Dad! Our School Has Joined the Ummah!

A German father found out what his son was being taught in school, and was so outraged that he made a video about it.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Yeah, so I’m gonna show you what their homework looks like, OK?
0:03   [unintelligible]
0:06   Here. So they have to build a temple.
0:09   The pillars of Islam. —The pillars of Islam. Here. Look.
0:12   The history, the background, the belief…
0:15   Oh, yeah, here, the pillars of Islam, such bulls***!
0:18   Look, here they have to write about it completely,
0:21   they’re insane, right? —What is this filth?!
0:24   Just look at all this!
0:27   I mean, this is school, German school!
0:30   Everything is about this filth!
0:33   Just look at this stuff! — [unintelligible]
0:36   Just look at this stuff, what they have to do here!
0:39   We are being forced to!
0:42   Forced, huh?
0:45   Look at all this s***! —We are in Germany! —Right!
0:48   They should learn stuff about us!
0:51   Exactly!

27 thoughts on “Dad! Our School Has Joined the Ummah!

  1. 😢, is just terrible, God save Us all, they force German kids to learn about this filthy Islam !!, what is happening in this world?

      • 100% amok. I have very little sympathy for them. They constantly vote in those that want to force this onto Germany and constantly attack those who oppose it.

        You get what you pay for. And when buyers remorse finally hits, I will laugh and say “we warned you for 20 years that this would happen and you sent your masked, black uniformed goons to attack us for saying it.”

        • Judging from the dad’s reaction he’s one of those who vote for change, but what can you do when the establisment is makes sure only the proper people get in? Look at how Macron got into power and no government inteligence office is looking into it. Elections rigged everywhere. What can a few individuals do? Even the masses of Yellow Vests haven’t really made any steps forward and it’s been months. I cheer for them and they should keep the protests up, but it needs a much bigger wave of common folk to wash away the garbage. And Germany normally had leaders that meant well for Germans, their situation is very different from the French or Italians. I have no fear Germans and all the other Europeans (though it’s going to be incredibly straining for Swedes) will take their countries back, it only takes a few more nudges to wake the giant.

  2. Islam is Satan’s own version of Christianity, and from reading its texts you can get a peek inside his mind, which resembles an open sewer. Satan has figured out that he is out of time so it is now or never for him to exercise complete authority over this planet. It’s never, but don’t tell him that because he won’t listen.
    However, what we are seeing in this video and in the Hungarian Foreign Minister’s video, is the concerted effort on Satan’s part to bring Europe to heel with an invading force that will erase all vestiges of Europe’s Christian heritage and active fellowship. Satan is also doing the same thing in America and you almost put your life in your hands (or in someone else’s) by publicly stating that you are a Christian and for you there is right and wrong as found in and defined by the Bible.
    It is sad, but what began in San Francisco 50+ years ago, and in London and Frankfurt 60 years ago has now spread across both America and Europe to the extent that almost everyone wants something new because they are tired of the old, even though the old worked rather well and gave us a civilization in which many enjoyed a lifestyle that was reserved solely for kings a millennia ago. Well, in doing so they have put the knife to their throat, and not to shave their beards. Maybe that’s the new that they wanted.
    that’s fine with me because I cannot make up their minds for them, and I don’t use lipstick or rouge. However, that is not enough for them as they insist that I join them in their suicide. That is where I draw the line. Thank you, but I will have nothing to do with your “new” ways and ideas, I have already seen the fruit those ideas you planted have borne. The fruit is rotten and poisonous. I wouldn’t eat it and I certainly will not allow it to be served to my children or grandchildren.
    If that makes me a hater, so be it, even though Christians are commanded to love Yah with all of our being and love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and it is out of that love that we won’t go down your road but rather warn you of the consequences that we would certainly not wish for ourselves.

  3. This would be an appropriate letter for parents in a similar position to send to their child’s school:

    Dear Teacher

    We understand that Islam is to be included in this year’s curriculum. Unfortunately we wish our child not to be included in the relevant lessons. We feel that if you present Mohammed as a benign lawgiver and prophet, as he is invariably presented, that would be dishonest. On the other hand if you present him honestly then it is likely to give any young child nightmares.

    From Islam’s own scriptures we learn that Mohammed was indeed a religious leader but also a caravan raider, a ruthless warlord and a child-rapist who encouraged sex-slavery of non-Muslim women and employed torture and genocide in his drive toward power.

