Update on the Incident in Eindhoven

Last night I posted about a Dutch pedestrian who was brutally beaten up on the street in Eindhoven by gang of young men who appeared to be immigrants.

A Dutch reader just sent the following email:

The Dutch blog Geenstijl has posted the identity of the attackers. They refer to this photo.

Take a look at the labels identifying each of the young men. I’m not all that conversant with Dutch names, but they seem mainly ethnic Dutch to me. Or Flemish, perhaps, based on last night’s report.

Does this mean that the native youths of the Low Countries have become as violent and feral as their culturally enriched age-mates? Have they borrowed their brutal habits from the “New Dutch”, or did they think them up all on their own?

I don’t have any answers yet. It will be interesting to see how this one develops.

10 thoughts on “Update on the Incident in Eindhoven

  1. I don’t know, but I recognise this sort of thing from where I live. Random youths in California look white, but act thuggish and have a ghetto accent. Some are actually white, and are merely copying their tougher classmates. Others, indistinguishable from actual white proles, are mixed race and socialized as ghetto blacks, although it’s impossible to tell until you hear their accent. Notice that most of the kids in the photos have black hair. Surely a group of real Belgians would have some blonds? This would indicate that at least some of those kids are from mixed backgrounds and identify as “other.”

  2. Oh, never mind about Belgium, that’s from the previous story…okay, now the black hair is even more significant. Ethnic Dutch people are blond, and these people aren’t. Mixed race.

  3. One of the names is definitely muslim (Initials I.B.) But the others? What if the dutch police is doing things like in my native Germany, e.g. changing names? So if a culprits name is Hussein it is changed to Mark, because according to the guidelines of the german press no names may be published if it is not absolutely necessary and does not incite hatred.
    J.M. does look like a muslim to me definitely. And look at the difference between B.S. on the big picture compared to the small picture. In the small picture he looks like he is half asian.

  4. This is nothing new, The Netherlands has always had a problem with violence and a thug culture.

  5. Re: the photo:

    Ismail Bouzy is of course Muslim.

    As for the others, some look physiognomically possible candidates for Middle Eastern half-breeds (stupid white mothers who married and/or had kids with some Muslim immigrant) — e.g., Jordy Moeskops and Bob Sloots. The rest are to be reasonably inferred to be Islamoleftists.

    There’s also a distinctly gay vibe going on in that photo — which, as we should know by now, is not at all inimical in the schizophrenic psychology of Islamic puritanism.

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  7. It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine the local youths adopting the values of the cultural enrichers; and not just when it comes to how they talk, but also when it comes to how they act, as any German can tell you regarding how many of the young in their country don’t use articles or the verb ‘sein’ when they speak, so their German can sound more like the Turks’.

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