The Bee and the Lamb, Part 9 (I)

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The essay below is the first part of the ninth in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments.

Left: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette, 1876
Right: George Grosz, Metropolis, 1916/17

The Bee and the Lamb
Part 9 (I)

By Takuan Seiyo

A Whole New Road to Serfdom

An intelligent Progressive reading the preceding chapter will have by now exploded in rage over the author’s insensitivity and indifference to Black Suffering, his obtuseness as to why Affirmative Action is just a partial repaying of debt that can never be repaid, and why an African-American president is a redeemer washing off just a small part of America’s unwashable sins. He will bristle as well at any serious criticism of supranational ruling mechanisms such as the EU and UN, self-colonization by darker and more primitive people, preferential treatment for women and “minorities,” and proscription of “hate speech.”

Moreover, the litany of America’s sins and the far longer rap sheet for Europe that a Progressive would adduce in support of his positions, including his anti-clericalism and socialism, would be mostly valid. Nonetheless, the conclusions that Progressivism, which is to say the entire current Western weltanschauung, are still false and insane.

In previous chapters we visited just a few of the superstitions, blunders, injustices and horrors that Christianity has inflicted on itself and on the peoples within its European domains. We could extend such self-introspection to a list of white peoples’ other iniquities and moral outrages embedded in the annals of their feudalism, colonialism, imperialism, chauvinism, bigotry, exploitive capitalism, obsessive materialism, mistreatment of women, and so on.

It’s from this that all Leftism arose, and the Western intelligentsia’s enthusiasm for Stalin’s USSR and later, Mao and Che, and suicide by Immigration and Islamization, and the rampant xenophilia, and all the centrifugal identity movements, anti-clericalism and atheism and Jews’ fear of Christianity or feminists’ war on fetuses. Yet all of White Man’s evils are more than offset by his greatness. Christianity — quick — bottom line balance: black ink or red? One who hesitates cannot possibly be in full possession either of his data or his mind.

Moreover, the evils of the West are either far exceeded by the evils of other races (and their religions, e.g. Islam) or, if not exceeded (e.g. imperialism), it’s only because the non-white peoples plagues by the same human evils lacked Western technology, science and organizational ability.

The question posed at the end of the preceding chapter was why the White erstwhile owners of the West accept meekly their gradual dispossession, displacement, victimization, the planned destruction of assets both real and social, ethnocide and even trickling genocide. Not only accept but, in great numbers, participate enthusiastically [1] in this massive aktion — and I use the German spelling of “action” to link to its usage in such as Aktion Reinhard, the official name of the meticulously planned German genocide of Polish Jewry, or the equally thought-out lopping of the top layer of Polish society in the AB-Aktion.

There are four answers. The first is layered under this entire work, from its opening chapter. It’s the mutation of Christianity into an eschatological School for Lambs, entirely appropriate for Judeans in the years preceding their apocalypse in 70 AD but grossly inadequate as the only still recognizable major motor of Western civilization that replaced almost entirely its three indigenous, pagan sources of vitality: the Greek, the Roman, and the Nature-centered Northern European. This will occupy us again in the last chapter.

The second answer lies in the guilt-shame-penance complex embedded in Christian morality but grossly inflated and manipulated by the Left to the proportions of a humongous Trojan Horse remotely controlled by chips implanted long ago by the Comintern; this will be our subject here.

The third answer is what cinematography calls a pull-back, revealing that #2 is just one of at least 40 diverse attack columns crushing the West, its peoples and its civilization in a giant six-directional envelopment maneuver, i.e. not just from the Left. We shall agree to call it 5th Generation War. It is the largest and most consequential war in history, and the assault is led by strategists so clever that, as it’s being mowed down, the losing side carouses in oblivion or cheers for its destroyers. This will be the theme of the next chapter.

Number 4 is one of the tactical dogmas of 5 th generation warfare: it’s the slow boiling of the frog. How well that works was inscribed on the faces of Mitt Romney and his porcine strategist-for-the-castrati Karl Rove, twisted in uncomprehending incredulity at what happened on Nov. 6, 2012. Poor dears — they, their party, their policies, their entire world had been slow-boiled in a Marxist-Nihilist-Black Racialist-Anticolonialist pot over a Progressive flame diffuser only since 1964. The Alinsky seminar leader and his Chicago boyz had merely turned up the heat three notches instead of the usual one: now it really cooks.

This slow-boiling for decades explains as well why the average white American Joe has had so little awareness of just what has been done to him and his kin. After all, he’s just been enjoying himself in a nice warm pond, with his Visa-charged motorboat complete with Bud on ice, 20 sports channels on satellite TV, sexual thrills on his iPad not available even to Caligula, and a no-money-down vacation condo waiting on shore. It’s been so much fun, Joe has been ignoring the increasing incidence of bubbles in the water and blisters on his skin.

Boiling frog/Communist Obama

Photo © James Lee

The discussion here relates mainly to the United States, but that is only to restrain the girth of this work to readable limits. The syndromes are universal throughout the West. This text could be reprinted as a generic, with blanks where any specific American references appear. By merely adjusting the quoted evidentiary details, this could be turned into a text addressing the madness, treason and ruination of England or France, the Low Countries or Scandinavia, Germany or Australia, or the whole European race worldwide.

That Which is Not Seen

Before there was Hans Hoppe, the libertarian thinker we discussed earlier, and Hoppe’s beacon, Murray Rothbard, and Rothbard’s beacon, Ludwig von Mises, there was Claude Frédéric Bastiat (1801 —1850). A philosopher of freedom, economist and member of the French National Assembly, Bastiat has been ignored in his super-statist country, but has had many admirers in the formerly united States.

Bastiat’s most famous work is The Law. It presages the reasoning of all who would follow with respect to the quintessential illegitimacy of interventionist-redistributionist government. But it’s another famous essay of his that concern us in this chapter: “Ce qu’on voit et ce qu’on ne voit pas” (“What is Seen and What is Unseen”)

In it, Bastiat discusses the concept of the visible effects of an economic action, which are immediate, and the invisible ones that manifest later. This is the bane of socialism and its unintended consequences. It’s also the doomed path of the Socialist-Progressive Western peoples who have repeatedly chosen to continue their hospitality to inflowing Thirdworlders, to tolerate the intolerable (e.g. jihad and sharia, Black social dysfunction), and to expand the government’s public trough though it spells the ultimate implosion of their society.

