The Vision Thing

I had my appointment with the retinologist this afternoon to assess the condition of my left eye (which has wet macular degeneration). It has remained stable for three months now, so he is going to switch from a scheduled injection every two months to a situation where he monitors my condition every two months with scans, etc., with no injections unless the situation changes.

That’s all I had to do today — have my eyes scanned, and then a look-see by the doctor. No injection! It’s a good day.

My pupils were still dilated when I got home, which is why I haven’t gotten down to posting until now.

5 thoughts on “The Vision Thing

  1. There is no good medical professionals unless they used that part of the body that sits inside, between both ears.
    The technical evolution is amazing, even for a 77-year-old internist.
    But if any doctor do not think, there are no tests that will tell the good diagnosis and the correct treatment.
    To me it seems that you catch a good doctor.

  2. An absence of needles in the eye is certainly good news! Is the condition tied to your blood pressure or other factors? Whatever it is, keep on keeping on with it.

    • No, blood pressure is not a factor with this. My blood pressure has been consistently normal all my adult life, both before and after this condition developed.

      • I had to look it up online and read a little about the injection treatment. This is apparently a very effective treatment, even restoring lost function in some cases. That’s incredible!

        • Yeas, it is. My eyesight is slightly better now than it was when the condition first appeared in 2013.

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