Weathering the Storm

The last of the wintry mix faded out here at Schloss Bodissey a couple of hours ago. The rain changed to sleet early on, and it looks like there may be four or five inches (~12cm) of sleet on top of the snow. There’s no significant coating of ice on the trees, which is why I have electricity and the Internet to put up this post.

I’m not entirely out of the woods yet, so to speak, because sometimes trees uproot themselves and fall down the next day after the ground has thawed a little. But I’m tentatively optimistic.

Tomorrow I’ll go out to clean off the car and shovel sleet, which is like scooping up lead pellets — it’s backbreaking work. Then I’ll hie me down the driveway and see what the pine trees have been up to.

It’s still possible that the power may go out, so if this site appears to go dormant, you’ll know that’s the reason. Unless, of course, the tsunami from the second Tonga eruption somehow finds its way all the way up here into the Piedmont…