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Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends his account of the recent tragic demise of a soccer linesman in The Netherlands, who was kicked to death by the culturally enriched members of a local youth football team. Our correspondent provides background information and details that are not widely available in the English-language media.

Netherlands: Assault on soccer linesman

A serious religious problem in The Netherlands
by H. Numan

Last week an assistant football referee or linesman was assaulted after the match, and later died of his wounds. His name was Richard Nieuwenhuizen.

His assailants were three boys of 15 and 16 years. They didn’t like his performance on the field and attacked him. In front of his son, no less. Later a fourth boy was arrested.

The mainstream media were very careful not to mention ethnicity. With very good reason: at least two of the boys were Moroccan, one was Antillean. The ethnicity of the fourth boy is still unknown, as the media try to keep that as vague as possible. You may rest assured number four is either Moroccan or Antillean. If only because the media refuse to mention his ethnicity.

The team already had a notorious reputation. New Sloten* (the team) had been suspended in the past for assaulting referees. The father of one of the now-arrested youngsters, a Moroccan, is a trainer on that team. His son is merely following in his footsteps: daddy was arrested for assault during or after a match five years ago. He head-butted a referee. For this he was suspended for five years. Not only from his trainer job; he was not allowed to be present in the club. This is a pretty steep sentence, by multicultural standards.

The mainstream media and the government are in dire straits. Both of them try to see this as “an incident”. Has nothing to do with Moroccans, just something that happens during football. A very unfortunate incident, but no more than that.

Most people do not agree. As ethnicity was not revealed, just about everyone read between the lines that it was once again one of the many “incidents” that surround Moroccans.

The boys in question have already attained hero status amongst their peers. Several classmates have been suspended from school for twittering “Free our heroes”.

I’m sure everything will be kept under wraps, but the multicultural religion just received another major dent. Just about everything they believe in and stand for is under serious question.

All those boys, juveniles of 15 and 16 years, had a criminal record. All have been treated with kid gloves: they didn’t just play (if you can call that play) football, but received free of charge a training in kickboxing. To release their energy, no doubt. But many see this almost as professional training, so they know exactly where to kick to inflict grievous injury.

The kickboxing training is free of charge. To the boys, that is. The community (taxpayer) pays for it all. A multicultural project for ‘community cohesion’ and to set crooked boys straight. This kind of project is the multicultural answer, so they can pretend they do something. Most people find it strange, to say the least, to provide free of charge combat training to juveniles who don’t need that kind of training to begin with.

It’s akin to giving Al Capone a course in tax law, so he can better manage his business.

Their trainer can be proud: they kicked him in his face when he was down on the ground. He staggered away to die two hours later of a brain injury. Not surprising, if you got kicked in the head with football shoes.

As you can expected, Mr. Wilders did have something to say about it, and nothing complimentary. The PVV reaction is somewhat restrained, most likely because the media do everything possible to keep this “incident” down. Apart from that, they don’t like Mr. Wilders, so anything he has to say is not worth reporting about anyway. Unless it is negative.

Once again, most people start asking questions. Why hide the ethnicity? Why always flaunt ethnicity as loud as possible when it involves a Dutchman, but otherwise never?

A week earlier an old murder case (Marianne Vaatstra) was solved. It wasn’t committed by an illegal immigrant, as many expected, but by a local farmer in her own community. This was posted with major headlines in every newspaper. Almost as a sign of relief: “We are so happy it wasn’t an illegal immigrant, but thank God a white Dutchman!”

Now all these boys currently under arrest are of ethnic minorities. All of them were born in The Netherlands. All of them despise the country, or at least look down upon it. All of them feel vastly superior (based on what?) to the Dutch. And all of them are on the bottom rung of society. With little possibility to climb to a higher rung. Even if they wanted it.

It is almost certain they will be judged under juvenile law. Which means that the 15-year-old faces a maximum of one year and the 16-year-olds no more than two years in jail. Very likely a lot less than that. Judges are notoriously lenient in cases like this.

In another trial two Moroccans were prosecuted for killing a man while fleeing the police on a scooter. Their sentence? Nothing. Because the two accused each other, the court could not establish who was the main perpetrator. And the court decided that they had spend already longer in arrest than they could legally sentence them to.

In this case, you may be certain the defense will try that trick, too. It is uncertain who started the argument, so it might work again.

To conclude this article: the well-known reporter Peter R de Vries twittered a stupid message: he blamed the linesman for it. Which didn’t sit very well with his audience. Later he withdrew his remarks, and said he was “misunderstood”.

* A Note on Nieuw Sloten

Nieuw Sloten (New Sloten sloot = ditch, but this is just a name) is located in … the Bijlmermeer. This area of Amsterdam has a VERY bad reputation. So bad that even the Amsterdam municipality found it necessary to change the name of that area into Sloten.

