The Man With the Wudu

The following video concerns the condition known as wudu, or Islamic ritual cleanliness in preparation for prayer. In the clip a “German” expert on Islamic law, presumably an imam, responds to a question about wudu as it applies to a man’s… ahem… junk.

Many thanks to Der Prophet des Islam for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Read Vlad’s take on this fascinating topic.


1:38   When a man has an erection, is his wudu’ lost or not?
1:40   Look,
1:42   there is of course the notion that one has lost wudu’ in case of any erection.
1:46   But this is not the argument…the argument is did one produce something?
1:57   Is there a secretion or not?
2:00   If so, yes, if there is a clear secretion, then wudu’ is lost.
2:07   Sorry, I have to find a better expression than ‘lost wudu”
2:13   Wudu’ is null and void, you understand?
2:15   No.
2:18   It means that with an erection per se because of schahua (lust) with oneself
2:22   wudu’ is not automatically annulled
2:27   However some scholars claim that. They say that with schahua …
2:31   mostly they say regarding this topic that if a man touches his penis,
2:39   some scholars then say that wudu’ is annulled; I will explain everything next time.
2:43   Some say wudu’ is annulled; others say wudu’ is still applicable.
2:47   Others say that if there is an erection one has touched (oneself); if there no erection, one has not,
2:56   if there is lust, so to speak. And the best notion is naturally,
2:59   if a transparent secretion occurs,
3:06   transparent secretion is a liquid which is slowly developing,
3:10   it is not sticky,
3:13   and it is clear.
3:16   If this occurs, then that mostly is a sign of arousal.
3:20   If the man is aroused,
3:23   if one experiences this, then wudu’ is annulled,
3:26   Then one has to do wudu’ again,
3:30   one has to clean one’s private parts including the testes,
3:33   even the underwear.
3:37   The spot has to be cleaned.
3:41   Therefore wudu’ is still applicable if you have a plain erection.

6 thoughts on “The Man With the Wudu

  1. In fairness to the gentleman, he didn’t use the ‘p’-word. He said ‘male member’.

  2. Should this guy change his line of work, he would make a terrific Viagra sales representative or what? lol

  3. In a normal society this person would be incarcerated in a lunatic asylum. That he purports to represent a religion would be hilarious if it wasn’t so disgusting.

  4. Wudu = Clean Skin

    Which term has been used to title a class A film of 2012: Cleanskin.

    Written and directed by Hadi Hajaig, cultural jujitsu is performed upon the infidel audience.

    Snippets: Villainous muslim from afar — while dining — is deliberatel portrayed at multiple levels to the audiences.
    1) Superficially the villainous muslim (VM) mocks the Southasian muslims born and bred in England — for eating with fork and knife. He, incontrast, eats with his hand, Arab style.
    2) Yet, he’s eating with his LEFT hand! Every muslim knows that’s utterly taboo. ONLY crimminals eat with their left hand. (because their right hand has been chopped off.) That is: VM is eating — ostentatiously — in a flamingly criminal manner. Arabs wipe their buns with their naked left hand — it and sand being all that’s available in the desert.

    So… The muslim audience is keyed in to the author’s deep intent: the VM is not a true muslim — heck, he’s a pig. ( And, pigs are not held in high regard, either.) Further, when the chips are down, VM doesn’t do anything, no wet-work for him — until it means gutting a mother and child.

    Now contrast:

    The native English and Irish are, repeatedly, in the plot, engaged in brutalities, murder and treason. Every ill of muslim ‘culture’ is laid at the feet of scheming British apparatchiks and their goons.

    But the ultimate cultural jujitsu comes at the end. Wudu/ Clean skin is morphed by the author into a British MI5 term of art for fanatics who previously never came to their notice.

    While all viewing muslims would know that every suicide-murderer attains Wudu/ Cleanskin immediately prior to blowing himself up. So the title is a paeon to fanatical jihad — all run in plain view of the infidels.

    This director should have his keys taken away. He’s inciting jihad — on the big screen.

    The duffuses in Whitehall can’t see black and white.

  5. I love the “This is not a joke” banner.

    Listening to this in German (although I do not know the language) is extremely disturbing. So many profound things have been written in German… and now this.

    By the way, this “scholar” seems to believe that you can clean your underwear without tossing it in a washing-machine.

    This tells you all you need to know about his credentials for lecturing people about personal hygiene.

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