    Allah hardly seems a benign deity either, repeatedly promising in the Koran to torture for eternity all those who do not believe in him. As far as we understand, that includes ourselves, our child and you too.

    If you can disprove these claims then we would be grateful to be enlightened but otherwise we would only be happy for our child to learn about Islam at an age when they are old enough to fully comprehend the facts.

    Yours sincerely

    • I don’t think this would achieve much in Germany, unless it’s the majority of the parents for a certain class or school and even then it’s probably only going to postpone the indoctrination, rather than deal with the problem at hand.
      Just look at the US, I’m told textbook publishers now have imams to check if the history of islam is written to their liking, actively destroying the objectivity of history lessons and the ability of critical thinking in students (the latter being targeted throughout the education system anyway).
      And if a fellow Central European country is anything to go by, Germany doesn’t allow homeschooling beyond a certain age AND even for the time the children are homeschooled, they have to undergo scoring tests that check they know the proper stuff. (There are some not-so-legal ways of avoiding it, but it caries enough risks for most parents to not try and then most parents have neither the skill nor resources – time, money, etc. – to homeschool their children in the first place.)

      That said, the letter is well written and if a “Gemeinde” can stand behind it then it might invoke change in one way or another.

      • Textbooks are a total scam. The publishers revise the books every year or two to ensure that copies cannot be resold and reused. They’re boring and mediocre. There is hardly any field where a basic work or current work in the field would not serve far better for learning. Teachers are lazy and like to use the supplemental questions contained in the texts. But, it would be the easiest thing in the world to create a separate manual with questions geared to any field or any genuinely useful work meant to give information about a field.

        As usual, there are exceptions in the technical fields, but even here, a field like physics has some really good basic texts that have stood the test of time. Yearly revisions of these texts are more-than-obviously meant to maintain yearly sales figures.

        As education becomes increasingly political, home schooling is a threat to the current leftist narrative. i think the teacher unions in the US are afraid to attack home schooling too directly because they don’t want to arouse a latent, hostile identity group in an open fight. There is simply too much material to use against the teaching cartel, and better to let sleeping dogs lie.

        • Indeed textbooks are getting worse and worse, a woman I know, she has a teenage son, recently complained to me how all the teachers do at school is to tell the kids where to open the textbooks and read the article or do whatever is demanded there and that’s it. They also have a ton of multimedia helpers and I recently read a study that showed children educated with these new methods are dumber by default. It turns on different parts of the brain or something.
          And, as you said, most teachers don’t go against it, because they are lazy.

          I have a friend that’s one of those (never did any other job, so has no idea how stressful it can actually get), though kudos to him on one part: he recently came across our old math textbooks and now uses the assignments there, because they feature huge amounts (like 10 or so on every page, it really makes you calculate long enough to actually understand whatever it is you’re currently learning). Another friend told me last year about one of her professors who went against the flow because he’s had it with students who don’t know the basics of their major and he doesn’t want to waste time on them. But most of his colleagues turned a blind eye because, again, they rather have their warm spot than actually do their darndest to be good at their job.

          The problem is that the Ministry of Education has certain guidelines for each subject that every teacher in every school has to follow. So in certain subjects you can give a bit here and leave out some of the propaganda or, if the parents are willing enough, really stuff the children with information despite it not being required, but you still can’t leave out the mandatory stuff and if they make a positive take on islam mandatory then what are you going to do? It’s a tough spot…

          Btw does anyone know what Hungary’s take on islam is? Do they not really teach about it, like in the old days, or do they paint the historically accurate picture?

  4. To the father in the video: You just think, you are in Germany. You are the future place of the German Caliphate… and you are either a dhimmi or a soon to be dead Christian.

  5. Over 20 years ago I went to support a Church Fete held at a CoE village primary school. In the main hall where the cakes and home-produced goodies stalls were I noticed on the wall a huge display of hand-made paper, cloth and drawings of Muslim prayer mats. There were no Muslims at that school nor within twenty miles in those days

    When I raised my concerns about this indoctrination with the Headmistress and the Vicar I was fobbed of with vacuous platitudes and mumbles about inclusion and multiculturism.

