An Ordinary Morning in Marseille

First a faint light appears in the eastern sky. Next comes the dawn chorus of birdsong. And then…

The rapid rattle of an AK-47 lets you know that a new day has begun in Marseille!

Many thanks to Gaia for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   Twenty shots from a Kalashnikov and 12 bullet hits of 9mm bullets
0:05   in the centre of town, the Opera, the theatre of a scene from guerrilla war.
0:08   The police found bullet impact holes all around the square, in the gates of monuments and embedded in the doors.
0:15   Everything started in this night club around 4 am this morning.
0:18   Two rival groups argue about something, reason yet unknown.
0:22   Some hours later, around 7 am, several masked youths return by car and
0:27   fire from the other side of the square in the direction of their victim, who is around 20 years old,
0:32   waking all the local inhabitants.
0:34   “I woke at 7.00 and was about to go out with the children to get some croissants and it is my custom to walk across the Place de l’Opera…”
0:42   (old man rather incomprehensible)
0:52   Two young people suffered slight wounds; another had bullets lodged in his calves, shoulders and arms.
0:58   “Now certain persons have easy access to Kalashnikovs and other calibre firearms.”
1:04   “That ends up in scenes like this morning.”
1:07   “What is regrettable is this an act of violence, a move to rapid action and the possession of a firearm of this level.”
1:13   The scene was filmed by CCTV , but the assailants appeared masked.
1:16   The inquiry has been passed to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Judicial Police.

One thought on “An Ordinary Morning in Marseille

  1. The rapid rattle of an AK-47 lets you know that a new day has begun in Marseille!


    I would have thought that the cacophony/racket/ugly-noise from all the muezzins would have beaten everything.

  2. This video segment reveals the authorities have determined the suspects are ‘youth(s)’, albeit, masked, and caught on CCTV arriving from a particular angle to the scene of the crime.
    One would expect this isn’t the only CCTV functioning in the area. If the CCTV can identify the approximate age (“Youth”) and the fact that they arrived “masked”, these same authorities would also be checking for all CCTV footage tracing back from the scene, and perhaps at some point, providing a clear license plate identification of the vehicle(s) involved. Perhaps such additional CCTV footage would also reveal where along the path the suspects donned their masks and proceed further back to a potential CCTV image without the masks.

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