Vos papiers, s’il vous plaît

As far as I can determine, of all the official Western responses to the Wuhan Coronavirus, France has imposed the most draconian regime on its citizens. Anyone who travels outside the home must present a valid document, which consists of a government form printed at home and filled out by the traveler.

Thousands of hefty fines have already been levied against citizens for violations of the new decree. I can’t help but be cynical: Is this a revenue-generating enterprise on the part of the French government, designed to help offset the massive costs of the coronavirus?

Many thanks to Sassy for translating the form. The original PDF may be found at the website of the French interior ministry.

For a detailed explanation of the requirements listed on this form, see this English-language article from The Local.


Pursuant to Paragraph 1 of the decree dated March 16, 2020 pertaining to travel within the scope of the fight against the propagation of the Covid-19 virus:

I, the undersigned

Mrs. / Mr.   _________________________________
Born on :   _________________________________
Residing at:   _________________________________

declare that I am traveling for the following reason (check the box) as authorized by Paragraph 1 of the decree dated March 16, 2020 regulating travel within the framework of the fight against the propagation of Covid-19 virus.

  • travel between home and the place where the professional activity takes place, when they are essential to the exercise of activities that cannot be organized by telework (on presentation of proof) or professional travel that cannot be deferred;
  • travel to purchase essential necessities in authorized establishments (list on gouvernement.fr);
  • travel for health-related reasons;
  • travel for compelling family purposes, for assistance to vulnerable people or childcare;
  • travel for brief errands, close to home, related to individual physical activity of people, excluding all group sport activities, and to the needs of house pets.

Carried out at ______________, on ____/____/2020

Hat tip: JM.

4 thoughts on “Vos papiers, s’il vous plaît

  1. Wow! I thought only the Russian government in the conditions of a poorly working economy comes up with fines for the population. The State Duma is also called by the people: a crazy printer.
    (Now Putin cannot be blamed – incredible fines.
    Soon, from 2021, I will not be able to make links to foreign or unregistered media in the Russian Federation on my blog – there will be fines for disseminating false information.)

    Apparently, measures for the duration of the epidemic will be paid out of the pocket of the people, not the state.

  2. “of all the official Western responses to the Wuhan Coronavirus, France has imposed the most draconian regime on its citizens.”

    Useful administrative measure for dealing with the other virus too.

  3. With thousands of illegal “refugees” in France and the “homeless” camping out in public spaces they want taxpaying citizens to show “there” papers to leave their homes?How many of these homeless are spreading disease(far worst then the flu) using parks and the streets as a public bathroom?

  4. Is it a test run for the final clampdown on the illusion of freedom?
    The controllers are in a hurry because of too much waking up and too much useless eaters on their playground earth.
    They will soon find out what it is like to be hunted and hated.

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