Trouble With the Intertubes

We’re having trouble with our home network — specifically, the wireless router. The problem is intermittent for the moment, but we may have outages from time to time until I get a long enough Ethernet cable to reach the desktop. Then I can maybe replace the modem…

Anyway, if you find nothing is happening here for a while, and your comments aren’t getting approved, that’s probably why.

2 thoughts on “Trouble With the Intertubes

  1. Baron, I use some units that plug into the electrical socket and connect to the modem with an Ethernet cable. Plug another of these units into a socket near to your computer and connect to it with an Ethernet cable. I’ve had them for a while and they work well. They also cut down on the radiation levels created by WiFi because by using these you can switch off the WiFi at the modem and just connect everything with Ethernet cables.
    If you have a company called TP-Link in the USA, I use theirs. There are cheaper alternatives on Amazon.

    I hope this makes sense.

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