The End of the Siege of Azovstal

The following video report from Italian television shows the surrender of the last of the Ukrainian troops at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine.

There’s no mention in this clip of any NATO soldiers among those who surrendered. According to rumor, there are high-ranking officers from several NATO member states now in Russian custody.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   They are constantly monitored by armed men, while being healed and fed.
00:07   This is how they are dealing with the Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal, apparently.
00:10   On the basis of a footage released by Moscow.
00:15   The International Red Cross is filming all the Ukrainians
00:18   coming out of the Azovstal tunnels, in order to reduce any risk of retaliation
00:22   towards the soldiers who were defending the steel plant.
00:25   The purpose is to declare them prisoners of war,
00:28   falling within the protection of the Geneva Convention.
00:31   According to the reports released by Moscow,
00:34   apparently 1,700 soldiers were evacuated from the industrial complex.
00:38   After the capitulation of this last Ukrainian stronghold,
00:41   Mariupol is now completely under Russian control.
00:44   Russian troops keep fighting in the eastern part of the country, yard by yard.
00:53   Russian bombings seem to target civilian buildings too, such as this wheat warehouse.
00:58   Struck by a missile, it is located about 50 km south-east of Zaporizhzha.
01:03   Agricultural installations are particularly coveted targets, according to Moscow.
01:07   Because hitting them forcefully weakens the population’s resilience.
01:12   As well as medical infrastructure, such as this Kharkiv plant,
01:15   which used to provide a hospital with hot water.
01:18   It was destroyed by a long-range missile.
01:26   Despite the Russian attacks, it looks like everything has gone back to normal in Kharkiv.
01:31   Especially for the subway, which in recent weeks had become a sort of bomb shelter for the locals.
01:37   From next week on, rail transport will be available again in Ukraine’s second-largest city.

4 thoughts on “The End of the Siege of Azovstal

  1. If there are NATO high ranking officers in Russian custody? Why aren’t the Russians showing who they are for it would be a great propaganda coup? This does not make sense, for the Russians would parade these NATO officers like the prizes they are. Kind of like showing Paulas after the Battle of Stalingrad.

    • >If there are NATO high ranking officers … Why aren’t the Russians showing who they are for it would be a great propaganda coup?

      No, I really do not think this would be the better way to use “non belligerant” foreign countries’ officials and other military personell.. it would quickly end in NATO vs RUSSIA open and direct confrontation that at this point is not in program (the western oligarchy seems more interested toward weakening and delaying of russia, while preparing for the bigger economic confrontation against china). They can exchange them for other captives as already happened. I really think many of these terrorists will get back to fight sooner somewhere else.

    • There aren’t any NATO officers in Russian custody. It is just propaganda.
      We’re stupid, but we’re not that stupid. What purpose would it have served NATO or Ukraine to put NATO officers near the front?

  2. According to this independent journalist in Mariupol 1,700 surrendered 3 days ago like the Italian station reported, but then later that day, as anticipated, several hundred more surrendered for a total a little under 2,500:

    No confirmation of NATO troops, but in Mariupol an American sniper was killed by Russian troops, who called him a mercenary, as shown here:

    They can call him a mercenary, I’ve been telling friends from day 1 I think the U.S. sent in snipers. The government sends snipers all over the globe for events like this and it is always covert. By the way, look how decent those Russian soldiers are about that. It’s like night and day with how the Ukrainians act and their rhetoric. Want to see a glimpse of a Russian soldier? Look at the recent video posted in the above channel titled “Ukrainian Forces Target Russian Orthodox Church Everyday.” Anyone with any humanity can’t help but have respect for that person and everyone like him.

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