In effect it is a black ghetto. It’s definitely not the worst (in terms of housing, it’s pretty new and more than decent) area to live in. Not a slum at al. When it was constructed, it was going to be the latest of the latest. As a mock-up it looked stunning. But in real life, very different. Everything is high-rise, people have the feeling they are literally bricked in.

That resulted in no volunteers going to live there. So the municipality assigned those houses to other groups. The population is predominantly from Suriname, the Dutch Antilles and Muslim. There are some white folks to be found there. When uniformed, you address them as ‘officer’ 😉 When uniformed in a sweater and sandals, you call them ‘welfare worker’. You won’t find a lot of either. Both the police and welfare workers know better than to go there.

The Bijlmer was in the world news when a Boeing 747 crashed on it, about 15 years ago. A cynical Dutch joke is to ask if it might be possible to persuade El Al to do more regular flights there.

The outrage is not because this is the most recent of so many “incidents” involving Moroccans. That is nothing new, regretfully. Not because it is football related-either. Same thing, nothing new there as well. Far more because it involves merciless manslaughter done by juveniles during a junior sporting event.

No major league game, just a sporting match between two teams of youngsters.

25 thoughts on “Palestinian Rules Football

  1. Fifty strokes of the birch rod, fifteen years inside, and a hundred strokes of the birch rod on the morning of their release. Something for them to look forward to while they’re in there.

  2. Until muslims are more afraid of us than they are of their bloody religious leaders then nothing will change. The imams, mullahs and ayatollahs are the main problem and to get rid of them from Europe would be a step in the right direction.
    I would like to extend, through this blog, my deep sympathies for the family of the poor man who was murdered by these muslims.

  3. Unsatisfied with thier homogeneous middle class European world they had white European guilt and needed to do penance for that, so they all imported their own dangerous uncivilized underclass with a culturally inbeded desire to inflict suffering.

  4. It’s a disgusting tale. I am also shocked, but not surprised, that they will receive a short sentence and be released very soon.

    In the UK Muslims are beginning to
    compete with their criminal brethren, black Caribbeans, and year on year their numbers rise in prisons. I think this important story lasted less than one day on the front page of the BBC.

    When a black boy was stabbed by white boys in 1993 it made front page news for years and is still often mentioned in the press (and not because it is so incredibly rare that a white on black murder happens, which it is).

    There’s trouble ahead, and no mistake.

  5. I am so sorry for this poor man who was murdered by muslims. I’m afraid to say that until muslims are fearful of us they will continue with their hateful actions. It’s bad enough that we have to think them in our midst but to have to see that they kill us as they do, is beyond toleration. muslims are not welcome in England and I’d like to see them expelled from Europe as a whole.

  6. Islam is the problem here. And why were these kids trained in kick
    boxing when they were all in a football team, sounds like the trainer needs investigating also.These incidents will
    increase in volume and intensity, until it is crystal clear that these attacks are racist against the Dutch. Then the Dutch will be brought face to face with their own
    inadequacies. The vast majority will choose flight or continued denial.Sad MFs.

  7. Somewhere on this site I recently read a comment by somebody who opined that he dreaded multicultural football matches because they were always more violent and fraught with friction than the old uniracial ones.

    Here in Britain we have just had another incident of a black player complaining of racism, this time on the part of a spectator who, he claims, made a racist gesture at him. Amongst the comments was one that perhaps we should have a separate black football league just as we have the society of black lawyers and the black police officers’ association.

    Few of our overseas posters probably know that Asians here have chosen to have their own cricket league, so perhaps this is the way forward.

    But hang on, that is apartheid, isn’t it, racialism, racial separation and if we start with separate leagues then where would it end, separate countries, separate continents; that would never do, something like that has never existed in human history, has it? Hasn’t mankind always been multicultural according to the Marxists. After all according to the opening ceremony of the London Olympics there were black peasants all over the English countryside in the 18th century and black mill owners in England in the 19th.

  8. Just a brief note to the following paragraphs:

    “Most people do not agree. As ethnicity was not revealed, just about everyone read between the lines that it was once again one of the many “incidents” that surround Moroccans”

    “Once again, most people start asking questions. Why hide the ethnicity? Why always flout ethnicity as loud as possible when it involves a Dutchman, but otherwise never?”

    People do not agree, people ask questions… so why is that people do nothing? Why is that people do not express their discontent in, let’s say, widespread demonstrations or popular initiatives in order to put an end to this politics/media-induced repression? They see it, they question it… but seemingly they do nothing about it.