But “that which is not seen” works its black magic in the realm of history and culture as well. And Bastiat’s cure, foresight, would have worked for us in all the non-economic realms as well, had 5 th Generation War not relied on the brilliant tactical plan of dropping five paratroop brigades to the Western people’s rear, to mine and blow up their history, culture, social capital, morals and probity itself, while the main armor and infantry columns attack from the front, right, left, and from below too.

The Bible being the great, inspired chronicle of all that matters eternally in human affairs, there is no better way to express the guilt-shame-penance syndrome than in the words of Matthew 7:3: “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

Except, living now in a Yin-saturated epoch and not the Roman Yang of Matthew’s time and place, we need to reverse the polarities in this verse: “Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thine own eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thy brother’s eye?”

The custodians of Western culture, the intellectuals, have come to be ravaged by a severe case of cognitive double exotropia: an ocular dysfunction in which the eyes are deviated outward and see different images. The one cognitive eye is damaged by the pathology of presentism, and the other by that of relativism. In this manner, the Progressive Left and its uncountable legions of dupes judge whitey’s distant past according to the norms of today, but they don’t judge the distant past of the “peoples of color” (including Muslims) by the norms of today. Worse yet, they don’t judge even contemporary non-whites by these contemporary norms. Hence the relativism.


The same exotropic syndrome exists with respect to all of the Left’s favored causes. Because the Left controls all the levers of education and story-telling (news, publishing and entertainment) in the West, the disease has spread to envelop the very core of Western soul and culture: the spirit of the times. It’s instructive to visit a few of its manifestations.

Yin-Yang pointThe devil we don’t know over the tyrant we do


In 1979, the West actively aided in the replacement of Iran’s Shah Reza Pahlavi by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Among the West’s other spectacular blunders in the same category, just in the last two years it catalyzed the replacement of bad guys who were manageable allies: Khadafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt, by Muhammad proxies who are lethal enemies. It’s doing its best for an encore in Syria and elsewhere. But Iran set the template.

The anti-Shah noise had preceded his ouster by years, fomented by leftist radicals and slowly permeating mainstream opinion. The ultimate outcome of the toxic osmosis was in the multiple betrayals of Pahlavi by U.S. President Jimmy Carter, paired in a lethal double tap by France’s presentation of a mad, murderous mullah that it had been growing in a nice Gallic hothouse. Same hothouse where have grown such exotic flowers of humanity as Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Baby Doc Duvalier, Jean-Bedel Bokassa and others.

Yes, the Shah was a tyrant whose secret police, Savak, was vile. Except the West’s abandonment of the Pahlavis opened the door for even worse tyrants, the ayatollahs, whose secret and not-so-secret police has been viler than Savak. Within weeks of the Shah’s flight and the Religion of Peace taking over, good people along with some bad ones were being hanged from construction cranes. Others were being beaten to death in crummy basements, or just whipped to blueness in public for the sin of wearing a tie or lipstick.

Not only that — the Shah was our bastard; a great friend of the West and quite mild in his tyranny as heads of state in Dar-al-Islam go. The ayatollahs on the other hand are the worst enemies the West has faced since Stalin’s old guard in the 1950s. Moreover, the majority of Iranians would probably crawl on their knees from Tehran to Tabriz, if that could reverse their 1970s stupidity of preferring Khomeini & Co. to the Pahlavis. So will Americans crawl by 2030, in supplicating penance for their choice of Obama in 2008/2012.

The ouster of Ian Smith and the conversion of Rhodesia to Zimbabwe followed a similar pattern, with woeful consequences for the people of that once-lucky land. There are many other examples, e.g. Kosovo. Where is the apology from the West’s responsible politicians, newspaper editors, cultural icons etc. who volitionally aided these disasters that would otherwise not have happened? There is none, because the West’s captains can no longer see anything, due to their eye disease. And the people, whose remembrance of the past and its store of wisdom were detonated by the aforementioned rear assault by Gramscian paratroopers, just trudge along without map or compass, ignorant of how much better things could have turned out.

Yin-Yang pointGuilt colonics for colonialists

Here is a more complete example of the ocular degeneration: the West’s imperialist adventure in China versus China’s imperialist adventure in Asia. The former is forever contrite and accepts meekly China’s periodic reminders of its misdeeds. But it’s mute about China’s own imperialism.

As to the first part: the 1st and 2nd Opium Wars and the treaties that followed extracted huge tribute plus Hong Kong from China and forced it to grant treaty ports and concessions to Western powers, notably Shanghai. All this, plus Russian and Japanese areas of occupation, amounted to a gang rape of a faraway country and is no credit to the West. But now consider the Chinese.

This was a country so barbaric that by the onset of the 20th century, executions by a “thousand cuts,” and slavery preceded by castration, were still among the punishments for major crimes, not to speak of foot-binding etc. If it weren’t for the spread of Western values from Hong Kong and Shanghai — including a British-forced end to China’s chattel slavery — China may have remained a more sophisticated version of Sudan to this day.

China knows it too, though it wouldn’t be strategic to acknowledge it. Among others, by current estimates about 90 million Chinese study classical piano and violin. No takers for performance of Sudanese concertos or classical American Rap.

As to colonialism, even omitting the rich record of the more distant past, China grabbed Taiwan already in 1683 and colonized it with Chinese Han, squashing the Taiwanese aborigines, who are not Chinese. For an example of cruel imperialism, persisting to this day, one might look into the history of China’s occupation of Tibet. It started in earnest in the first decade of the 20th century under a Qing dynasty official with the endearing moniker Zhao the Butcher. Earlier, China annexed the Central-Asian Zunghar Khanate in the 1750s, after a genocide of its population.

In the modern era, Mao Zedong murdered over 70 million of his countrymen between 1950 and 1976; 38 million by starvation alone. This and other details of his rule make him fit to contend for the title of worst human monster in history. But ask a Western non-Affirmative Action university graduate about the evils of Western colonialism in 19th century China, and he may know something. Ask him about the evils of China and Chinese colonialism, and he will know nothing. Ask him about Mao’s democide and, if he has a non-science degree from any major Western university, he will answer with some solipsism borrowed from a Mao footstool French philosophe — the kind who, like Jean-Paul Sartre, Philippe Sollers and Jean-Luc Godard, became big public Maoists after shilling for Stalin had become uncool.

