mecca five times per day? Who divides foodstuffs into halal and haram> ? Who has this habit of muttering “Allahu akhbar” under his breath? That kind of lone wolf? Ah, I get it now.”

  5. I guess it all comes down to the individual who views and listens to the media lies that are presented to him/her on a daily basis. As to how the individual may digest what is put to them is really a matter of conjecture, but going on voting habits over the past six years in America, one could say that the Big Lie appears to be working with most of those the Big Lie is served up to.

    But apart from the vagaries of polling day when a new rider gets elected to hop the same old horse, there is no accurate way of assessing how effective the Big Lie really is until the time comes to choose sides.

  6. There is no long-established ideology of islamophobia. But there is a doctrine of kuffarphobia with a 1300 year history: islam. Yet the former is asserted by the establishment to exist and to be pervasive, while they refuse to acknowledge the existence of the latter. They will go so far in denying the existence of the latter, that they will claim to read from the koran, whilst reciting sentences which exist in no koran.

    When there is an attack ON a muslim or a mosque, the media reports on how it is an attack on ALL muslims, and motivated by a unified doctrine of hostility to islam (“blah blah islamophobia blah”): all muslims are the victims, and any non-muslims who take part in any attack/critique on muslims/islam, are doing so out of their shared doctrine of islamophobia.

    When there is an attack BY muslims on non-muslims, the media emphasise (to the extent they focus on the attack at all) the singularity of the victim and the singularity of the muslims who do the attacks (“an extremist”, “a lone wolf”). Such attacks by muslims are NEVER attributed to a unifying doctrine of hostility towards non-muslims.

    The media must be forced to talk about islam as kuffarphobia. The media and muslim organisations have spent decades making the public familiar with the concept of “islamophobia”. We should be riding on the back of this, and making systematic use of the concept of “kuffarphobia”. This obviates the need to talk about islam as a religion or political ideology. We just get people to understand islam within the framework provided by “islamophobia”: islam is fundamentally about hatred for non-muslims.

    When we talk about “jihad”, “ideology”, “religion” we require people to cognitively load a whole lot of abstract (and maybe contradictory) notions. We should just focus on getting people to see that islam hates non-muslims. Kuffarphobia is the key.

    • In Britain governments of either hue hold Public Enquiries into any and all manner of things: Stephen Lawrence (2 so far); Bloody Sunday (most expensive in UK legal history); Hillsborough Disaster and many other far more trivial things.

      There has, however, never been a Public Inquiry into the muslim terror attack on 7/7 or the numerous cases of Islamic child sex slavery concealed and obfuscated for decades by the police; social services; schools; local government; national government and media or as to the funding of mosque building throughout the country.

      You can also rest assured that there will be no Public Enquiry into the murder of Lee Rigby.

      “Kuffarphobia” – priceless! I must remember that one.

  7. it may well be that they really are lone wolves.
    after all, if all they need is an internet connection and a little home chemistry knowledge, (or America’s hideously loose explosives laws), then they don’t need an extensive support network.
    untraceable searches of the whole world at an internet cafe will give them all they need info-wise, including aerial/satellite reconnaissance facilities and navigational data.

    • That could be correct, but a key feature of Islamic theology is missing in your analysis. Unlike protestant Christianity, the priority of a Muslim is not to seek salvation individually, but to do so in the interests of ummah. The Quran discusses warfare in these terms, as several ayat explain how the Muslim has to conduct himself depending on the relation between the ummah and the Dar el Harbi. The well known ayah prohibiting Muslims from negotiating a peace treaty when they dominate the balance of power is exemplary of the safety mechanisms in Muslim teachings which the First Caliph* and the sahaba he consulted with introduced in the Quran to prevent Muslim militants, whipped into a frenzy by the quranic teachings, from embarrassing or endangering the Islamic community.

      There is also the difference between the function of the priest and the function of the imam or warlords as I prefer to call them. The Quran is a difficult read without the aid of an imam, while the Quran itself basically states that no one can truly understand the will of Allah, while other verses also undermine the confidence of its readers. In surah 5 verse 101 the Muslim is told he shouldn’t ask difficult questions about Islamic teachings because they may upset him, these patronizing words are sure to humble the most confident of Muslims. Factor in the widespread belief that the Quran cannot be translated without losing the meaning contained in each verse,a Muslim who doesn’t speak Arab believes he cannot properly understand how he has to plan his attack, as in selecting his targets, without consulting an authority.

      This had changed marginally since AQ authorized lone wolf attacks in order to cause mayhem and chaos in the politically divided kaffir nations, in 2011 if I recall correctly, but AQ is not considered reliable amongst many Muslims and it doesn’t negate the earlier community oriented mechanisms I discussed earlier.

