‘Tis the Solstice…Which One? It All Depends…

Today marks the Winter Solstice for 2017 at Schloss Bodissey.

Here’s a short and simple clever tune to ‘celebrate’ our shortest day of the year:

Meanwhile in Oz and other down under spots, they’re celebrating their Summer Solstice

I do love Juzzie Smith. An Australian national treasure.

Of course, Bartók isn’t bad either.

5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Solstice…Which One? It All Depends…

  1. Well, I never knew Bartok was an Aussie (though I did discover that, cerebral as he was, he makes more sense when performed by ethnic Hungarians).

    • I’m too tired to see whether I referred to Bartok as an Aussie – I was simply finding music to suit the colden climes vs. music for the sunny summer of Oz going on right now. Because solstice(s).

  2. Bartok was Hungarian. Bartok is a Hungarian name as well. I am of Hungarian descent, spoke Hungarian in my youth.

    • Thanks Maria, I did know that. His “Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste” is one of the greatest works of the last century.

      When Bartok left Hungary in 1940 (not liking the fascists), the US official at Ellis Island asked whether he was Jewish; he said he was, not because it would help, but out of solidarity.

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