The beam in China’s eye is unseen; but the long-gone beam of Western imperialism in China is magnified into yet another hateful coffin nail in Western intelligentsia’s outlook on its own civilization. Now multiply this times all other races and cultures that European-origin people have interacted with over the ages, and you get a picture of a unique yáng guǐzi (Mandarin for “Western devil”). Moreover, there is the matter of simulation projecting what, based on what we know of China in the 19th century, a Chinese occupation of Europe or America would have looked like, had the power equation been the inverse of what it was. Think Tibet, and develop from that.

Yin-Yang pointA short trip back in an ugly lane

Like the reverse simulation scenario of China invading Europe or America, one may project, based on what we know about African society and mores in the 17th -19th centuries, what the kidnapping and enslavement of Whites by Africans would have looked like in comparison to Africans’ slavery in white America. But wait! We don’t have to play this simulation game because it actually happened — by the millions. Yet America keeps scratching its own eyes out over that beam of its African slavery, with nary a thought of its own founding peoples’ enslavement by Africans and Muslims of various stripes.

It is by now common knowledge — though not taught in schools lest it impair the teachers’ White Privilege agenda — that more black slaves (est. 13-14 million) were exported to Muslim lands than were exported to the Americas (est. 12 million), with Africans doing the actual work of enslaving. Only about 500,000+ of that trade was brought to what is now the United States. And this is who was doing the enslaving:

Warua slave-driver and slave
“Warua slave-driver and slave,” illustration in Across Africa, Varney Lovett Cameron, Harper & Bros, New York, 1877, p. 309

Slaver's revenge
David Livingstone, The Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, from 1865 to his death, Horace Waller, London, 1874, p. 62

The Waller illustration, “Slavers Revenging their Losses”, shows a coffle of African men, women, and children, led by Arab slavers. A guard clothed in typical Arabian Peninsula costume is cleaving a slave with an ax, in punishment for her lagging on the march. The type of forked-log slave restraint in this picture was ubiquitous in Africa, though tying a captive’s arms to a heavy crossbeam was a common restraint method too — for humans who had to trudge like this for many, sometimes hundreds, of miles.

Sir Richard Burton while a guest of the King of Dahomey in 1863 was treated to a spectacle of an annual mass execution of caught runaway slaves and prisoners of war in which rather drastic operations were performed on the living victims, strung on their slaves’ crossbeams. A fuller account of the unimaginable savagery, human sacrifices, cannibalism and slavery in late 19-th century Dahomey may be found in Burton biographical sources such as Thomas Wright’s The Life of Sir Richard Burton (1906) and William Harrisons’ Burton and Speke (1982), based on primary sources. Similar horrors of the Black- and Arab-on-Black African slave trade are depicted in the books of other English, French and German late-19th century explorers.

1863, when Burton was being shown the finer points of slavery in Africa, was the year of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Chickamauga and Chattanooga, among others. Just in the main battles between May and November 1863, 172,000 Americans gave up their lives in the war over slavery. And that was slavery the relative benignity of which Africa could have only wished for. Why, then, White America’s perpetual self-flagellation, self-dispossession and, ultimately, self-termination?

The cover of the October 2012 issue of Smithsonian, one of America’s premier magazines for high-status Progressives, was adorned with a digitized portrait of Thomas Jefferson with a red glint in his right eye, under the title, “Unmasking Thomas Jefferson.” Now Jefferson hardly needs unmasking, in 13 costly magazine pages. For forty years now, a stream of books and articles, documentary and fiction films has informed one and all that Jefferson was a racist, hypocritical slave owner and the father of the children of his black slave Sally Hemming; a vain, covetous man, living a princely life on the bent backs of his slaves.

Several Thomas Jefferson high schools have changed their names, and the website of Unitarian Universalism — something that calls itself religion but is more a fattening feedlot for future white mutton — proclaimed last year proudly, “The Thomas Jefferson District of the Unitarian Universalist Association is a thing of the past”.

Unitarian Universalist World

The Smithsonian article discloses some interesting details about the workings of the Jefferson household. But what is the purpose of stating that Jefferson’s repeat runaway slaves were sold “downriver” (to stricter masters), without telling the reader that 80 years later, still, runaway slaves in Africa, when caught, had their kidneys carved out to the jolly hoots of African potentates? What is the purpose of depicting the squalor of black slaves’ huts and lives in America without telling that it did not exceed the squalor of white serfs’ huts and lives in Europe of the same period, and was better than the African equivalent? [2] And why paint this half-truth portrait of one of history’s greatest men — a white, patriarchal, vain, racist male, yes, though nothing like the black, patriarchal, vain, racist males of his and later times — in the October 2012 issue? Maybe to remind White Mutton that a righteous white-privileged person pulls the lever for Obama, come November.

But all that is just one part of the story. For Whites were enslaved too, by the millions. They were captured in North Africans’ slaving raids, genocidal razzias and Barbary and Turkish pirate assaults on maritime traffic in the Mediterranean. The slaves, including a founding giant of Western literature, Miguel Cervantes, were sold in the slave markets of Algiers and Tangiers.

Robert G. Davis in his book Holy War and Human Bondage estimates that a total of 2 million white slaves were taken to Muslim lands. That alone suffices compared to White Americans’ perpetual penance over a half million Blacks sold into slavery in their country. But the estimate is assuredly vastly too low and not bold enough, for the pervasive ignorance of Eastern European history.

Slaving raids by Turks and Tatars (who used a lasso to capture people and horses alike) were so institutionalized that there was a special word for the process of kuffar enslavement: yasyr [from Arabic for “prisoner,”assir]. The word is still in the standard Russian, Ukrainian and Polish vocabularies.

In one instance alone, the Tatar-Turkish raid on the Polish province of Podolia in 1575, 50,000 Poles were taken into yasyr, in addition to the tens of thousands who were mass-murdered in most cruel fashion. The raid was so horrific, with such clear intent of genocidal jihad, that Poland’s greatest Renaissance poet, Jan Kochanowski, wrote a long poem about it.

