The Pogo Project, Part 3

Things have been so hectic for the past three months that the Pogo Project was put on hold for a while. But today is relatively calm, so what better time for a Pogo strip than a Saturday evening?

The following four panels are taken from The Pogo Papers, the third volume of collected daily strips, covering 1952-53. The context for the action is the well-known tendency of Albert to sponge off the generosity of Pogo, especially where food is concerned:

Previously: Part 1, Part 2.

2 thoughts on “The Pogo Project, Part 3

  1. Fantagraphics books has released really high quality collections of the entire run of Pogo in slip cased hardcovers. Very affordable too. Highly recommended.

  2. Being from just North of the Piney Woods and the child of an avid POGO fan in Geoirgia , I am fortunate to have copies of the first POGO books … ” autographeded ” by POGO his-self!

    I recommend the town of Waycross, Georgia as the starting point of the POGO TOUR of South Georgia and the SWAMP!!

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