Don’t know how I got in. It may not last. If you have trouble commenting, that’s why.

The Baron picked a fine time to go do Counterjihad team work. This stuff is way above my pay grade and Lulu died as I was writing a follow up to Kenya.

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My gratitude to Vlad…things seem okay again…

8 thoughts on “TROUBLES

    • Thank you! It seems to be one of those ongoing drama-days…

      1. Our webmail is down so I can neither read messages or respond – in case anyone is wondering.

      2.A bear just came up on the porch – I think it was a bear, a man wouldn’t have been so noisy – and ripped apart the Amazon package with the dolly in it that I had left out there for when the new monitor came. The dolly seems fine but I sure got back into the house quick.

      3. At least the blog is working again.

      4. And it could be worse: I could be in Hong Kong waiting for those 135 mph winds or Nairobi waiting to hear the fate of loved ones.

      It definitely feels like a day I am glad to have done with

  1. So sorry for YOUR loss. Yes, Lulu’s passing is pale in comparison to the slaughter, but your companion was real for you and leaves an empty space in your life.

  2. Deepest sympathy on the passing of your Lulu.

    Our little friends are very important parts of our lives.

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