In 1672, Jan Sobieski, then a mere general with few troops under his command and his nation disintegrating under an assault by armies of 200,000 Turks, Tatars and Cossacks, led his 3,000 horse soldiers on a nine-day hound-and-pursue raid of six Tatar columns carrying off Polish captives to the slave markets in Istanbul and elsewhere — to a fate worse than death. The Tatar units were dispersed over hundreds of kilometers and each was larger than Sobieski’s force. Yet the future Savior of the West scored improbable victories in all these encounters and freed about 45,000 Christian slaves.

Since waves of massive Turk and Tatar assaults had been crashing into Poland by then for 51 years, one can only surmise how many slaves were taken and not liberated. Even Jan’s brother, Marek Sobieski, died in Tatar captivity. And that’s in one country of several that are hardly reckoned with in the annals of White slavery.

Yin-Yang pointSlavery forever, if the right kind

The 200+ years of Black slavery and later racial discrimination are the permanent psychic wound that leads American Whites to such major self-flogging as electing incompetent, corrupt black politicians, stuffing the bureaucracy with incompetent Blacks who would not have survived the crucible of free-market employment [3], accepting reverse racial discrimination, assenting meekly to a pillage of the Whites’ rightful earnings, savings and political power in order to transfer such to Blacks and to other non- White minorities. It is a vast, white version of the Ashura festival.

To the American ruling class and all its subordinated activist drones, no sacrifice, no concession to Blacks can atone for the “original sin,” nor can any reality of present inequality between American Blacks and Whites be explained, proof be damned, by anything but past slavery and continuing white racism. Since Reality produces abundant proof of Whites’ current lack of racism, and Blacks’ racial tribalism at best and savage hate of Whites at worst, other psychological and political dodges have to be manufactured.

With respect to Blacks’ consistent lagging in all group indices of attainment, there is the industry of teaching the Unearned White Privilege dogma to the increasingly zombified white population. It boils down to extracting by spurious manipulation of shame and guilt more concessions of wealth and power redistribution to Blacks. Of course the status-income-lawfulness inequality exists between North Asian immigrants who arrived with one suitcase and no English five years ago, and Blacks with 400 years in America, but Marxists, Progressives or Black feeders-at-the-trough will not let trifles like facts stand in the way of a secular theology of White Guilt.

With respect to violent crime, there is the establishment-wide conspiracy to either conceal the race of the perpetrators, or to conceal the hate angle by describing the assaults as “random,” or rejecting Blacks’ culpability altogether on the pretext of absent fathers, tough childhood, blowback for society’s pervasive racism — which in fact is anti-White racism — and so on. In European countries even more zombified than the United States, crimes by Muslims — again, black or brown — are simply thrown into the general pot with no group identifiers allowed, thereby, again, lulling the autochthons to sleep.

Opportunistic, anti-American saboteur Blacks like the Obama-Jarrett duo, Holder holding up Justice, Rice holding up the geopolitical power balance [4], every once-great-now-ruined American city with Blacks in the plurality and, ipso facto, in the seat of government — all are turning the country before its people’s eyes into a slo-mo Haiti. Blacks who oppose this juggernaut are crushed too, as was Allen West, losing in the 18th Congressional District where the Black governing apparatus of St. Lucie County, including election supervisor Gertrude Walker, failed to count 40 of the 94 precincts, counted the other 54 twice and, ten days after the elections, “discovered” 304 uncounted votes left in a box .

But West, a Tea Party conservative who lost to a no-name Democrat by a 0.58% margin, had lost the 2012 election years before, with the unopposed influx of handouts-dependent minorities to Florida, gerrymandering of his and other Congressional Districts, sabotage of (always Republican) voting by Florida soldiers serving overseas [5], and repeated intervention of the imperial judiciary to foil strict voter ID legislation on the pretext that it inhibits “minority voting.” Indeed, West lost this election, as did Romney, already in 1982. In that year’s Consent Decree, the RNC management of the Republican Party had given their Democrat equivalents a carte blanche to commit vote fraud in every voting district with a “substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations.”

And so, institutionalized voting fraud, like institutionalized corruption and Marxism, finally took hold in America disguised as “racial justice for minorities.” A scheme that in the past America’s founding majority would have fought off furiously now left them weak in the knees because of the new color angle.

With “minority voters” bought wholesale by spoils from the Democratic Party, registered fraudulently, and free from proof that they are lawful voters, the Democratic plantation has a hand on the voting levers in Florida and all of America far in excess of the lawful. Much evidence has already transpired about widespread, multifarious vote fraud in the 2012 elections that includes, in addition to the above, dozens of areas with 100% of votes going to Obama, votes in excess of the 100% possible, electronic vote-flipping, ballot box stuffing, intimidation of White voters and so on.

Not a peep from the mugged White majority, let alone the Capon Party. Not one politician, business leader or major cultural figure has called the entire Black-White situation by its proper name. One does not see articles listing the hugely disproportionate number of black politicians and high officials caught in major financial or unzipped pants scandals, of late embroiling such names as Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson Jr., Kwame Kilpatrick, Ralph Godbee, Gregory Meeks, Sheila Dixon and Laura Richardson.

Nor is it much discussed that the same Svengali who created The One We Have Been Waiting For also pre-packaged and sold to idiot white voters some of America’s most corrupt and Black-favoring Black mayors, who could then misrule because of guaranteed racial solidarity support of the Black pluralities in their cities (see also Marion Barry). Svengali, however, knows how to push the right “racism”-averse buttons in the White ovine electorate; he has been hailed for decades as a specialist in “packaging black candidates for white voters.” Of the six black mayors he duped a white electorate to vote for, John Street in (Philadelphia), Harold Washington (Chicago) and Michael White (Cleveland) merit the amateur criminologist’s study, with special mention due White, who headed the most corrupt administration in Cleveland’s history complete with black bagman Nate Gray.

Moreover, the average white American is dumb and disoriented when it comes to matters of survival in a mixed-race society. He gets tongue-tied when leftoids lob racism charges at discussion of Black malfeasance or incompetence. He can’t even demolish the citing of near-equal numbers of White crook politicians or violent crimes committed by Whites, when Blacks are 13% of the population, and Whites are 67%.

