#Sequester Snit

From Drudge, a link to a jaw-dropper of spite. Our president wants to make certain that everyone feels his pain, as he pouts in the Oval Office.

The Washington Times reports that due to the sequester the White House is now closed to public tours.

The White House announced Tuesday that it was canceling all public tours of the president’s home because of the sequester spending cuts.

“Due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration, we regret to inform you that White House Tours will be canceled effective Saturday, March 9, 2013 until further notice. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reschedule affected tours,” the White House said in an email.

In other words, any citizens who’d already booked their turn for a tour, or children planning field trips, can eat dirt and die. Such gracelessness in defeat — a defeat the man made for himself because he came up with a plan so draconian he never thought he’d be called on it. So now we’ll all pay once more for his fecklessness.

The notice comes as both the White House and Congress try to find cuts to their own budgets as part of $85 billion in cuts to the entire government.

As President Obama was returning from visiting wounded veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center, a reporter shouted a question about the decision to cancel the tours as Mr. Obama was walking from Marine One to the Oval Office.

He simply smiled and waved.

At the Capitol, staffers who use the building’s West Front entrance that looks out on the National Mall were told Tuesday that door would be closed as of next week in order to save money.

This would be amusing if it were not for the excesses of the First Family, with their numerous vacations supported by taxpayer monies for security, flights, etc.

Does anyone remember the chef flown in just to make pizza?

Or the President’s daughter’s expensive Spring Break in Mexico?

As Jim at Gateway Pundit put it, “like mother like daughter”. Indeed. Jim was referring to the nouveau riche-style indulgences by our First Lady, including her frequent vacations, taken repeatedly as the economy foundered and unemployment continued its climb…

Remember Spain? Or perhaps one could call it Our Pain in Spain. Certainly lots of folks howled, including beach-goers who were denied access on their vacations.

The Obamas are flagrantly Chicago politicians. Judicial Watch, a corruption watchdog site, has zeroed in on the over-the-top spending by our First Family. Here’s one page just on their vacations. It’s both depressing and embarrassing to read.

What do you want to bet that this sequester doesn’t slow down the golf games or weekends in Aspen?

As for us proles, the plan is to make people suffer for his mistake. The Washington Times tells the story again, this time linking to information that the sequester is to be made as painful as possible. Spite, thy name is B.H. Obama.

And as surely as the robins appear in Spring, the Black Democrat Caucus popped up with claims that the sequester will hurt poor blacks the most. Or, as the Times more accurately put it, they “pulled out the race card”.

Thus it becomes apparent that the Sequester Game will be accompanied by the other political games. Pastimes like “Race Card”, and “This is All Congress’ Fault” (even though the President dreamed the thing up himself), and “See What They Made Me Do”. Not to mention “Major Pouting” and “You’ll Be Sorry”.

For any of our readers not familiar with what the Sequester involves, here is a brief overview from the Heritage Foundation.

At the National Review, a realistic look at what it really means, and what the spin is going to be.

Baby seals die! Old People starve! Obama chokes on crow! — etc., ad nauseam.

Meanwhile, in Washington, on this cold and likely-to-be-snowy March evening while those people who don’t get paid if they don’t work their assigned hours are fretting over the icy roads and the prospect of lost wages, our Dauphin slumps in his Oval Office at the closed and shuttered White House, gnawing on Waygu steak served with gobs of self-pity, and slopping it on his very expensive (and unnecessary) Presidential rug.

Turns out he got that Oval Office rug wrong, too. Maybe that particular mistake, one of many, is simply emblematic of his whole reign?

9 thoughts on “#Sequester Snit

    • Bill, the hash tag in the title of this essay is a Twitter convention for following a theme. I like Twitter because it suits my limited energies.

      But today I read something disturbing, though I no longer have the source for it. Your “fool some of the people all the time” reminded me just now.

      What I read was that 41% of Democrats approved of the use of drones against Americans. I think their wishful “reasoning” is that no Dems would ever be harmed in that process.

      Sad beyond words…

      • Not only sad, but really quite frightening. It shows how dehumanized they have become. Living beings are simply objects to be used or discarded. They are quite willing to use a drone, but not to do the same thing with a rifle with a telescopic sight. If Obama or some of these other idiots literally had to pull the trigger it might change their outlook. It’s like the whole world has become one big video game to them.

  1. Don’t forget the barber flown in from Chicago every other week to cut Mr. Obama’s hair.
    The Federal Gov’t is out of control and the sad thing is that neither side of the isle really wants to reign it in. Watch Washington Journal from 7-10 am if you want to see both sides spin.

  2. To this day I can not understand why the majority of Americans didn’t see this clown for what he actually is: just another corrupt politician from Chicago.

    • ……….with deep roots in anti Christian anti British Muslim Kenya and all that should mean.

      • Part of “all that means” is the modern up-to-date versions of Communism and all those tiresomely trite “anti-colonialism” half-truths being used to trash reality. Of course, those who mention the C-word today are every bit as marginalized now as they were back in the of Joseph McCarthy. Which suits Mr. Putin just fine.

        It was literally a mortal shame that the man who stood up to the very real threat of Communism’s incursions into our bureaucracy ended up being hounded into an alcoholic haze. I’m not ecxcusing McC, he certainly had his own baggage to begin with. But the comparisons between American Communism then and Islam’s undermining of our foundational beliefs today is dispiritingly similar. And many of the same villains are still around – or have left their progeny in place to carry on.

        Back in 2011, occasioned by the 50th anniversary of Whittaker Chambers’ death, Dr. Andrew Bostom wrote a thorough and moving panegyric about Chambers’ life and experience as an apostate from Communism.

        The short version is here:


        That piece is adapted from Bostom’s orginal work, found on his own website:


        I was so moved by that essay I wanted to figure out how it could be adapted an a Kindle ‘booklet’. IIRC, it comes in at about 30 thousand words, while the short one is only 10% of that…nver did figure out how to kindlize Bostom’s piece, unfortunately.

        It remains a remarkable essay about a remarkable man in a remarkable period of American life. Works like that need to be preserved for future generations, in the hope they will know the truth Even today, a wider audience needs to know what really happened back then. Thanks to the cordon sanitaire so solidly established ’round the ivory towers of today, little truth or light gets in through the chinks in the mortar.

        Our children understand so very little of their history. It is a tragedy that Chambers in particular has been airbrushed out by the increasingly strident Stalinist-style Left…

        …David Mamet said that reading Chambers was influential to his own change in thinking – as Bostom points out in a preface to the shorter work.

        • If I remember correctly, you can email a document to your Kindle email address (which you can find in your Amazon account) and remember to put “convert” as the subject – I did this once with a pdf file & it worked out pretty well.

  3. One year, there was a press conference where Obama was supposed to give a speech. Obama showed up and then informed the press that he couldn’t keep the First Lady waiting and had to leave to go to a Christmas Party. Former President Bill Clinton then gave a very informative speech.

    As World Emperor, Obama doesn’t even have to give a speech at a planned press conference if he feels he shouldn’t waste his time when he can be enjoying himself at a party.

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