    I left the Anglican commune shortly thereafter and explained why to the vicar…he said he was sorry I was leaving and that he was only following the instructions from his Bishop. I told him gently that I hadn’t left the Church – it had left and abandoned me.

    I’ve been an independent, Old Testament inclined Christian ever since.

    • Wasn’t the Anglican Church the result of Henry VIII’s spat with the Pope over the subject of divorce? If I recall correctly Henry VIII declared himself to be the head of the English Church and confiscated all of the property that was held by the Romish Church. It would seem then that the Anglican Church, apart from a few differences, is the same as the Romish Church but with different Vicars. I think it is kind of humorous that Elizabeth II shares some of the Pope’s titles, Defender of the Faith being one of them.
      As for myself, I fellowship at a Calvary Chapel where the Word of God is taught chapter by chapter, verse by verse, and even word by word, and Islam is called out for what it is. We have even had Jay Smith Ph.D. as a guest. The high point of Dr. Smith’s presentation was the Grand Manuscript that is housed in Ankara, Turkey. Under ultraviolet light numerous black splotches appeared. Upon further examination these were shown to have been made by bleach as what had been written on the vellum was blotted out in favor of what was written later. Thus, the Grand Manuscript is a palimpsest! Zero credibility for any faith in their writings, don’t you think?

      • Palimpsest? That is quite a 10 letter word for public school sufferers! I suppose it is a sign of the literacy and intelligence of the audience that many of the readers would understand such word. Although the Bible has also been subjected to quite a few revisions and outright deletions/omissions as well. NKJV version anyone? Council of Nicea? Numerous transliterations have twisted the original meaning of many passages too.

        Christ’s message of turning the other cheek vs Mohammed’s message of killing all the infidels and raping their women, is a much more humane and worthy example to follow regardless of whether it is divinely inspired or of more secular origins.

        • “Palimpsest? That is quite a 10 letter word…”

          I didn’t know what the word meant. It took five seconds to highlight it, right click, and click on “search google for word”. It created a new tab with the definition right there.

          By the way, Henry VIII was known for his greed and love of wealth and property. It’s not such a stretch to think that his famous rift with Rome was more than a little motivated by the thought that he could lay hands on the tremendous wealth of the church in England.

        • If I’m not mistaken the King James version was translated from Latin wasn’t it? I picked up a New Living Translation Bible some time back and they translated it from the original Hebrew and Greek text to English. That should be more accurate.

          • The French Jerusalem Bible kicked off a new age of Bible varieties. [The English version followed from the French rather than doing any original work. Still an excellent edition, though. I used the Reader’s Edition of the latter for much of my scripture studies.]

            The account of how these came to be? Yep, there’s a wiki for that:


            My interest in the French language dates back to learning what the French Dominicans did in Jerusalem circa the 50s. Reading well-known passages in a language other than one’s own can be deeply refreshing.

  6. This is happening all over the West. Our children are being fed Islamic propaganda. They are not told about the real Islam. I asked my niece ( here int he UK) if she’d “done Islam” at school and she told me she had. I asked her about the massacre of the Banu Qurayza and she’d never heard of it. I asked her how old Ayesha was when she married Mohammad and she’d never heard of her. The appalling things that Islam teaches and the appalling things Mohammad did are being deliberately left aside. They are being fed the “Religion of Peace” nonsense by their useless teachers so we have to make sure they know the truth.

  7. ..and in Germany if you dare homeschool your kids, you are arrested and your children taken away from you.

    Of course, Hitler had Himmler close all Evangelische and Katholische Schulen (Protestant and Catholic schools) in 1935/1936 so the Germans do have a neat, historical precedent.

    So glad, Germany has been disarmed. It is a menace – to itself and everyone anywhere near them.

    • Home schooling in Germany was banned by the nazis to ensure everyone was taught national socialism.

      That ban continued under the new Germany to ensure that anti-nationalism was taught to everyone.

      Germany never did get the concept of democracy. Perhaps because both times it was forced on the country with conditions attached rather than a natural movement.

      • DanielK, Democracy is a foreign concept to the German and always has been, time to bring back the Kaiser and put a Bismarck in charge.

  8. Like German’s have any room to complain about indoctrination or propaganda. How is this any different from studying any other religion or culture in the world?

    • The difference is that Islam has been whitewashed and force fed to children in Europe far beyond what would be usual for any other religion.

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