Kicked in the Head and Left for Dead

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A gang of immigrants, who appeared to be Arabs, were roaming the streets of Eindhoven in the Netherlands looking for people to beat up. They came upon a Dutch man and proceed to beat him viciously.

A video of the incident was leaked and uploaded to the internet, and a massive backlash ensued on the social media.

Now the police have ordered the video removed from all news sites, and all required that all the faces of the perpetrators be blurred. Two of the youths (who are from Belgium) are said to have given themselves up to the police.

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

WARNING: This footage is very brutal. If you are sensitive to images of violence, you may want to skip this video:


00:00   If you know one of these 8 youths, you must contact us now.
00:04   The following images can be very shocking.
00:08   From Stratumseind in the direction of Vestdijk, they are on the warpath,
00:12   or so it seems. Further down the road, two other youths who are on their way home
00:17   come into view. And then it happens. One of the pair is pushed over.
00:21   He tries to stand up again, but gets a number of heavy blows to the head.
00:25   It gets much worse. He is kicked, punched,
00:29   kicked as hard as possible. And then —
00:33   it’s almost unbelievable — the youth is kicked in the head
00:38   until he is unconscious. And then everyone runs away, leaving him for dead.
00:42   These criminals MUST be caught. Every scrap
00:46   of information is important; also about how they fled.
00:50   0800 6070. Anonymous 0800
00:54   7000.

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14 thoughts on “Kicked in the Head and Left for Dead

  1. The authorities want information, but they order faces blurred. Something is fishy here.

    Thank goodness for the limits of national jurisdiction, and the Internet… while we still have it.

  2. This is why I believe in not only the second amendment but also the right to carry without permits like in Arizona.

  3. Oh Amsterdam, oh Amsterdam, and all of Holland, we won’t be vacationing there ever again, UNTIL you rid the Netherlands of the vermin you invited in to ruin and infest your country. No names, but you know who they are.

    So how’s that Multi-culturism movement working out for you, Dutchmen? I’ll bet I know how the poor guy in this clip feels about your new arrivals. I’ll bet I know how your daughters feel about your “cultural enrichers,” after they’ve been gang raped. And the band plays on…

    And you let them stay??? Bent u ziek???!!!

    Patrick Henry

  4. Lest we become too self-righteous here in the USA, look who we’ve just re-elected. If he had his way, we would be like Europe. Let’s work to stop it from happening here.

  5. Obviously they were a hunting party, but really, it’s not that rough, they were all wearing trainers not steel-toecapped boots. The intent was evil, but the guy didn’t die did he? These retards could easily be identified by the authorities but my money says that somehow the investigation will go nowhere. Welcome
    to the New World. We Whites are going to be in trouble unless we start planning.

    • Rendering somebody unconscious by kicking them in the head CAN cause death. We don’t know whether this victim will suffer permanent brain damage. I would not take this lightly.

  6. Yes, that’s right – keep voting for the politicians who enact the policies that enable these third world savages to behave like this. Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas – or Thanksgiving.

  7. It will be somehow funny to see the authorities’ tottery efforts to conceal the problems once things like this become commonplace in Europe. ‘Cause sadly they will become commonplaces.

  8. The flip side of this is that “hunting packs” can become targets for organized resistance.  If people threw weighted fishing nets from roofs or opened fire with Super Soakers loaded with household ammonia, that group could have been in serious pain or captured for whatever the captors felt like doing next.

    It would be necessary to do this out of view of government security cameras, else the forces of multi-culti would come down full force on those trying to protect themselves.

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  10. Another white man’s life ruined and ordered to be forgotten……….for sake of “glorious” socialism/multiculturalism.

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  12. The Muslims really are a bunch of unmanly cowards. They carry on their depraved outrages on the lone individual. I imagine their comeuppance will be very punishing. It may just come down to a simple Europewide them or us choice.

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