A few bloggers stand athwart the disgrace America deserves by its 50-years of cowardice in matters Black. “Paul Kersey” calls his country BRA, Black Ruled America. “Cicero” calls his blog The Big Lie on Parade. But it’s a long road from a one-man blog to the living rooms of said America. Matt Drudge, who alone has some influence, runs an honest choice of news stories, for which his popular news aggregator site has been branded “racist.” With America as defined by its history and culture officially terminated on November 6, 2012, no doubt curtailment of Free Speech is in the works too, the Constitution having long ago become a plaything for judges trained in the same law schools where the whole takedown crew in Washington has been trained.

Black Friday rampage

‘Gang fight’ at Black Friday sale…
Man Punched in Face Pulls Gun On Line-Cutting Shopper…
Shots fired outside WALMART…
Shoppers smash through door at URBAN OUTFITTERS…
Customers run over in parking lot…
Woman busted after throwing merchandise…
Thousands storm VICTORIA’S SECRET…
VIDEO: Insane battle over phones…
Mayhem at Nebraska mall where 9 murdered in 2007…
Shoplifter tries to mace security guards…
Men Steal Boy’s Shopping Bag Outside BED, BATH & BEYOND…

(America goes shopping: post-Thanksgiving screenshot

And that’s the more hopeful part of the White Ashura. At least one is not jailed in America, Tommy Robinson style — yet — for stating inconvenient truths. But he will have foreclosed any career opportunities in government, mass media, corporate business or academia. Still better than the fate of one in EU territory who opines truthfully on the equivalent topic: Europe’s suicide by Muslim immigration and Muhammad infiltration. For he will be executed by a well armed Muslim in a country in which he, the autochthon, has been disarmed by his government; or he will live out the rest of his life in hiding under police protection; or his own government will jail or pauperize him; or his own far-gone sheep people will stigmatize and ostracize him, the way the Norwegians have Fjordman.

[Continued next week]


1. See for instance the “community members” who “rallied” after one of the famous “It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re White” billboards in Duluth was defaced; of the 21 people visible in the photo, 19 are Whites.
2. One should remember in this context that the serfs were liberated in Russia by the czar’s edict only two years before America’s slaves were. By 1861 there were still over 20 million of them. Their miserable condition spurred several major 19th century Russian writers to abolitionist political activism, with Tolstoy the prime example. In Poland, wrote an early 19th century peasant diarist, Kazimierz Deczyński, ”From all of my travails, the most insufferable are the oppression and violence wrought on us by our squires.”
3. Anyone who has visited enough U.S. Post offices and observed the goings-on will understand this statement. Not unrelated, the U.S. Postal Service — the world’s largest employer of slow-moving people — has recently announced a loss of $15.9 billion for the fiscal year 2012, after a loss of $5.1 billion in 2011. Nor should people accept being pilloried as ”racists” for stating the obvious Reality visible to all but those who won’t see. Recently a German official said that it takes three Greeks to do the job of one German. True also, and has nothing to do with his being German.
4. Much has been written about the misdeeds of Eric Holder. What has not received enough exposure is that Susan Rice, Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations and presumptive nominee for the post of Foreign Secretary, has recently lied on five separate public occasions, spinning a non-terror Muslim terror theory about the Al Qaeda attack in Benghazi, while knowing otherwise. Rice is a major proponent of the “oppression and deprivation” explanation of terrorism, redistribution of wealth from the West (i.e. whitey) to “weak states” (i.e. non-whitey) and other egregious lunacies that, besides the record of her jaw-dropping articles at the Brookings Institution, include such wonders as persuading President Clinton to rebuff Sudan’s offer of Osama bin Laden, and counseling John Kerry to appoint two major foes of Israel, James Baker and Jimmy Carter, as Middle East peace negotiators. There is much more, as there is on every major official of Obamanation’s government. Notably, not one political leader or media pundit objects publicly.
5. E.g. see October 27, 2012 headline “A Florida Plane Carrying Absentee Ballots To US Troops In Afghanistan Crashed A Week Ago”

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan.

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32 thoughts on “The Bee and the Lamb, Part 9 (I)

  1. It is interesting what you say about China. In the National Railway Museum in York, England, is a Chinese locomotive. We are told that during the Maoist revolution opponents were thrown alive into the fireboxes of such locomotives. To European eyes, the Nazis apart, there seems to be a deep streak of cruelty in most oriental societies.

    However, I would be interested to know how the Chinese and Japanese view the impending demise of the European race and European Christian civilisation at the hands of the Marxists. After all, China is now meant to be post-Marxist. Do they view it as to their advantage or disadvantage? For, as I understand it, the Chinese need our technology and the Japanese admitted some years ago that their brains are designed differently from those of Europeans so that they are excellent at copying and improving but not innovating.

    By the way, is anybody else experiencing what I am experiencing, namely that my firewall is attacked every time I log onto your site. Does this mean that somebody – be they islamicists or Marxists – are trying to take you out?

  2. And here’s something else, I am reading about Alfred the Great, the ninth century Anglo-Saxon king deemed to be one of if not the greatest king that England has ever produced.

    He believed in a nation of fighting men, doing men and praying men. In today’s England we have had the fight against our enemies made illegal, we have no manufacturing left as this has been sold off abroad so we are doing nothing and we have been told that Christianity is a fairy tale so few men are praying any more. Plus Alfred sought to re-educate the nation after the traditional seats of learning, the monasteries, had been destroyed by the Vikings. He viewed the Viking invasion as an Act of God, a punishment, most noticeably for our abandoning learning.

    There is another parallel. The Marxists have now so dumbed down our education system and sought to remove the teaching of ethnocentric or Eurocentric history that our children seem to have no desire to learn. They have removed perfectionism on the basis that it harms children if you are too harsh on them. Surely Marxism is a punishment from God for our ditching both Him and self-education.

  3. A wonderful essay. One of the main points reinforces my oft-stated belief that if you keep telling those who are inferior that they are equal, eventually they come to believe they are superior. This is because they know that they aren’t the same but until they have been fed the lie of equality, mistake the difference then to not being inferior (for who wants to acknowledge that truth) so therefore it must be because they are better than their ‘equals’.

  4. … the Shah was our bastard; a great friend of the West …

    Not so. Check out his behavior during the Arab oil embargo of 1973, at the outset of which he told the New York Times, “Of course [the world price of oil] is going to rise … It’s only fair that, from now on, you should pay more for oil. Let’s say ten times more.” Given the way that petrodollars have been financing mosque construction and da’wa in the West since then, these can hardly be considered the words of a “great friend.”

