Rand Paul Gives the Senate a Lesson on Civility and Fiscal Common Sense

From Power Line:

The Senate Subcommittee on Investigations is holding a hearing this morning on Apple’s tax avoidance strategies. Rand Paul set the ringmasters back on their heels with an opening statement that questioned the whole rationale for the hearing. Here is Paul’s opening statement:

No, this is not Ron Paul II. The apple rolled very far from the tree, but he did bring along his daddy’s rhetorical skills.

Unfortunately, the bullying in Washington, D.C. is a top-down problem. It will not change until President Obama leaves office in 2016. Meanwhile, we need people like Senator Paul to call out for some fiscal sanity while we wait out this nightmare government currently in power.

This reminds me of a conversation I had today with the Baron. He was asking me if I could see anyone in particular on the Republican side who could make a good showing in the GOP Presidential Primaries in 2015. Rand Paul was near the top of the list, but there are also a goodly number of the thirty Republican governors currently in office in the United States.

The GOP has a very good, very deep bench; they are not the problem. The Republican National Committee is the problem. It persists in sending GOP waterboys into the game. Makes you wonder if contest is fixed, doesn’t it?

They have possible candidates like Rand Paul and yet the MSM toots the horn for RINOs like the governor of New Jersey, currently playing footsie with President Obama. Want to make Governor Christie fly into a rage? Admittedly it doesn’t take much, but in this case just mention our problems with Islam and terrorism. Mount St. Christie will blow steam with enough energy to light two cities.

Go over to Power Line to see the second installment of Rand’s powerful sermon to his fellow Senators. Scroll down at the same URL above.

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