      This all prevents Muslims from moving on their own, I believe this system is so successful that only mentally ill Muslims operate alone.This type lacks the ability to conduct a successful terrorist attack,it may result in random stabbings or shootings at best. These are anomalies.

      It often amazes me what a brilliant strategic document the Quran is, perhaps I should write a more lengthy article about it once.

      *Prophet Mohammed doesn’t deserve to be portrayed as anything other then a military or political leader.

      • Mohammed doesn’t deserve to be portrayed as anything other then a military or political leader.

        Or a caravan bandit and mass murderer who took great pleasure in killing.

        • I’m glad my post got trough, thought it disappeared into the dark corners of cyberspace.

          I’m sure Muhammad enjoyed killing, some of his one-liners before killing either belongs in a b-action movie or in a ché Guevara novel.

          Before the man was struck to death for parodying the Caliph in a set of poems he asked who will look after his children
          Hell!! Is what Muhammad shouted.

          I prefer a bit more distinguished term than bandit only because either condescending do-gooders can’t imagine the doctrine of a 6th century Arab man providing a serious challenge or they observe his barbaric followers and consider the outbursts of rage and supposedly random terrorist attacks to represent nothing more then savagery. This line of thinking impedes westerners from understanding that the caliphate follows a long term strategy, and does so quite well, much more practical and in tune with reality then anything Western leaders have to offer. The idea that Muslims are incapable of running an organized takedown of European civilization reminds me of 9/11 conspiracy theorists asking cynically: How could they have planned all of this from a cave?

          • I agree. And it doesn’t help things when people in the Counter-Jihad have a tendency to wax conspiracy-theorist about the “real problem” (i.e., something other than Islam — e.g., some Dastardly Cabal of Leftists pulling all the strings of the free world).

          • EXCEPT: Diana West provided evidence that there IS a Dastardly Cabal of Leftists pulling all the strings of the free world – namely generations of Communists (75 year old David Horowitz was the very active Communist heir apparent of American Communist royalty) set up to infiltrate the West and sponsored by the Soviet Union (i.e., Russia) where Communism was implemented by Jews to change a Christian Russia into an atheist Russia and which was well aware of the Muslim problem learned by hard lessons when Russians fought in Afghanistan.


          • Depends on what you mean by “pulling the strings”. I’m not sure how Diana West would define that and apply it to the data she has marshalled. Although the phrase is not scientific and subject to subjective impressions and semantics, it is important to keep the distinctions in mind that clarify its inherent lack of objective resolution.

          • Well, Hesp, it rather depends on what you mean by “pulling the strings” since that was the term that you used….

            It appears that Communists made it their goal to infiltrate cultural and political organizations in the West order to implement Communist ideas and promote Communist ideals. It appears that the objective resolution is that Communists are running the current administration.

            P.S. One can objectively read the writings of well known and professionally lauded Jews for their ideas about the future of the Christian West; one can objectively determine the organizations that Jews support with their time, effort, and finances; one can objectively note the racial and/or religious background of those who prosecute and/or pay for lawfare against Christianity in the public square, etc.

      • “a Muslim is not to seek salvation individually, but to do so in the interests of ummah”

        Where the Ummah itself becomes a living creature according to some quasi-vitalistic principle of organisation. Sayyid Qutb perhaps came closest in defining this as dynamic concrescence: a mode of being as intense in its promotion of the organism, the Ummah, as it is negligent of the individual.

      • “Prophet Mohammed doesn’t deserve to be portrayed as anything other then a military or political leader.”

        I’ve said to many “moderate muslims” and their fascist Left enablers: “tell me the difference between ‘an islamist terrorist’ and Mohammed the founder of islam”.

        No-one has ever been able to supply an answer. Not event the scholars and “ex-extremists” of Quilliam.

        Mohammed was the first muslim and the first islamist terrorist.

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  10. The west attack the russians non violent solution to the homosexuals propaganda wagon, yet turn blind eyes and say 0 about nigeria and the muslims murdering homosexuals!

    Truly inversion of reality!

    The western msm are worse than the nazis and goebels.


    • Would you care to provide some examples of “the homosexuals propaganda wagon” in Russia? Or should readers just assume that you have as little evidence for such propaganda as the Nazis had for their persecution of the jews?

      When I see comments like yours on sites like this, it confirms my belief that the future of the west belongs to the Nazis and/or the Islamo-Nazis.

      • Joe, gay propaganda is in all of our faces, promoted 24/7. Sobieski thinks correctly that we should have backbone like the Russians and that our press are traitors and two-faced. Maybe we can weaken the enemy, the anti-cultural socialist wave, that is closing in on us. The gay faction is one of many, but each group rots the society: gay and women’s, socialists, Islamists, financial crooks, and much more.

