Disobedient Viennese Ignore Lockdown

Austria was put under a strict new COVID lockdown last month, but it looks like the citizens of Vienna aren’t taking it very seriously. In the following video you can see people enjoying the festive Christmas atmosphere in downtown Vienna while they queue up for ice cream.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m here at Graben Square and really quite happy that there’s such a display of disobedience.
00:06   Let me show you. —[Laughing] That’s right!
00:09   So this is how the lockdown looks in Vienna.
00:16   This is so awesome. —It’s really funny. With all talk about the pandemic,
00:20   there doesn’t appear to be one. At least not in people’s minds.
00:24   I’m really happy about that. Unfortunately, I forgot my selfie stick, so the video’s a bit shaky.
00:29   So all these people are standing in line at Zanoni. They have ice cream.
00:34   So, I don’t know, maybe these folks don’t think it’s cold enough?
00:38   Anyway, at least it looks very friendly and Christmassy here.
00:42   Christmas in Austria, during a pandemic.

3 thoughts on “Disobedient Viennese Ignore Lockdown

  1. Ausgezeichnet Vienna!!, live in your life to the fullest, this all [effluvium] , do it for your children and grandchildren, show them the beautiful Christmas celebration, that’s the way should be everywhere..

  2. so Ice Cream is being served at the Gates in Vienna? May I place and order for a cone with a scoop of Honey Vanilla?

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