Endgame in Venezuela?

The two videos below show brief snips of today’s events in Venezuela. They were recorded in Barquisimeto in the state of Lara, which is in the northwest of the country but not on the border.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The first video shows the National Guard attacking protesters. The man who recorded the video wants his footage to be spread:

The second video shows a protester remonstrating with members of the National Guard:

Video transcript #1:

00:02   The [National] Guard is attacking us.
00:05   Please, broadcast it. The Guard is attacking us.
00:11   They are attacking us…They are attacking us at this moment.
00:15   Barquisimeto, Lara… 23 February…
00:19   in front of the 13th Brigade. Please… broadcast it.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Go ahead. —Put your heart on the side of history. Think of your family, of your children,
00:05   of each one of your relatives, who are not getting medicine,
00:09   who don’t get food,
00:12   who are here today just like you.
00:16   You are part of history. We are all one. Venezuela is one.
00:20   History is up to you.
00:24   We ask you in the name of God be on the side of history.
00:28   Do it for your children, for the sick, for all the children dying in the hospital by the day.
00:33   There are hundreds of children suffering today in every hospital in Venezuela,
00:38   and they are dying deplorably, because they are not getting [unintelligible].

14 thoughts on “Endgame in Venezuela?

  1. It is quite ironic at GoV and other sites (that identify quite correctly the danger of Islam) how the old Cold War “anti-Communism” against Venezuela continues to thrive.

    However it is the self-same “globalists”, in this case US ones with their EU satellites, who on the one hand preach and enact open borders to enhance their future bottom lines and at the same time aim to destroy any national government that wants to use its own oil revenues for its own people. That useage is the exact opposite of globalism, which GoV also opposes on trend.

    After all, there is adequate proof of the machinations of the USA in Latin America inlc. Venezuela since 1945 and before; the fact that it is often written and posted to the Net by people who GoV readers find personally and politically distasteful should not blind GoV to the salient fact that for the sake of the biggest proven oil reserves, the USA et al are trying to instal a puppet government that runs a policy towards the “communistic” poor like that of Venezuela in the 1950s.

    The current “aid convoys” to V in the videos are out of the same Western box as the false flag White Helmets in Syria ore the poor little drowned photogenic Syrian boy on the beach (whose father had been trying to get to Germany from Turkey, a safe haven country, to get his teeth fixed on the German taxpayer)

    The Republicrat support in the US for the aggression against V ought to make GoV users stop and think, given the range of other nefarious topics on which the 2 main US parties agree.

    • Someone called Florida Maquis puts out some interesting videos on YouTube.

      Isn’t it true to say that John Bolton has said that all he’s interested in is inserting US oil companies into Venezuela. Isn’t it also true that this Mr Guaido is a puppet of forces outside Venezuela?

      I’m not sufficiently informed about anything related to what’s happening in that country but two thoughts come to mind:

      1. Given that the MSM generates fake news about everything else, why should they behave differently when it comes to Venezuela?
      2. Why can’t Venezuela be left to sort out its own problems?

    • I’m pretty much an isolationist except where US security is directly involved. I oppose US “humanitarian” intervention in other countries, including Venezuela, Iran, Syria and the Ukraine. Allow internal and regional disputes to stay internal and regional. The result of any intervention is trillions of dollars, thousand of troop lives, and the flooding of the US with immigrants from the country interfered with.

    • Not to excuse some of the US’ actions in Latin America, eg Chile, but Chavez’ administration failed to reinvest oil revenues against the day when such revenue might decline (unlike countries in the ME); also he and his successor have closed down media which criticised them: this is the point where socialism does approach communism.

    • The problem is that you who call themselves patriots and against Multiculturalism consume Russian media, like RT. The Russian media in which it is informed passes disinformation about Venezuela because it has interests in her, mainly military, where they can take advantage of the United States.

      The United States has no interest in Venezuelan oil, because it has imposed sanctions on that country’s oil, precisely because of the profit the regime takes from US dollars. Not long ago, the US oil company was selling oil to the United States, and claims were made long ago for US authorities to sanction the oil company. Those who made these complaints were opponents from inside and outside of Venezuela.

      The only site that I recommend for you to really know [and I recommend this to the Baron directly] about what happens in Venezuela is Panampost. Do not report to the Russian media, let alone the Breitbart, which despite covering what happens is very skittish.

      • I have no idea what your point is. Are you advocating armed US intervention in Venezuela because the military intervention would be done for altruistic, rather than financial motives?

        The conditions in Venezuela are horrible. They voted in a socialist government. Admittedly, the press was muzzled for some of that time, but our press in the US is free, and they might as well be organs of the Democratic party.