  5. Another great article, one which, I think, no-one with an honest, open mind could disagree with, however, the sad fact is that you can only preach to the converted. Very few of any class would have the patience or the intellect to read it or understand it, even among the ‘educated’, indoctrination having taken the place of education decades ago, success in any endeavour, including academic achievement, depending on having the ‘right’ opinion / worldview than on flair or intellect. Even worse, amongst those who could read and understand it, they would at best dismiss it, at worst become enraged, because the truth, in today’s establishment, makes them recoil like vampires from holy water.
    If I may be allowed to give you my favourite film quote : Gene Hackman, watching the public going about their daily business, to a young protege’:
    ‘Look at them, dumb b——–s, They just don’t know do they ?, They just don’t know’, ‘And you know what’s worse? (laughing) they DON’T KNOW that they don’t know, ha ha, they DON’T KNOW that they DON’T KNOW’. I may have paraphrased it slightly, but the meaning is not lost, although it was to Hackman’s young associate, as it would be to the majority of our citizenry, to whom I could add ‘DON’T WANT TO KNOW’

  6. @Whiskey
    Thanks for bringing that quote to bear on the issue. Of course the word friend as applied to Middle Eastern and like power equations is highly conditional. I could not put it in quote marks because “friend” is read as enemy, and enemy he assuredly was not. Besides, in international relations there are hardly any true friendships except for the traditional bond between the white Anglophonic countries. Which is why it was so important for the Anglophony not to remain white and for BHO to send back that Churchill bust.
    Takuan Seiyo

  7. It’s taken my all of my long life to hear about slavery of my ancestors in England and Ireland at the hands of Barbary Pirates. Can I demand reparations?

    Of course not.

    As you are aware the education system and Ideological Fat-Controller (the BBC) blame me for racism on a daily basis.

    I’m pretty sick of it.

    If I mention the millions of slaves taken by Muslims (above and in the rest of their reachable realm) to my, ahem, public sector associates they give me that look. You know the one … it says racist! .

    The only thing I dispute above is the scale of Muslim slavery from Black Africa. I think it was vastly bigger.

    I think your figure represents slaves who survived the journey to Arabia. Up to 80% died on the way as far as I know.

    Great article btw.

  8. @Anon 12:36
    You are right of course: they are too dumb now or too far-gone to care. But one day they will care: when it’s already too late. To indulge my Biblical hobby, think of Psalms 137:1:
    “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.”

    They will remember Zion, weeping, when they are despised dhimmis and Eloi of one kind or another. And then they will start asking themselves how this could have possibly happened. They will need something written to tell them that.

    You will see below this one a short piece I wrote to address Fjordman’s persecutors, and likening them to the people who threw Jeremiah into a well rather then following his prescient advice. Had they listened to Jeremiah, they would not have ended up in Babylon, weeping for Zion. But guess what: it was that Babylonian exile that spurred those people to write, or assemble and edit, the book we now know as the Old Testament. So there was a cosmic purpose in that human folly too.
    Takuan Seiyo

  9. @ Anon 1:49

    You are right about the African horrors, and GoV has had some good articles about Muslim slaving — though no one has, to my knowledge, explored the aspect I raised, of Muslim slave poaching on a large scale in Eastern Europe.
    The dying on the way you mention was often the result of barbaric castration, for much of the Muslim demand for slaves was for eunuchs.
    Takuan Seiyo

  10. At some point in time in the West we had this complaint that goes by the name: J’accuse…!

    This series is our modern day “J’accuse”.

    I have postmarked the whole damn lot for my 11 year old son.

    “Ich habe es nicht gewust”. Either you were a ignorant peasant or a liar.

  11. @Takuan Seiyo,

    Interesting about the (often unknown) slavery in Eastern Europe, and the Jasyr. A word I had only found out recently about – by chance, while looking at a painting in the National Museum here in Warsaw. Yet it’s so prominent that most Polish people know immediately what it means – and what it meant for those having the misfortune to in such a Jasyr, back in the day… and most Polish people (who I have contact with, in any case) will readily accept that Islam is a threat, and that they don’t want their country to “turn into another France”… is it not surprising, then, that in the Polish-language, 132-page, EU-funded study I have in front of me, from the “Danube Instute of Dialogue”, and titled “Knowing and breaking barriers in mutual contacts as the first stepto integration – assessment of the level of integration of Turkish immigrants”, 48% thought that the “presence of Turks is beneficial to Poland”, versus 26% against, and that 74% “would not have a problem with their child having a Turkish partner” (vs 12% saying that they would)?

    Seems that most Poles (and doubtless others) want to have their cake (or, in this case, Kebab), and eat it… enjoying cheap food (of sometimes questionable origin) – but unwilling to accept the full cost, in the form of a Muslim population gradually increasing, perhaps in the future to Western European levels?

    Back to the essay, I notice you write again about “Eloi Lambs”… I was interested in what this meant in practice. Or perhaps it was in a part of the series that I missed? If it means what I think it does, I also think it may be key to understanding the (seemingly masochistic) trends dominating much of Western thinking today.

  12. @Green Infidel

    I use Eloi, lambs and “voluntary dhimmis” interchangeably. Eloi comes from HG Wells’s “Time Machine,” where there is also a tougher race called Morlocks, preying on the naive, fearful Eloi.

    The issue is some basic cowardice of the European race that results in its yielding to swarthier, more aggressive and macho-oriented races. I don’t mean it in a race-determinist sense, for the same phenomenon exists now in Japan. It may be a natural product of peace and prosperity, and of the accession of women to political power.

    I am BTW not antagonistic to Turks, Morroccans, etc. I spent time in several Muslim countries and had generally positive experiences. But I would not live there no matter what enticements. What I object to is importing them to our countries. Separateness like in 1950 meant peace and general goodwill. Multiculti mixing is a recipe for ultimate chaos, war and mayhem.
    Takuan Seiyo

  13. Great article, I’d always thought that the “Death of a Thousand Cuts” was a metaphor


  14. @Takuan Seiyo,

    Does that description of Eloi Lamb not sound very much like the Taino Indians who Columbus encountered on his first voyage into the New World, in 1492? Here’s his opinion of them:

    They traded with us and gave us everything they had, with good will..they took great delight in pleasing us..They are very gentle and without knowledge of what is evil; nor do they murder or steal..Your highness may believe that in all the world there can be no better people ..They love their neighbours as themselves, and they have the sweetest talk in the world, and are gentle and always laughing.

