Missing Person Report from the Heartland of Jihad

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from today’s Dagbladet about the disappearance of a “Norwegian” Salafist in Pakistan. Arfan Bhatti’s antics in his adopted home have been featured in this space before, but now Mr. Bhatti has gone missing during an, ahem, field trip to the heartland of jihad.

The Observer sends this introductory note:

The ‘Norwegian’ mujahid Arfan Bhatti is apparently missing in action somewhere in the mountainous border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

His comrade in Norway, the bearded monkey Ubaydullah Hussain, who apparently is too much of a coward to take part in the Jihad against the infidels, is demanding that the Norwegian authorities do everything in their power to put pressure on Pakistan to start looking for this brave lion of Allah.

I don’t think anything will come of it. As a matter of fact I think that Ubaydullah Hussain and the rest of the bearded monkeys of the Prophet’s Ummah are going to be terribly disappointed.

Don’t they know that the Jihad giveth and the Jihad taketh away?

The translated article:

The Prophet’s Ummah: Demands that Norway put pressure on Pakistan to find Bhatti

Islamist has disappeared

(Dagbladet): — We demand that the Norwegian authorities do everything in their power to convince the Pakistani government to prioritize this case as it involves a missing Norwegian citizen, says Ubaydullah Hussain to Dagbladet.

Hussain, the leader of the Norwegian Islamist group the Prophet’s Ummah, is concerned that one of the organization’s most prominent members, Arfan Bhatti (35), has gone missing abroad.

Taliban area

Bhatti has been away from Norway for a long time, and is most likely somewhere on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan — a Taliban stronghold — where he has been photographed carrying weapons.

It was Bhatti’s family that notified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) yesterday through Bhatti’s lawyer John Christian Elden, after the 35-year-old hadn’t been heard from since January 7.

“It is unusual for him not to make contact — he has done so regularly up until now,” says Elden to VG.

Dagbladet has been informed that the Police Security Service (PST) was unaware that Bhatti was missing until his family notified the Foreign Ministry yesterday.

No comment from the Foreign Ministry

“We do not comment on cases involving Norwegian citizens. That also applies to Bhatti — so I will neither confirm nor deny that we have received notification that he’s disappeared,” says Veslemøy Salvesen, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, to Dagbladet.

In such cases the normal procedure is for the Foreign Ministry to contact the local embassy — in this case the Norwegian embassy in Islamabad — which then starts looking into the matter and initiates contact with the local police.

Arfan Bhatti has been in the public eye for a long time — first as a notorious gang member in Oslo, and then for having been involved in firing shots at the synagogue in the city. He was also accused of planning a terror attack against the U.S. embassy, a charge that he was eventually acquitted of.

Lately he has gained notoriety as a member of the militant Islamist organization the Prophet’s Ummah. The group is mired in controversy. Last weekend the leader of the organization, Ubaydullah Hussain, praised the latest terror attack targeting foreign hostages in Algeria.

8 thoughts on “Missing Person Report from the Heartland of Jihad

  1. It irks me when they call these people Norwegian. It’s like the time when the media reported on a ‘Dutchman’ who was fighting for Al-Shabaab in Somalia. Turns out it was a first-generation immigrant from Somalia who came here to acquire funds for jihad and soon moved back to the old country to fight, rape and plunder in the name of Allah.

    Lovely bunch, the media. Let them call these people what they are. They voluntarily live and die under the flags of international jihad, or Turkey, or Morocco, or Algeria, or Egypt – then why call them by a nationality to which welfare is their only connection?

    And when one succeeds in business or academics, suddenly his ethnicity is the first thing they mention.

  2. Kroner 700 Million a year given to Fake-is-tinians should be spent on looking for Norwegian citizens lost out in the world during 2013.

  3. When, Oh when, are we in the West going to stop faffing around and gift these retards the benefit of some serious social work?

    Really, truly, madly, deeply there is no chance that any form of rational discourse with these atavists is possible.

    However, as we are essentially caring, sharing considerate organisms, and as they are so desperate to ascend to an eternity of sexual debauchery in their paradise, is it not incumbent us to help them on their way in any way we can?

    Neat, really. They desire and we provide. Simples.

    Seneca III

  4. The Muslims see no contradiction between their delight in the killing of unbelievers and their demanding help from those unbelievers. After all, the Infidel are meant to serve them. And Muslims don’t have to like the Kuffar. In fact they are enjoined to not like and to not trust them. All that is required of a Muslim is to have the Kuffar serve him.

  5. Annual Norwegian jornolist conference SKUP
    Special guest star 2010: Arfan Bhatti

    - I want to be

    The otherwisely ordinary beer was forsaken this time, in honor and awe of the very presence of the very special guest star

    the face of islam in Norway

    - Do you believe that the Holocaust took place?
    - I’m not that good at history. The history books say yes, but I don’t know. I wasn’t born at the time, Bhatti says.

    – I want to teach people about islam, and thus promote islam in Norway.

    The Nazi connection

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  7. Nobody in Norway is missing him. He was a violent criminal who suddenly became a bearded muslim. I hope we dont need to see him in the streets anymore sorry.

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