Operation Bullfinch: Seven Convicted of Grooming and Trafficking Minors

The “Operation Bullfinch” trial of nine men accused of grooming and trafficking young girls in Oxford has concluded. Of those charged, seven have been found guilty on all counts.

The nine accused had a Mohammed Coefficient of 22%, while the seven convicted register at just 14%.

The names of those on trial at the Old Bailey (those convicted are in bold):

  • Akhtar Dogar
  • Anjum Dogar
  • Assad Hussain
  • Bassam Karrar
  • Mohammed Karrar
  • Kamar Jamil
  • Zeeshan Ahmed
  • Mohammed Hussain
  • A man who cannot be named for legal reasons

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this BBC report on the trial:

Six of the victims testified in court about what they had endured at the hands of pimps and rapists. Below are excerpts from the BBC article:

Oxford rape and trafficking: Who were the victims?

Seven men have been convicted at the Old Bailey of being involved in the systematic grooming and trafficking of girls from the Oxford area into a life of sexual abuse.

At the heart of the prosecution was the testimony of six victims who had been targeted, groomed and ultimately controlled and sold for sex with men around the country.

One had been only 11 years old when the gang first approached her. When they gave their evidence, the youngest was 16 and the oldest 21. There were other victims who were not called as witnesses.

All victims of sex attacks are entitled to anonymity under the law. These are their stories, based on what was heard in court; they contain graphic descriptions of sexual violence and abuse.

Girl One

The first victim had a happy home life until her mother began drinking when she suffered post-natal depression after the birth of another child.

By the time she was in secondary school, the girl was smoking and playing truant and hanging around Oxford city centre to avoid home.

Akhtar and Anjum Dogar, two of the brothers at the centre of the abuse, befriended her. She was later introduced to Kamar Jamil and Assad Hussain.

She would stay out all evening with the men, smoking and drinking, and they would give her little gifts — and eventually cannabis and cocaine.

“They made me feel like I was kind of important,” she said.

But by the time she was 13, the men had forced her into sex in guest houses and hotel rooms. The individual acts progressed to group rapes.

As the control moved into its next phase, the men began to threaten her if she refused to meet them. They would sit outside her home in a car or threaten to burn down the house with her family inside.

The assaults progressed to more horrific abuse. Men would come from Bradford, Leeds and Slough to rape her. She saw money change hands as she was forced to have sex with five men a night.

In one house she had seen other girls in a similar state, curled up, waiting for the sex to start again. Like them, she reached a stage where she took sufficient drugs to become so “wasted” she could allow them to rape her and avoid threats and violence.

She told the police of specific memories, including being forced to have sex up to 20 times with a man who came with Moet champagne and cocaine.

Once, Jamil and the Dogar brothers drove her to a country park. Another four men joined them and they threatened to cut off her head if she did not perform sexual acts on all of them.

She would go missing for a week a time — and would return covered in bruises and cigarette burns. She began to self-harm and frequently caught chlamydia.

Girl One was taken into care. She eventually made a complaint to the police against Akhtar Dogar and other men. Dogar was interviewed in September 2006 but denied raping her.

Just after her 16th birthday, the girl decided the abuse had to stop. She threw her phone away, stopped taking drugs and went back to school. She has since gained qualifications and has a new life and job.


Girl Four

Girl Four’s story reveals considerable detail about the extent of the child sex abuse ring that the Karrar brothers were involved in — abuse involving men in other locations who are not on trial.

She told the court she “made friends” with Mohammed Karrar when she had just turned 11. She was small for her age and it was clear she was still a relatively young child.

Karrar groomed her and said that he was going to get his money back for what he had paid for her. He would violently rape her and threaten her with weapons.

He also “branded” the girl to signify that she belonged to him.

Karrar made Girl Four pregnant when she was 12 years old. When she told him, he beat her up, then took her to a house in Reading, where a primitive abortion was carried out that prosecutors said could have killed her.

The Karrars controlled her so much they would come to her family home to rape her. Mohammed Karrar, the court heard, regarded her as his property and he would charge men £500 to have sex with her.

They would take her to homes in High Wycombe where she would be subjected to gang rapes — incidents that she described as “torture sex”. The men would tie her up and gag her mouth with a ball to stop her cries being heard.

The men would play out abuse fantasies; sometimes she was left bleeding for days afterwards.

In one of her few acts of defiance, she threatened Mohammed Karrar with his own lock knife as he was preparing to rape her. He knocked her out with a metal baseball bat.

The girl revealed details of the abuse to social workers and police. In 2008, another man, Amit Singh was jailed for 27 months after pleading guilty to sexual activity with a child.

Girl Five

The fifth victim was, at 16, the youngest to give evidence in the trial, speaking from behind a screen. She had been abused right up until the arrests in January 2012.

She had spent parts of her childhood in care and with foster parents. She first met the men who would abuse her when she was 12.

The court heard the girl was abused by defendants Assad Hussain, known as “Ash”, and Zeeshan Ahmed. Assad Hussain was linked to Girl Five through DNA evidence.


Girl Six

The last girl to give evidence was friends with Girl Five, through whom she met Zeeshan Ahmed and other older Asian men. They would hang around with them in a park and she was slowly drawn into their world of sexual control.

She said she visited Ahmed’s flat with Girl Five, got drunk and smoked cannabis, but refused to take cocaine.

She said that she witnessed Ahmed “sell” Girl Five to other men.

There would be other men in the flat and she rejected their advances and became concerned at the growing number of strangers hanging around the flat.

When she was 15, she said, she had had consensual sex with Ahmed when drunk.

Read more on the “Operation Bullfinch” trial at The Oxford Times and The Evening Standard.

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Update May 18 2013: The text of the BBC article referenced above has been altered since it was first published, so I have modified the quoted text accordingly.

