Geert Wilders: Get the Netherlands out of the EU!

The European Union acts as an income-equalizer for its member states, but on a national level. The poorer members — and those who joined more recently, such as the Baltic states — receive more from Brussels than they pay in. This is true not only when countries such as Greece and Portugal are being bailed out, but also in non-crisis circumstances when revenues are routinely transferred.

It turns out that the Netherlands is the greatest per-capita contributor to the EU’s coffers , and Geert Wilders doesn’t like it. His party, the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, Party for Freedom), commissioned a study by a British research group that lays out the economic details showing why the Dutch would be better off out of the EU.

Mr. Wilders released this video to accompany the publication of the report:

The following press release was sent out today by the PVV:

Netherlands Are Better Off Out of EU

The Dutch economy will grow substantially if the Netherlands leave the European Union (NExit). That is the conclusion of the renowned British research firm Capital Economics in a report commissioned by the PVV [download the report in pdf format]. Capital Economics is the winner of the Wolfson Prize, the biggest prize for economic research after the Nobel Prize.

If the Netherlands leave the EU, the Dutch economy will be 10 per cent bigger by 2024 than if it remains in the EU. The average annual benefit is almost 10,000 euros per household over the next two decades.

PVV-leader Geert Wilders: “The report shows that leaving the EU is our way out of the crisis. Without the self-defeating austerity policies imposed by Brussels, the Dutch will be able to cut taxes and reduce VAT and excise duties. The Dutch will no longer have to ship their tax money to Greece and will be able to stop paying welfare benefits to Romanians and Bulgarians.

In the attachment you can read the report by Capital Economics (PDF).

Geert Wilders explains the unique chances of NExit for the Netherlands in a video message taped in the Port of Rotterdam — a place which, just as in the rest of the country, will benefit from the Dutch EU exit.

20 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Get the Netherlands out of the EU!

  1. im amazed this guy is labelled an extremist. he obviously is quite reasonable. how wonderful to have a politician whom actually loves his country enough to stop it going down the drain.

    • I agree absolutely it looks like this sensible man wants to eliminate nonsensical political dogma.
      The Stalinist Euro bureaucrats need to be seriously restrained!

  2. The Europhiles and bureaucrats will never allow it! This will end in only one way…armed rebellion- Count on it!

    • The corrupt EU politicals love their huge salaries and expenses too much. They really don’t care who is going to have to deal with the New Lebanons and Istanbuls down the road. Let’s hope it won’t take a French style revolution.

  3. The first nation to successfully leave the EU will be the one to open the flood gates. I hope it happens soon. I would love to see that Tower of Babel fall to the ground.

    • Oh I love your optimism.
      One wonders if the Promised British referendum thereto will take place?
      If that co insides with political power for Wilders then there should be some very comfortable fun!

      • I agree with Peter Hitchens view on any future British referendum: they’ll just rig it.

  4. The poorly run, indebted countries see the EU as an insurance policy for when they collapse. and an excuse to expand their irresponsibility.

    The well-run countries like Netherlands and Germany are too politically delusional to ascertain the benefits of quitting now before the EU circles the drain.

    So no nation will quit, that is until a major southern country tanks economically, perhaps France, and that will mark the end of the brief and pathetic EU empire.

  5. Like the US Union, the EU has no exit strategy, so getting out is much more difficult than getting in, secession will be a step into the unknown, and here the European proto-Lincolns will have a field day.

    The difference is the already tyrannical nature of the EU, the US Constitution made tyranny difficult for Lincoln, he had to resort to Executive Orders to get around the Constitutional limitations. Not so the EU.

    The EU is about sinecures and vested interests, it is a pirate ship; holding its citizens to ransom. It cannot afford dissent and will have to take violent action.
    For the EU, the end justifies the means, and that means an assassination of some sort, either political (as Thatcher was) or physical.

    Or else a war between the states.

    • This may surprise you, MC, coming from someone on the Left, but (at least in retrospect) I admire Margaret Thatcher for having the courage of her convictions. Nevertheless her party had to dump her because she was too divisive, reducing their chances of being reelected.

      We Brits are big on consensus (as you may observe from the current situation, where it’s difficult to insert a cigarette paper between the parties). I’m not sure that the situation with our American friends, where (at least on the surface) there appears to be mutual contempt and mistrust, is any better at actually getting things done.

