“We’re Justified in Our Anger”

Update: The original video embedded here has been taken down. I’ve replaced it with a longer (29-minute) version. It’s on the official Coelus Media channel, so it will probably stay up.

“I don’t care if they’re offended — I’m offended every day.”

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, was interviewed at length about yesterday’s atrocity in Woolwich. He has a few choice words for Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson, and other notables who have facilitated the descent of Britain into the Islamized pit in which it finds itself:

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41 thoughts on ““We’re Justified in Our Anger”

  1. Sheik Cameron declares the act a “Betrayal of Islam.” This seems to be of the terrorist acts committed by Muslims in the name of Islam is “un-Islamic activity,” denialism that is so popular with the willfully blind because to acknowledge the problem is to abandon your current ideological imperatives. Your narrative is more important than European Christians getting their heads hacked off on the streets of London by the adherents of Mohammad….or their daughters being gang raped by hostile invaders.

  2. When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. Vote UKIP, halt all immigration now.

  3. David Cameron — Old Etonian, Oxford graduate, friend of billionaires. Also traitorous Islam-appeasing scum.

    Tommy Robinson — not Old Etonian, not Oxford graduate, not friend of billionaires. Also not traitorous Islam-appeasing scum.

    History will judge one of these men very, very harshly. Can you guess who?

    • Tommy, or course. Prophets (and patriots) are seldom honored in their own country…

  4. Yesterday, a few of us at work discussed the London beheading. All with whom I worked just shrugged their shoulders.

    What is it going to take for the West to realize that we have Trojan Horses in our midst?

  5. That was really very good. Steve’s surprisingly articulate, there was a heap of useful information that (huge surprise!) the MSM did not deem worth of passing on.

    Thank you so much for passing it on.

  6. I tip my hat off to this man . Personally I can’t see why the MSM labels him “far right” because what he says is what mainstream people are already thinking and feeling .

    Yes ,David Cameron is a “muppet” ( good choice of words by the EDL leader ).

    • I enjoyed Tommy’s choice of words too. He’s a well spoken man…even if he seems a bit nervous. God chose the perfect man to fight for what is right and true. It is a new battle of a very old war.

      The Mainstream Media sees anyone who is not permissive in a perverse way as being as being ‘Far Right’. It doesn’t take much. All it takes is 5 people who say they regularly mate with reptiles and the MSM has a new celebrity cause. So if I say “Thou shalt not mate with reptiles.” then I would be labeled a right-wing extremist.

  7. The British “Main Stream Media” appears to be in step with the American media (exception: FoxNews) and they’re blatenly hiding the reality that Islam is a vile, evil ideology whose followers are determined to conquor the “kiffar infidels” and dominate the world , thus creating Caliphate paradise.

  8. Sociopolitical saracenic exoticism the British establishments perverted dalliance with islam.

  9. This is probably the best interview I’ve ever seen from a normal working class bloke who may not be an intellectual, but tells it exactly as it is. Tommy is the only one that gives me hope that things might change for the better. Well said Sir!

    • Here in America one of the best ways to ruin a good man is to send him (or her) to an ivy-league school. Controlled by Liberals our universities take apart good people and rebuild them in their image. Their image being Orwellian, permissive in what’s bad for a person, submissive to anyone or any culture contrary to our nation’s history. Do you remember the re-tard we have for a 1st Lady saying “For…..the…first….time in my life……I’m…..actually proud to be an American.” As she relishes turning over 230 years of history to a closet Islamist who never graduated from college, never proved his citizenship and never knew where money came from (ie operated a lemonade stand).

  10. As usual TR speaks a lot of sense. I just wish there could be more momentum in our country to ensure his prophesies don’t come true.

  11. The EDL must do more! The death of a British Soldier on home soil by Muslim hands if appalling! This is proof Multiculturalism has failed! Islam is not the religion of peace, it is more the religion of hatred and disorder. Western society is falling on our very own sword. By allowing those who wish to harm us into our lands!

    This needs to stop! God bless those who rise against the Islamic Scourge!

  12. I bet the cops arrest him again for “insulting Islam” or some other made-up charge.

  13. “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

  14. 10:35 Eastern Standard Time, Vlad’s site is down… Hope nothing sinister has happened!