    Besides facing decimation after the arrival of Columbus, these Taino were preyed on by Caribs, who took them as slaves and took them back to their islands – especially the women. It was also said that they used to eat humans – and the word “Cannibal” is said to come from them. As it happens, it was written that Columbus’ first impression of the Caribs was that they were “Mohameddans“…

    So, what was the destiny of the gentle (full of Yin?) Taino, and the fierce (full of Yang?) Caribs? Well, within a century or so, the Taino were extinct. Whereas there are reservations for Caribs even now. In short- aggression pays… but as to there being a European gene for “cowardice”, was such cowardice present in the Huns, Visigoths, Celts and other European tribes before the arrival of the Glorious Multicultural Era? Well, perhaps in the Romans – who, later in the Empire, wanted to enjoy themselves, and for the Barbarians to do all their fighting for them. So could it just be a feature of civilisation that an addiction to wealth and comfort without responsibility is bound to breed cowardice on a mass scale? That last factor – responsibility – is something that there is, and always will be, in Islamic communities. No matter the level of wealth. But it is the natural antithesis of modern left-wing liberalism…

  15. First I have heard about Mr Obama returning the bust of Winston Churchill. What was his official explanation?

    Unofficially, he probably objected to Churchill’s view on the religion of peace and Mr Obama’s ( no he’s not a muslim!!) co-religionists.

    Then there is the fact that Churchill was behind the defeat of Nazism which many muslims – is Obama one of them secretly? – thought was a good thing i.e. Nazism not its defeat.

  16. @Green Infidel
    You are right about those Taino Indians. There are other examples in history: Christians in Rome, Jews in the Pale of Settlement during the Romanovs (i.e. pogroms) and later the Nazis. Neither could have won by aggressive resistance, but at least they could have taken some of their tormentors with them and won the respect of the living ones. But then you have the large scale appeasement that, but for Churchill, would have resulted in a very different world than the good one that (but for the Iron Curtain) that emerged in 1945. And then you have the massive appeasement of jihad going on as we speak, and lying self-indoctrination with Religion of Peace malarkey and “Why can’t we all get along” whining.

    Incidentally, the safest big-city neighborhoods in the US or UK as far as street crimes by “youths” are concerned are those inhabited by Eastern European immigrants. A black or “Hispanic” gangbanger who finds himeslf on a “Ukrainian” street would experience the same he would have 100 years ago on an “Irish” street.
    Takuan Seiyo

  17. Obuma is a Moslem or an Islamist, it matters not which,but surely he won’t expose himself by returning the bust of Churchill. It must be for another reason. Obuma is also an out-and-out communist and is deceptively transforming the US into a commie state.This actually fits with the globalists New World Order. That means the handfull of trillionaires are basing their empire of the future in North America [The New World].These amoral individuals like Dave Rockefeller are now in a hurry
    to see the transformation of WASP
    America into a great enslaved nation. They believe that the
    destruction of White, nominally
    Christian America can be expedited
    by a continuous influx of hordes of Moslems.It is quite a challenge to stop this evil.

  18. @Anon 4:44

    Obama has already exposed himself in a hundred ways, for 40 years. Other than a thin veneer of obviously contrived palaver about “one America” when he ran for office, everything he has said and done since his teens has reflected exactly who he is. He has belabored again and again payback time for the sins of whitey, whether the imperialist or the slaving, or the Islam-dissing one. He has belabored just as extensively a Marxist, redistributionist agenda couched in the ususal Comintern garb of “justice” and “fairness.”

    Obama has been as honest as there is among politicians. And the “people of color” who have voted for him overwhelmingly, except for the Asians whose motives are irrational, are as rational and fitting a “proposition nation” as there is. It’s the debauchment, stupidity, ignorance and sheer madness (e.g. 96% of Ivy League faculty) of the 40%+ of whites who voted BHO –twice! — that is the great tragedy and (self)-deception.
    Takuan Seiyo

  19. Well, as a Christian American whose family is not all white, I have some quibbles.

    Yes, the Christian message calls for self-criticism and repentance. It exalts peace over war. It asks us to love our enemies–especially since God so loved his enemies (us) that he gave His only begotten son to save us (conflation of John 3:16 and a lot else in the NT).

    However, the Reformed faith that spread to the Low Countries from Bucer, Calvin, De Bres, and others steeled the people to resist Spain for 80 years. It led the Scots and English to depose the Stuart monarchs for breaking faith with their people. There are quite a few of us for whom Augustine’s Just War theory is far more attractive than Menno Simons’ absolute pacifism; and who note that nobody’s excised the lives and careers of Joshua, Caleb, Gideon, and David from the Bible, or re-written Jesus’ healing of the centurion’s servant to having him tell the soldier to quit his job.

  20. @anonymous at 12/07/12, 6:27 AM

    As someone with ties to the Far East, let me try to answer some of your questions, since Chinese is my other language (and I read it, too), and I have lived in both Chinas.

    Chinese people in the know about the West will probably express a wide range of views on the decline of the West.

    In Taiwan, I knew an American-educated professor who was a Chinese nationalist in both the large and small “N” sense of the term. I knew his pride in the antiquity and glories of his own civilization, and I asked him how that squared with his being an Evangelical Christian as well.

    He explained that the historical “high point” of his culture was the Tang dynasty, when China was the immigration-receiving civilization; and said that his culture had a tradition of being open to and receptive towards outsiders perceived as non-destructive. Having read something of the history of the times, I could see his point. He understood how his culture could accommodate and had accommodated outside influences for its own benefits without destroying itself in the process; could do it again; and could be a benign contributor to others.

    For the record, I also think that Kipling was wrong when he wrote that East and West would never meet until they both stood before God’s judgment seat. Then again, as a Christian with appreciation for brothers and sisters of both Eaat and West, I note that those of us who accept Jesus have had our sins judged at the cross, and are now free to deal with each other in light of the resurrection of our Lord and in the forgiveness of sins.