        It’s not up to the US taxpayer to bail out every person, country, or region that makes a bad decision or that suffers an injustice. And as for RT, they’re fairly open in their orientation. You get points to consider from RT that you don’t even know exist from the MSM in the US. But, luckily, for the present, you can get multiple viewpoints on the issues through the alternative media.

        Figures in the MSM, as well as the rent-seeking right, which is as susceptible to a free lunch as anyone, are constantly trying to bring the US government into control the content of internet media, ie, through the doctrine of enforcing the First Amendment. These are ploys to expand government control, just like the Climate Change boondoggle. These are pots of gold for the bureaucrats and wanna-be dictators, and they’re constantly dangling free goods in front of us if we give up just a bit of our liberties.

    • Which ignores the part that Venezuela is a third world country due to the culture of the masses. It used to be a reasonably westernised country which people fleeing strife in the Dominican Republic and elsewhere went to as a stable civilised state in that part of the world.

      Venezuela is a classic example of a mixed race multicultural socialist utopia. From top to bottom it is a mess. If you only have a thin layer of civilised people running things, then when cracks appear in that group or it loses its power, like the whites in South Africa, then a nation’s fate lies with the bulk of the people – who are a mob of ignoramuses.

  2. I have been following Venezuelan events and i´s hard to say that Maduro is going out without a military intervention from an outside counry. So nowadauys we cannot say that it´s an endgame. Really it´s going to be a long hard trail

    • I think an outside military intervention will only delegitimize any post-Maduro government in the eyes of those who still currently support it. And outside interventions have a way of uniting the population to rally around an unpopular government just because they are being attacked and invaded by foreigners, regardless of intentions.

      Humanitarian aid convoys are better than military invasion columns, but not much better. It is still outside interference, and that humanitarian aid freely given tends to destroy local economies and businesses when something that was once locally produced albeit with difficulty, and had supported wage-earners and their families, is given away freely in the name of helping to alleviate a humanitarian crisis.

      Maduro’s regime will fall when enough of the soldiers necessary to enforce it determine that it is no longer in their best interest to do so. Tightening the thumbscrews on the means of the Maduro regime to do business with the outside world, and tightening controls on the borders of the country to prevent goods and peoples from going in or out will only hasten the day when enough of the soldiers who prop up the regime have finally had enough and overthrow him themselves.

      • You may be corretc. Although i cannot see how to him out without extern force.

        [ADMIN NOTE: We (mostly) get what you mean here, but such sloppiness in typing is discourteous to those who are expected to read it. in your favor, this was mercifully brief. If there is a next time, please check your comment before submitting it for posting.]

      • I am so looking forward to the US military taking control of the government in Venezuela, engaging in a beautiful guerrilla war with tens of thousands of peasants and Indians, and spending trillions of dollars bringing in heavy equipment to protect our soldiers from easily-constructed IEDs.

        We will be bringing in tens of thousands of Venezuelans on the grounds that they were our wartime allies and are now in danger. It won’t be so clear if the individual fought for us or against us, but who’s counting?

        We will have the pleasure of bringing in one politician after another whose main qualifications are the ability to speak English to our press and the ability to make promises to handle the situation. We will have the opportunity to stay there for the next 15 to 20 years, since no puppet government will ever get it right, and will continually lose ground to whatever “indigenous” movement happens to be there.

  3. We have lived in Colombia for around 25 years. Under Chavez a large number of wealthy Venezuelans started relocating to Colombia, as well as Florida in the U.S. A formerly successful medical doctor, who relocated here with his family about four years ago and works for a Colombian health service said that first it was the wealthy, then professionals like him, then more ordinary people who were affected by the steadily worsening worsening economic situation. About a year ago, I happened to be part of a small group that a young practical nurse that had found a job taking care of a family member of a friend after fleeing from Venezuela, told how since coming to Colombia she “no longer felt desperate.” Now the refugee problem has grown to elephant in the room proportions, just about impossible to ignore. There are even people predicting a Ukraine style famine, deliberately engineered by Maduro, hard to believe, right? I can’t predict what the U.S. will do, but the allegations that the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is manufactured propaganda by the Deep State or others is pure unadulterated horse hockey.

  4. Well, the civilian attempt to deliver foreign aid was blocked, the military did obey Maduro in blocking the border (with the exception of about 150 who took advantage of the confusion to seek refuge in Colombia), though they didn’t shoot civilians (that was left the the paramilitary groups, which are closer to the SS in make-up). Not particularly surprising given that the Venezuelan military is under Cuban control, and they have made it plain that they will kill anyone who gets out of line. Cuba does need that Venezuelan oil. I certainly hope that the U.S. avoids military action. The “Caudi-Marxistas” in the CNN-like local media have been predicting the arrival of the Marines for months, practically salivating at the prospect, and the damage that it would do to Duque.

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