  15. For a bloke who claims little education Stephen (aka Tommy Robinson) shows much more understanding and intellectual rigour than our Eton/Oxbridge educated politicians.
    HIS views are bang on with the majority view. Theirs are not. They WILL be bitten unless they take action. It perhaps won’t be at the ballot box. Tempers are frayed. Tolerance lost. Make of that what you will.

    • You don’t have to be the ordinary working man to be able to see the common sense staring you in the face. Churchill was a Harrow-educated aristocrat but one who could understand and have sympathy with all his people and wanted to do the best for them. Enoch Powell went to Oxford but was the same as Churchill. Both were men of very high intellect and as such could tap into the received wisdom and common sense logic of the ordinary man. Unfortunately, beneath them we have seen leaders who have received the same level of eduction but have lacked the intellect to use it to best advantage. There are others around who have the same view of the world as Churchill and Powell but we are not in politics or in a position of influence. From events today, it would seem the the murder in Woolwich was either designed to be the start of a terror campaign or other terrorists have come out in sympathy with the two who were shot.
      What amused me most was the possibility that an Oslo-bound plane was one of the targets. I would not wish to see native Norwegians die but the whole stinking government-academic elite in Norway needs a shock to the system. Perhaps they now know as they tar all critics of mass immigration with Anders Breivik’s brush that they are not immune. An attack in Norway of some sort might bring them down to earth with a bump.

  16. Traitorous ‘mainstream’ scum tried to break Tommy Robinson via months as a political prisoner in solitary. This interview shows he’s made of much sterner stuff than they are, God bless him.

    Tommy Robinson for Prime Minister!

    (And Baron Bodissey for President, Fjordman for PM of Norway, Geert Wilders to lead the Netherlands, etc -let’s make it happen!)

  17. It appears the right to free speech is now shariah compliant in the UK, via DailyMail:

    Two men arrested under Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial hatred

    Taking bets the social media comments causing so much grief didn’t include Sura At-Tawba [the 9th “sura,” or chapter of the Koran], the words the actual savage, 28 year old Michael Adebolajo recited for willing cameras in Woolwich.

    My money is betting the two people arrested attempted to either explain the meaning of that sura &/or to warn that Adebolajo issued it as an open threat against all non-believers to be inflicted at a time convenient to any devout believers whim.

    • Why is it that they can go on youtube, favebook, twitter and TV quoting verses that call for the slaughter of non muslims every single day multiple times a day and not one word is said yet if we even explain the verses of the death manual we are arrested?

    • Either way that was not freedom of speech. Freedom is saying things people don’t agree with 100% w/o punishment. In America we memorialize the cost of freedom Monday.

  18. Tommy’s only saying what everyone else is saying up and down the country, you’d better believe it.

    Everyone knows perfectly well that if our soldiers are being killed on our streets then we have a serious problem – and it’s not an isolated incident, far from it.

    Terrorist after terrorist cites the koran as the inspiration for their actions, and politicians (who are not even qualified to speak on the matter) inevitably stand there with a straight face and say that terrorism committed by Muslims who openly cite the Koran and state very clearly that they are engaged in jihad against the West are somehow “mistaken” and that their actions in fact have nothing to do with Islam.

    They state this but they never argue their case – never discuss Islamic doctrines or history, etc. All they’re doing is making a bald assertion that is contradicted by reality. Personally I just wish these jihadis would target politicians directly, then maybe we’d have a change of policy. Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim fanatic when he was biking to work – why don’t jihadis living in the UK go after some wealthy upper-class Tories as they nip around the corner on their pushbike to bum some young lad in their dinner hour?

    If the political elite regard terrorist murders as the price of doing business in order to keep their dream of multiculturalism alive, then I just wish it was politicians who paid that price.

  19. England needs a concealed carry law. Muslims don’t get them. Then you have a few million armed English citizens and the crap stops.

  20. Any word on the jihadists in hospital? It would be just terrible if they both got infected with a flesh-eating bug & had to have their vital bits cut off.

