Bearing Witness to the Dead in Kenya

Vlad Tepes sent me his story about a mass shooting in a mall in Kenya.

We can guess the murderers and their motives.

Right now, I don’t have the wherewithal to even bear witness to this massacre so I pass the information on to you from Vlad.

3 thoughts on “Bearing Witness to the Dead in Kenya

  1. Now it has become known that gunmen told muslims present to stand up and leave. The infidels were killed. Kenya is mostly christian, only those few tribes where Obama comes from are muslim.

  2. Kenya: ‘If You Were Muslim They Let You Go’

    Witnesses caught up in the attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi say gunmen released shoppers who could recite an Islamic prayer.

    “A lot of people were shot while they were trying to escape. I saw one of the gunmen with an AK-47 and later two of them were talking and it sounded like Somali or Arabic.”

    Ms Ahmed said the attackers released people who were able to prove they could speak Arabic

  3. The reaction I have to seeing muslims wearing their religious symbols is the same as a Jewish person must feel at seeing someone walking around in Waffen SS clothing.

    If it’s illegal to display a swastika, or dress up and prance about in Waffen SS garb in Europe, why isn’t it illegal to display a crescent moon? Because Islamic fascism has slaughtered about 220 million people since it inception. National Socialist fascism stopped at 10 million.

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