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  1. These are despicable acts done by MUSLIM men. Please do not use the generic “Asian” which also includes Hindus.

    These muslim scum did far worse in India during their years. It is time to end the death-cult of Islam once and for all.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Oxford, city of dreaming spires and the Prince Charles’ backed Islamic Centre, just over Magdalen Bridge from the Cowley Road where these men were operating. I remember once coming across a book which I think was called “If only these stones could speak” about Oxford and written by an American lady in the 1950s. I remember how she wondered at the homogeneity of the place how all those she came across had roots in England going back hundreds of years in comparison to her own country. I wonder what she would think if she were to return today, especially to multicultural East Oxford just across Magdalen Bridge. Thank you New World Order and 60 years of prime ministers who have sold our ancient nation down the river.

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  4. What all indigenous British women who do not convert have to look forward to in the not so distant future. So sad the loss of an ancient culture. Islam is satan’s religion.

  5. The families of these girls should sue the police, social workers, Muslim leaders and other authorities for damages, pain & suffering.

  6. Btw, these muslim scum are also following their sick prophet. He too was fond of organizing “rape parties” of captured Kafir women. Don’t believe me? The Hadith says so. See this blog post.

    The first thought to remove from our mind is that Islam is a “religion.” No, it is not. It is more like a B Zombie movie where all the “infected” people start behaving all crazy, and cannot be cured. Except the way that such zombies are always cured: by bombing them to dust and letting them know we’ve had enough of this.

    I’ve had a hard day today, the thoughts of those poor british girls and what they had to go through on account of Mohammed’s rapist automatons made me sick. I’ve had enough. Isn’t it time for all of us to say in unison “we’ve had enough of Islam.”

    • At least we have a prophet, recognised by the whole world and not some [examples of ridiculed figures from a disparaged religion]!

      You know you can’t touch us, we showed you this at Kargil, you hindu [person whose intelligence I deem less than my own]!

  7. These guys deserve death penalty, but what about parents, police and social workers? This is a sign of such degradation no wonder muzzies come to prey on our children, culture and land.

    • The chief executive of Oxfordshire County Council has refused to resign even though her social workers chose to believe the stories of those of “Pakistani and North African Heritage” rather than the girls who were being fostered i.e. in the care of the County’s social services. They were no doubt terrified of being called racist. The girls could never use that weapon as the social workers were probably of the same race as they were. The anger of the detective involved and his upset were obvious yesterday at the way these men had behaved. The girls are never described as English nowadays, just white, the English are the white community in a land which until 60 years ago used to be theirs alone. I am not sure if we are even allowed to describe them as being of English heritage. The use of the word heritage which the do-gooders have substituted for origin these days is meant to suggest something positive they have brought to our country, their dazzling culture which eclipses our own. Ha, ha, well you have slipped up there. Yes, this is their heritage, their culture and we don’t want it here thanks.

  8. The Bullfinch Club, the Bullingdon Club and the indigenous infraclass …

    Britain’s ruling class think that they can manipulate and harness islam as a form of social control, believing they can maintain and reinforce their power in the delusion of an hierarchical abstract.

  9. BBC 5 live, phone-in, from 9 to 10 today, discusses the issue – check it out on the BBC for the establishment’s take on things. Relativism in action?

  10. BBC 5 live, phone-in, from 9 to 10 today, discusses the issue – check it out the replay on the BBC website for the establishment’s take on things. Relativism in action?

  11. Take a look at this ridiculous attempt at “spreading the blame” in today’s

    The first thing that these people do is say “Asian men” when they mean “Muslim men” (more likely, specifically pakistani muslim men, but at any rate, all are muslims). I find that seriously misleading. I am an “Asian man” too (I am Hindu). We don’t hear of such things being done by HIndus or Buddhists. Each time there is a sex grooming type scandal, it is invariably muslims doing it. So why use deliberately ambiguous words like Asian.

    And Yes, this has everything to do with Islam. Stop being naive about it. Islam encourages muslim men to violate non-muslim women. Whether they do it to Hindu girls in India, or Western girls in the UK, the underlying principle is the same: Islam’s treatment of Kafir women as legitimate objects of sexual exploitation for the “believers.”

    Mohammed the child rapist’s religion: what more can one say.

    • I’m with you all the way on the term “Asian”, Vinod. They are Muslims.
      But the word I was really looking for was “Father”. Or “Brother”. Or how about “Uncle”. I may have missed it, but I think that’s one of the key, missing terms from this article.

  12. Cruelty towards Kafir, including sexual cruelty towards Kafir women, is perhaps the central tenet of Islam. The Kuran repeatedly exhorts the “faithful” to hate Kafirs, to kill them, to loot them, and assures them that Kafir women are “legitimate spoils of war” guaranteed by Allah.

    This is taught in every moslem mosque, in many moslem homes, and on almost all Islamist websites. Little wonder then, that when they are numerically large enough to start their predatory ways, they stop all talk of “peace” and simply resort to street warfare upon Kafirs.

    Well, guess what. I am a Kafir, and I intend to fight this war. Bring it on you moslem filth. I’m fully prepared for your kind. You bastards, we Hindus can never forget what you did in India. For American readers: here is just one sample. These filthy killers used to punish Hindus who refused to convert by killing babies on the heads of their mothers (this is recorded in their own historians chronicles; I would not have believed it had I not verified that for myself).

    This death cult is the sickest thing that mankind has ever faced. Islam must die. There can be no peace between the civilized world and Islam.

  13. It is obvious that the law and the system that is supposed to protect our children failed beyond words, fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins since the law failed and it is very apparent that the law will no longer protect you and yours, it is time to deal with situations like these in your own way and [redacted].

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