Will Brussels Become Judenrein?

The following article about the Islamization of Brussels and its effect on the city’s Jewish population was published last week in Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Brussels becomes Muslim — Jews leaving the city

Maimonides School is the oldest Jewish school in Brussels. Now it has to close down or move, because Jews no longer feel secure in the inner city of Brussels.

The Maimonides School, which is located in the inner city of Brussels, was built in 1947 as a symbol of the return of Jewish life to Brussels. Sixty years later, the school is fighting for survival. It must be closed down or moved to another location, for during the past year the zone in Brussels where the school lies has turned into a district dominated by Muslims. Jews noticed that they were being exposed to an increasing hostility. The consequence of this: a dramatic decline of the Jewish population, and together with this also a situation with virtually no solution, Pamela Geller writes in her blog.

Jews have left the inner city and moved to suburban areas. “The story of Maimonides is the story of the Jewish community in Brussels and its growing unease,” Joel Rubinfeld, a former pupil and now vice-chairman of the Jewish European Parliament, explained to The Times of Israel. Those who moved into the inner city and replaced the Jews were primarily Muslim immigrants. Here, the Gaza conflict has more than anything else led to the sharpening of anti-Semitism. Parents prefer to send their children to other schools. The problem of the [Jewish] school is mainly related to security.

“The zone is inhabited by an immigrant population who do not think very positively of Jews,” Agnes Bensimon, the spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in Brussels says. This may spell the end of the Maimonides School. The Jewish school registers a continuously decreasing number of pupils. This very year the school may close down. In order to avoid this, a move to another zone is being considered — maybe in a suburban area.

Similar situations may be observed in France and the Netherlands, mainly in situations where Jews are clearly recognizable, for example when wearing a kippa. In this case they would no longer dare to enter certain zones. “Going around with a kippa is dangerous in many European cities,” Rubinfeld said. In August a rabbi in Berlin was attacked by youngsters, for example.

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22. January 2013 at 10:51
Hasi says:

I’m neither Jewish nor religious, but in any case I had to leave my district in a small city in Hessen. Muslim youngsters terrorize residents so much that anybody who can afford it moves away.

Entire streets depreciate in price and are bought cheap by immigrants.

Not only Jews, but each and every non-Muslim will sooner or later be kicked out of their homeland.

Now I am living in a village. There are almost no Muslims. The inhabitants still have no idea of what is happening in the cities, and continue voting for those parties who bring to them more and more waves of immigrants.

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  1. “In August a rabbi in Berlin was attacked by youngsters, for example.”

    Youngsters? Youngsters! A change in language is required. ARGH!


  2. @ hsani:
    I feel terribly sorry for you as I experienced something of the same; an alien culture taking over all our social institutions to the expense of our cultural norms. I bought my family out of it as many, many western people have.
    I do believe we will eventually end up in western enclaves unwilling to pay anymore for this social experiment. I think we are a couple of decades away from this and I won’t be alive when it happens but, it will happen. I think Europe is much closer to this than the US.

  3. Turkeys voting for Christmas applies to the entire Caucasian World it seems. Sometimes I think that it is a deficiency in us that fails to even recognise let alone addresss the problem. But of course our problem, which is in its infancy, is a multi-facetted issue and failing to deal with the increasing violence is perhaps a mere symptom rather than being the issue itself. The Moslem ‘invasion’ of Caucasian countries is really just the filling up of empty spaces left by the falling populations of all of these countries. They are just taking up the slack. There WOULD be a number of steps we could take to adjust the situation favourably if WE were united. We are totally disunited and most people have their own interests or problems to immerse themselves in. The main issue is undoubtedly the paucity of child-producing female Europeans. If one child per 2 parents could somehow be changed to 2 or 3 children, there would be no room in Europe for the incomers and more interest perhaps in relocating those already here. Is that an unrealistic dream ? The aternative is not a dream, but a total nightmare. The Jews are beginning to move out but we can’t all run, there is no room left anymore.

  4. Well, again, it’s the matter of just maintaining your boundaries to keep a comfortable neighborhood. Even without the Muslim issue, importing people from savage cultures and savage neighborhoods is going to create a savage neighborhood. I don’t know why the concept is so difficult for some people to grasp.

    The Jewish organizations here, in the US, would be horrified at the thought of limiting immigration, or filtering out Muslims or low-intelligent peoples from lawless and violent districts or countries. Reality is harsh, but also fair. After awhile, results of certain actions become completely predictable, and can only be ignored by total blindness.

  5. I wonder if the Eurocracy will notice this? Perhaps if sharia patrols start picketting the more expensive brothels?

    • Leftist lemmings blindly follow each other over the cliff and demand we keep up with them. Now, in North America, they want us disarmed too, to be easier pickings for the predators (remembering the Armenian Genocide).

      Sir Winston Churchill was right. Enoch Powell was right. And Jesus didn’t use tolerant diplomacy to chase the money-changers out of the temple…

    • The Eurocracy noticed it: As Members of the EU were attacked in the streets next to the European Comission, they argued they need a safe way to work and wanted taxis which could drive the members safely to their working place. But no words about too much immigration or whatsoever. No joke…

  6. Any chance we might get to hear from the Jews like Barbra Spectre and Co. who are promoting the multicult and are big fans of promoting mass non-White immigration flooding into Europe?

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  8. A significant part of the reason for the coming major economic collapse is because Islam-lovers European ruling elites freedom-haters have wickedly colonized Europe (and Britain) with many millions of hostile, infidel-hater Muslims who violently attack Jews and other non-Muslims every chance they get.

    European and British elites force hard-working, stressed-out infidel taxpayers to financially support massive numbers of Muslims and their harems of multiple wives and huge numbers of children. A heavy financial burden that crushes Europe and Britain bringing the nations to financial ruin.

    To help with the coming financial crisis, if you have a garden, plant organic fruits, berries, vegetables and nut trees. If you only have a patio, grow them in big pots.

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