  11. They can deny all they want but the people know the truth. It’s like when a judge tells a jury “You must disregard the last statement.” Right, sure we will, pal. Anybody who doesn’t make the connection is so stupid they should be committed both for their own and society’s protection.

    • I’ve had an education from other posters here on the agenda of some- repeat, some- homosexuals. This does not excuse the attitude of the Russian authorities towards gay people in general, which extends to the police ignoring brutal homophobic attacks.

      However I’m not holding my breath to find out whether gay activists will make such an issue of the awarding of the (Soccer) World Cup to Qatar.

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  13. There have been four other sophisticated power grid attacks in Arkansas and Louisiana that have not received any media attention. It is relatively easy to disable the power grid if you know how yet our regime tells us that all is well. Except for all those radical Christians who cling to their religion and guns. And those right wing fascist military leaders (400 plus) who have been purged because they will not obey fuhrerdictats.

  14. Spot on Baron.

    I’ve even noticed the terms “muslim” and “Islamic” no longer used when discussing terrorism on FoxNews. Then again they rarely bring on experts that promote border security or dealing with our illegal alien problem(which includes a lot of Muzzies).

    In terms of lone wolves, that’s not how Islam works. Islam is Jihad and Muzzies either explicitly or implicitly support those who wage Jihad. IOW these terrorists always have some sort of Islamic social support network that knows everything the terrorist is up to(including how radical they are) as in the case of the Tsarnev brothers. Also lets not forget the older one had terrorist training in Chechnya.

    I remember when Western media interviewed their father, he was standing in front of a Al-Qeada black flag and openly denying his sons were involved in terrorism.

    Haddad’s social network was the internet and his Mosque. This guy was so overt about his hatred I have every confidence he relayed that hate to every Muslim in his Mosque he could given that he had no qualms expressing it openly to his fellow officers. The fact that his Mosque wasn’t investigated or brought is worrisome.

    All in all though, this is to be expected when the ruling regime is quite anti-Western in it’s values. We have a president who hates the West and probably is a Muslim given his open support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Who armed and funded Al-Qeada rebels shipping out from Libya to Syria. Who gave a sweethart deal to Iran. Who doesn’t like Whites, refuses to engage in foreign policy with other leaders. Whose current goal is an open border.

    Hillary is just as bad, she has a Muslim Brotherhood princess as a lover and was neck deep in arms for Al-Qeada affair in Libya.

    But it’s not him and the Dems. The GOP leadership(what passes for it) is in cahoots with him as well. You think they’d be leading the charge on the Metcalf incident – they’re not the Dems are.

    • Well said, PorkChop, and– sadly– the Republican leadership is also partially infiltrated: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Grover Norquist, and Texas Governor Rick Perry all come to mind, not to mention the Bush family’s ties with Saudi Arabia and perhaps other Muslims. The way those Republicans, including Michelle Bachmann (sp?), who tried to call for some long-overdue vetting of Huma Abedin were treated was a disgrace and a discouragement. As long as even one state’s (Michigan’s) electoral votes can be swung by the Muslims there, it doesn’t look likely that the Republican party will allow realistic conclusions about Islam to have a place at the national level.

  15. The biggest lie of all is, “Islam is a religion of peace”. How many times do we hear politicians repeat this lie.

    • How many politicians repeat this lie?? Only the bought-and-paid-for. The others risk being thrown out of office by deep-pockets Dems who can afford endless campaign attacks.

  16. FBI-JTTF Joint terroism task Force invetigates the scene…

    But of course there is no evidence of terrorism. His hobbies include be-heading, suppressing the Kuffar, promoting Jihad and Sharia, and collecting mass quantities of flammable liquids.

  17. How can it be that common sense has gone so far out of fashion ? The small minority with a sick deathwish seems to have hypnotized most of the people , but this could never happen i they didnt long to be hypnotized in the first place…

    • Television is the Great Mesmerizer. The more hours one watches each week, the more points are taken off one’s functioning IQ.

  18. The mechanism of the Big Lie neatly explained by Bruce Bawer at Front Page:

    “I suggest that the answer may be this: that every editorial and op-ed like this in Aftenposten is yet another effort in a long-term campaign not just to encourage the appeasement of Islamization but, beyond that, to create a society in which pretty much everybody appeases Islamization all the while denying, to others and even to themselves, that they’re doing anything of the kind. A society, in other words, that has reached a stage of pure Orwellianism by fully internalizing the process of doublethink, which, just to remind you, was described as follows in the third chapter of 1984 …”

    The Snikbar of Snikislamierung as they might say in Norway.

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