  9. To make you even more angry here’s Pravda, sorry, The BBC on why it happened:

    “It’s partly the culture, we Dutch people don’t like being told what to do and can’t accept when we are wrong, but maybe now this will make us think about the rules and how we can protect people.”

    They weren’t Dutch of course. Disgusting.

  10. I think two things:

    1) Considering what you say is the likely sentence of the murderers no football team should agree to play against them and no adult referee should agree to work the games. If the governing soccer board objects to this then say “we will leave this union and form a new one but, we are not putting ourselves or our children in danger.”
    This seems like the only option and, I happen to think, it is a good one. If the authorities cannot control violence then the community must by shunning these people and refusing to interact with them.

    2) This is not the first time I have heard the term “volunteers” used in the context of getting indigenous people to move into residential areas like you describe. I find it very strange and sick.

  11. Read this page in Chrome (for a translation). You’ll see that the Muslims of Holland are campaigning for the release of one of the boys, as it is ‘racist’ to arrest him!

    Still, at least it isn’t Islamophobic.

  12. A friend sent me a link from the Daily Mail about this case – which excluded, of course, any clues as to the background of the culprits… His question: “Wonder what the teenage players look like?”

    Well, didn’t have to wait long to find that out, did we?

    But perhaps even more insane than this aspect: the free kickboxing lessons. Here was I thinking that people needed to be “sane” or “mentally-balanced” in order to be suitable to do martial arts. Well, not if they’re culture-enrichers with criminal records, it seems… and the taxpayer will pay for them to learn their kickboxing, which could be used on future tax-paying victims. Has the world really turned fully upside-down?!

  13. The response to this is not more hand wringing but the formation of citizens defence groups dedicated to protecting the indigenous populations, and not afraid to mix it with ‘The Police’ who will, of course, describe them as ‘terrorists’. If we have to become ‘terrorists’ in order to protect ourselves from those police protected minorities who make a point of terrorising us so be it.

  14. Holland, you should invite Curtis Sliwa to visit and show you how to deal with your enrichers.

  15. According to a blog comment by Wilders, politics and media “are in a total state of denial. It is not exclusively a football problem, but a problem with Moroccans, manifesting itself on the streets, in malls and on the football fields. Why doesn’t anybody dare to be honest about this?”

  16. Violence in Scandinavian football on the lower levels is the order of the day. But…we must not talk about it! – The soccer jihad.

    We all know who performs this barbarian violence which is un-European, and uncivilized. Just the same violence as we saw causing the tragic murder on the Dutch linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen.

    At this very moment the hijacked Nobel Peace Prize is celebrating goodbye to democracy in the EU. Welcoming more totalitarianism.

  17. Listening to BBC radio ‘5live’ on the morning after this murder took place… The BBC mouthpiece asked a Dutch official (or maybe journalist – not 100% sure) about the killers, the Dutchman mumbled something about him being a Moroccan, and in the process revealed his discomfiture at being asked to provide such information. Predictably the BBC said nothing about this significant fact, and for the rest of the day ‘5live’ news bulletins continued to mention that a ‘linesman had been killed by a teenage footballer in Holland’ but in such a way that one would assume, had one been unaware of the facts, that the killer was Dutch.

    Like Western politicians, the Western media must be brought to book for the crimes it has committed against its own people.

  18. My sincere thoughts to the grieving family and friends of Richard Nieuwenhuizen.

    And, I would like to add, to the family and friends of those who are going to suffer the future rapes, assaults and deaths that will be caused in the future, by the same imported non-civilized bastards. The third jihad is not over yet, so many more will suffer in the formerly civilized Europe.

    We must however, not give up hope.

  19. “You’ll see that the Muslims of Holland are campaigning for the release of one of the boys, as it is ‘racist’ to arrest him!”

    – Sure. Being muslim makes them “innocent”, and “innocent” barbarians cannot and must not be punished.

  20. About one of the four culprits:

    “The entire neighborhood doesn’t understand, Yassin was such a quiet adolescent from a socially engaged family. He was never a troublemaker, never hanging out on the streets. His father loves football, too, and was a coach. Yassin is not asocial either, and does well in school. He is a sweet boy, just like his brothers.”

    Resumed based on a Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant, aka the Vinegar Tribune.

  21. My heartfelt condolences to his
    wife, son, the rest of the family and friends in this their hour of inconsolable grief. May the soul of
    Richard Nieuwenhuizen rest in eternal peace. May the heartless
    and cowardly murderers burn if not on this earth then in the endless inferno of hell.

  22. Would there be any chances of success, were the relatives of the linesman to launch a civil lawsuit against the authorities who had sent the murderers on kickboxing lessons, despite earlier being troublemakers? If they have money to burn on such “youths”, then surely they will have some to spare for their victims?

    Any legal experts here have an opinion on this?

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