4 thoughts on “Heavenly Peace

  1. Wishing all a blessed and Merry Christmas with wishes for a productive, successful (in every meaning of the word) and healthy new year! -HRW

  2. A Blessed and Merry Christmas to you, Baron & Dymphna. In case it might inspire someone else who otherwise might not think of it, please check under your digital Christmas tree for a gift from me. “I am a poor boy, too,” but Jesus gave the final word on what size means and how it matters. May God bless you together and individually. I hope it has been and is a wonderful Christmas for you, and I hope and pray for you a Happy New Year.

    Joyfully and Gratefully,
    You Know My Other Name

  3. And a Merry Christmas to you Dymphna and Baron. A gentle snow is falling as the temperature steadily creeps upward from 20 C below here in the Kam Valley. 14 evening grosbeaks landed in our crab-apple tree this morning, stayed 10 minutes then flew off. We’ll snowshoe over to the neighbours in an hour.

  4. Merry Christmas Baron and Dymphna! Thank you for all that you do here at Gates of Vienna. I hope that you both take a well deserved break to spend time with your loved ones and find today peaceful and resting. As well, a Merry Christmas to all Gates of Vienna readers. Wherever in the world you find yourself, I hope today truly is “Merry”.

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