Eyeless in Gaza

Actually, I still have both my eyes, and I’m not in Gaza. I just needed an eye-related title for this post.

I paid a visit to the retinal specialist this afternoon for a periodic injection to my left eye to treat my condition (wet macular degeneration). As a consequence, I’m dragging my feet a little bit this evening. However, there will be a news feed, and possibly another post or two.

I don’t have to go back for the next injection until two months from now, thank the Lord.

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Also: Starting tomorrow, a gaggle of family members will be descending on Schloss Bodissey. Posting may be light on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and possibly Boxing Day as well. I’ll keep up with comment moderation to the best of my ability.

Joyeux Noël!

9 thoughts on “Eyeless in Gaza

  1. Merry Christmas Baron and may the Lord give you comfort, and may your family gathering be blessed.

    • Amen, Grace and Peace and the Lord’s comfort be yours and your guests’ tomorrow and for nest week, and next year also.

  2. I’m eye troubled and close to Gaza (cataracts, Glaucoma) but Happy Christmad/Saturnalia to all.

    Israel is the only country I have lived in where ‘Christmas’ is almost totally absent, I can get a Christmas Tree (Plastic Hannucha bush) in the local Russian supremarket and maybe a Russian speaking chocolate Santa/smowman (many Russian Christians got ‘Jewish’ papers in order to emmigrate to Israel).

    Tonight Stew (Northern Ca) is coming over and my son and granddaughter (4) are coming from the Kibbutz. Tomorrow we will Skype with the locked down family (#1 son, his wife and 2g 1B) in UK and then maybe listen to the Queen’s Speech.

    We don’t ‘keep’ Christmas as such; if there were Shepherds on the hill-sides then it was certainly not the December solstice, the sheep come in at the end of October around Sukkot, but I have always liked the Christmas ‘feel’ amd colour and a chance for families to get together because everybody is on holiday at the same time.

    • I know there’s a heavy Christian presence in the Palestinian territories. I also know there is a significant Christian presence among the Arab citizens of Israel. I presume as a free country, the practice of Christianity in Israel is unhindered. As a Jewish nationalist country, Israel provides a model for successful nations protecting their own nationality and using their national identity as a glue to hold their culture and society together, while giving other religions full latitude to practice their own religion in their own communities.c

      • There are three ‘churches’ in Sderot that I know of, and about 50 synagogues, I have not yet come across a mosque.

        Everybody tolerates the other – whilst we have a few Muslim families in Sderot, they tend to be ‘protected’ (ex-informers re-housed once compromised). Sderot being a realatively new ‘city’ (1955) it has no pre-existing Arab community.

        And yes, Israel manages to keep the lid on most religious disputes, the ultra-orthadox Jewish sects being the most difficult.

  3. Merry Christmas, to you and your family, Baron and to all your readers.

    Let’s pray that next year sees our countries return to some semblance of how humans are designed to live.

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