    Perhaps my friend might have been a multiculturalist of the best “You respect me, I respect you, and let’s learn from each other” sense of the term. People like him, who are numerous, would probably be very saddened to see a foreign culture for which they had developed a true respect and appreciation go down (especially before a culture that they sneakily view as inferior and/or an ideology that is odious to them).

    For many others, what happens to the West may be nothing but another distant blip in the doings of an alien world. This was driven home to me when I was discussing the Shoah with someone else I knew. While he might agree it was a horrible crime and sympathize with its survivors, it was to him something like the massacres in Rwanda back in the 1990’s or Cambodia back in the 1970’s be to us.

    We might ask ourselves, how would we feel if China was undergoing a civilizational as well as national collapse?

    Hope I was helpful.

  21. @ Kepha
    My family is not all white either, and by the reckoning of nazis & fellow travellers I am not all-white myself. I live in the Far East and have visited in China, Korea etc. several times. You probably know that Japan’s fiercest and ablest warlord in history, Oda Nobunaga, was a Christian.
    I cannot address your Christianity-related points, as I demand an approach first by knowledge and reason and only then by faith. The knowledge required is so vast, including detailed history of the time and place, languages including at least Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek, with Latin and German extremely helpful too, comparative Bible studies etc. I have never met an Asian yet, and that includes pastors and my own family that’s Presbyterian since mid-19th century, that has the slightest understanding of those things. So we will not meet on common ground here, as I would not be able to with many American Evangelicals either.
    On the other hand, I am all for “You respect me, I respect you, and let’s learn from each other.” And the problem here is not with the Far East but with the white people. The Far East has thrived by adapting selectively the West’s strengths. The West has totally failed to learn from and adapt the Orient’s strength. It’s a major theme in my writing, and even the reason why I adopted a Japanese pen name.
    Takuan Seiyo

  22. the Thomas Jefferson that is now vilified went to war against the Barbary Pirates. The pirates earned their ‘living’ by kidapping and enslaving anyone they could lay their hands on, including white americans. Thomas Jefferson read the Kuran to learn what he was fighting. We have the U.S. Marine Corp as the result. We already knew of Watergate and collectively yawned as the Democrat’s candidate (I worked for him) was an incompetent bungler as was the rest of the party. it was only after Nixon committed the unpardonalbe sin of helping Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War that Watergate ‘became’ important. Mdme. Hillary clerked for Archibald Cox. Bottom Line: you oppose Isalm and/or support Israel at your own peril these days.

  23. Ethnic Minorities, population of Scotland 5.2 million (2011), population of Pakistan 176.7 (2011).

    Jolie Rogue

  24. Anonymous (Takuan):

    I can stumble around in the Scriptures in ancient Hebrew and Greek. I also read Chinese, including some knowledge of the classical language.

  25. From Martin Amis’ Wikipedia article:

    Amis returned to Britain in September 2006 after living in Uruguay for two and a half years with his second wife, the writer Isabel Fonseca, and their two young daughters. Amis became a grandfather in 2008 when his daughter Delilah gave birth to a son.[31] He said, “Some strange things have happened, it seems to me, in my absence. I didn’t feel like I was getting more rightwing when I was in Uruguay, but when I got back I felt that I had moved quite a distance to the right while staying in the same place.” He reports that he is disquieted by what he sees as increasingly undisguised hostility towards Israel and the United States.[31]

    Amis can in no way be described as ‘right wing’. He has severely criticised the capitalist system. I observed a member of the Australian Builder’s Labourer’s Federation reading one of his books, while on the way home in the bus, just now. Not definitive, but indicative that he is not beyond the pale for the Australian working Left.

  26. Takuan, I wouldn’t be so sure about
    WASP self-deception, I think we are seeing a transformation from proud Americanism to the politics of
    survivalism. Most Whites know the
    odds are beginning to be stacked against them but instead of fighting
    this they now believe in flight.
    But this, certainly in regard to
    Islam, is also a losing policy.

  27. Takuan, do you have any thoughts as to how or if Vatican II played a part in the decline of Western cultural strength and confidence?

    Rgds, Seneca III

  28. @Anon 6:27
    “Politics of survivalism” by whites who still form a 67% majority, in their own country, is a sure tag for defeated herbivores.
    Of course, according to the well known table what happens in a country whose Muslim population reaches 10%, then 15% etc. soon Europeans will be engaged in Politics of Survivalism, without the free space America has in which such survival nmay be anchored. On the other hand Europe has the advantage that those who are trying to survive have at least formed polical parties and have a public voice. In America -US or Canada– there are no such parties except for Nazizoids who can only destroy the righteousness and purpose of the whole thing. So Americans are trying to survive by “prepping,” retiring to the countryside with as much self-sufficiency as possible and lots of canned food and ammo.
    But that’s no way to survive. It’s a way to hold out for the longest, before eventually succumbing.
    Takuqn Seiyo

  29. Exactly Takuan of 1:49, ‘load and lock’ is nowhere near a solution,
    especially as Obama has got White America in his sights, and I expect that the best they can hope for is something similar to Africaners in South Africa. About 1 million have been forced into poverty as blacks institutionaly and routinely bar Whites from any job. That is more than a quarter of the Boer people.Genocide is round the next corner. I really believe that Obama wants to do the same to US Whites, not only for the seemingly obvious communistic reason, but for something far more visceral connected to his pre-marital sexual experiences.

  30. @Seneca III
    Re: Vatican II
    I have lots to say about this, and either side on this issue will pile up on me, but I’ll say as much as I can fit in the last two chapters of this work. In brief, Vatican II is a contibing factor, but it was on the one hand not enough, and on the other hand too much of the wrong thing. There have been too many wrongs in church history, and not necassarily moral wrongs but theological wrongs too. Vatican II and, essentially, all of Christianity, have gone to Canossa on the moral wrongs by becoming leftist do-gooders. I guess it was an inevitable dynamic because of the lack of willingness to acknowledge and rectify the theological wrongs.

    Again, when I say “too many wrongs” it doesn’t mean that the RCC or Christianity are “bad,” “guilty” or worse than any other religion. What it means is that humans are stupid and wicked; they soil anything they touch, even something as uniquely pure and sinless as Jesus.

    I have had in mind to write also about the gross degeneration of Buddhism from something that was pure at its founding and has now become a sorry circus that few in the West know about. But that one will have to wait.
    Takuan Seiyo

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