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  7. So that’s why the Luxembourgers, Luxembourgeois(?) are so affluent.

    It’s fascinating watching the Eurocircus from a safe distance, it’s difficult to believe that it will dissolve, however few ‘experts’ predicted that the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc would fold within a few months either.

    I don’t think that the British actually ever vote ‘yes’ in a referendum on EU membership before the country joined, one of the advantages of not having a written constitution.

    • The Brits were promised they’d get a vote in the referendum. They were raped by their ‘leaders’ and the EU membership happened without their say-so. The Irish got the chance to vote and turned it down, so they had to vote again. And would’ve had to keep voting until they got their minds right.

      There is no way any European political party was ever going to turn down the chance for their political class to make some serious money, unaccountable to anyone.

      NOTE: there is no safe distance from any future economic disaster in any given area in the West. Read your John Donne, OM.

      • Dymphna, the Irish voted twice against the “Treaty of Lisbon”, so the Irish leadership, deeming the electorate to have got it wrong repeatedly, just disregarded their wishes.

        • Reminds me of the old Communist era joke, ” …..the people have been dissolved”.

          So the Irish government committed the Irish people to a process that will eventually extinguish their country as a nation state, against their will!

  8. Geert of course is on the ball with this viral, I would debate his description of Rotterdam as being beautiful, its a very industrial port city (one of the largest ports in the world?) and is super culturally enriched. Holland is a beautiful country and the Dutch are great people, Geert & his countrymen are at the front when it comes to countering the Islamic invasion & the E.U.S.S.R that is trying to rob the Dutch of their culture, money and sovereignty.

    This European union garbage has to end , but its not going to be pretty, as others have said the Eurocrat’s and their betters wont go without a fight, people are slowly awakening to the uncomfortable realities of being part of the E.U.

    As mentioned Ireland were one of the few countries within the European union to be given a referendum on staying in or leaving the E.U, the Irish peoples voted against remaining part of the European Union, the government in Ireland straight away ordered another vote (no doubt under the pressure of those in Brussels, Berlin and in the U.N headquarters in New York, a new vote was cast and the result was a yes for staying in the Evil Empire E.U. ( total fix).

    The United Kingdom has suffered greatly at the hands of the European Union, we have not had a say on wether or not we want to be part of the European union since 1975, even though it was still called the Common market back then, so the youngest person in the UK who has had any say as to wether they want to be a part of this undemocratic corrupt socialist experiment would be at least 57 years of age today.

    When the UK joined the Common market it was sold to us as a beneficial trading block with Germany, France, Holland etc, any talk of open borders and economic and cultural change and migration was not mentioned at all, it was all about trading between economically buoyant succesfull sovereign nation states.

    Since joining the E.U the UK has seen its fortunes waver, our fishing waters surrounding our Islands have been restricted and in many cases taken away, our industries have been undermined or closed completely, our laws are now dictated to us from Brussels. (80% of them) Our immigration system is in chaos and as you know we have large areas of our towns and cities that are now ghettoised and inhabited by non British peoples who have arrived here on the back of the madness that has been going on for far too long now.

    I came on this website before and was derided and called all sorts of insults for speaking the truth about the European union and its open borders policies that have opened up our country to some of the poorest most embittered peoples on this planet, both Non European and European.

    I have heard from many EU migrants when in conversation that in their countries the train services and bus services are far more efficient and modern than here in the UK, they have said our roads are a mess, and there are so many poor and homeless people begging on our streets, I have said so many times that the reason you have shiny new trains and nice roads and infrastructure in your country is due to the amount of funding the European Union is giving you, and places like the UK are NET contributors to this, so in effect you are over here in my country working and claiming my countries benefits that are many and varied, whilst your country is also benifitting from Billions in funding to improve all aspects of your society, and you have said it yourself, this country is falling apart, that is when the reality of the situation hits them and they either make an excuse and leave or come out with some weak argument about how we owe them a living.

    UK out of Europe now, and start spending money on our own people and economy and not on those who either hate us or just see us as a body that should be raped until we have nothing.

    • And the scavenger vultures just hang, hate and wait for the remainder of their inheritance.

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