    Maybe their vital bits ought to be cut off anyway, just as a precautionary measure in case they get MRSA, I’m sure the hospital staff could nip round to the nearest garage & pick up a couple of rusty hacksaw blades.

  21. On the EDL forum we had a request to put subtitles under this video, deaf access via sign language has been requested as well. If anyone has the skills to do this, we would really appreciate it!

    We have a new audience who is waking up to the reality of Islam, and i believe Tommy’s response can open many more eyes

  22. I applaud Tommy Robinson for standing up for his convictions, and it’s true – he is saying what all of us in this country are thinking.

    My heart goes out to the parents, sister, wife and baby son of Lee Rigby MHDSRIP.

    I wonder how much longer this deliberate lie that Islam is a religion of peace will be fed to us by our own Government and the useful idiots for multiculturalism. The idiotic idea that we are all standing together to condemn this heinous Islamic Jihadi crime exists only in the minds of our craven politicians, and their useful idiots.

    What is the hardest thing for me to accept is that I no longer feel safe in my own country – I am powerless to raise the concerns that I and those like me have been warning the Government about for years. I may be prosecuted if I say what so many of us are thinking – we need to be rid of this sinister cult Islam, and its followers.

    Let them go back to where they originate from, and the sooner the better.

    • Anjem Choudary has blood on his hands for radicalising the murdering, Islamic, Nigerian killer in a London mosque. It’s pure evil for a lawyer, so-called Shariah Imam (Choudary) to incite hatred on impressionable minds, second generation immigrants, young men full of testosterone & lacking critical, reasoning skills.

      Several years ago, a Danish researcher lost his long-standing, university tenure for revealing controversial data & research on this same topic. He found that indigenous Scandinavian men averaged intelligence IQ’s above normal (110-130) range. These men also had high levels of empathy, cooperation, and compassion for other human beings. These traits evolved from primal needs to survive long, harsh, cold winters with other Scandinavians.

      In comparison, third world Muslim, male immigrants lack these traits! And their average, intelligence quotients are below 95; at least one standard deviation away from Scandinavian men. The researcher concluded that the greatest risk to the Netherlands & Western society are young males with high testosterone, and low intelligence. Of course, he was branded a “racist” and dismissed from his prized, university position. His single study serves as a cautionary tale in understanding why horrific tragedies still continue in the world today. Many, if not most violent tragedies, will be at the hands of some “Lone Wolf” or radicalised man/men. More research needs to be done in this area for humanity to survive the brutality & violence of Islam, and the mentally unstable terrorists

    • Make the point and say it loud:
      Lee Rigby was innocent.
      Just like Enoch Powell was right, and David Cameron isn’t.

  23. Does anyone know of a transcript of this video? I would like to translate into French.

    Many thanks

    Lena n

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  25. Read Joshua’s Farewell Address in the bible. Its Joshua chapter 23, around verse 9 becomes your inspiration. You see Tommy is not advocating war he’s advocating peaceful solutions but he isn’t a pacifist. You see the difference?

    I have been an active Christian for 42 years now. Like Jesus I have grown in favor with both God and men. Being spiritual and wise are good things. So look on the one hand we have a nation of people that worship death in a culture of a people who want to have a Christian identity. A Christian worships life not death.

    Choose this day whom you will serve “but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Pray for Tommy, his wife and his children. Pray for your nation also that it will throw off its slavery and run to freedom. If you have made it this far in life and have not chosen to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life then there is only one prayer God hear’s and that is a prayer of salvation. say “God I’ve been a sinner my entire life, my debts are great. Please erase my debts because I accept Jesus as my savior; he conquered death.” then thank Him and tell a pastor what you’ve done and tell you’re best friend.

    After that join other Christian in praying in the spirit and power of Joshua, let God drive away nations but move your feet too. Revive Britain and Europe and the gates of Hell will not prevail against you I promise because the bible tells us so. Even the demons believe in God and shudder remember that. Which is all Islam really is; it’s a demonic battle of a very old war.

  26. What does the Royal family have to say about this? Whaat does prince harry have to say about the beheading…..what are they doing about it

    • Prince Charles is getting his vows changed to Defender of the Faiths.

      He doesnt need a weather vane to tell which way the wind is blowin’.

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