You May Say the Shahada, Pay the Jizya, or be Killed

A group of terrorists captured by the Syrian army talk about their role in the jihad against the Assad regime.

From the notes accompanying the YouTube video:

This Sky News interview with seven Islamist Jihadists, some Syrian and some from other countries (Turkey, Iraq, Palestine) who were caught by the Syrian government in Syria, reveals quite a bit about the way these radicalized people think. Their hardline Wahhabi / Salafi ideology encourages them to kill infidels if they do not agree to convert to their version of Islam or pay the jizya tax. They also reveal that the group Jabhat al-Nusra to which most of them belong is a Syrian group that is al-Qaeda affiliated and that decided to change its name in an effort to rebrand itself after al-Qaeda’s name had negative connotations in the world, including Syria.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “You May Say the Shahada, Pay the Jizya, or be Killed

  1. I am very concerned of all those jihadists and most of them are a threat to civilisation despite their madness.

    but after listening to this video I could not help but thinking of this as been made up from the syrian regime.

    to show the west, who they could expect if the barbaric assad regime would fall.

    a government-hoax, imho

  2. What a prime example of dhimmitude that kafir was.
    These men have been recently captured fighting for among other things, the enslavement of the kafir and haven’t wavered in their beliefs, yet this imbecile laughs and shakes hands with the fiends?????

    This is exactly what I would expect from the rebels.
    If indeed this is made up by the Syrian regime, it’s pretty accurate in any case.

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