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A fire broke out in a migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos after some of the inmates reportedly got involved in an altercation with police. It is thought that more than a thousand migrants may be trapped inside.

In other migration news, a fresh wave of migrants is currently arriving in Spain after the traffickers slashed their price for passage across the strait from Morocco.

In other news, British Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered her party whip to suspend Anne Marie Morris, a Tory Member of Parliament. Ms. Morris made the ghastly mistake of uttering the “N-word” — gasp! — in public. The horrible word was used unthinkingly by the unfortunate MP in the phrase “there’s a nigger in the woodpile.” Her political future remains in doubt.

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Financial Crisis
» Dying Middle Class: The Number of Americans That Can’t Afford Their Own Homes Has More Than Doubled
» The Breaking Point & the Death of Keynes
» 1 Killed, 1 in Custody in Mount Airy Officer-Involved Shooting
» 6 Charged in Greenpeace Protest at Chicago’s Trump Tower
» CNN Silent on Claims it Hired ‘Al-Qaeda Correspondent’
» Controversy in the “Climate Science Trial of the Century”
» Destroying Our Military From Within Continues
» FBI Rotten From the Top Down, First Comey, Now McCabe
» Hawaii Soldier Arrested for Alleged Ties to Terror Group, FBI Says
» Jihadist Factory
» Mizzou’s Enrollment Still Plummeting
» Schlichter: Liberals Can’t Deal With a President Who Takes America’s Side
» Seth Rich Was Murdered 1 Year Ago Today, Massive Cover-Up Still Underway
» Still Living in Propaganda-ville
» You Want a Picture of the Future? Science Fiction Has Arrived
» Debate Rages Over $10.5M Khadr Deal
» How This Al Qaeda Militant Turned Into a ‘Victim’ — Then a Millionaire
Europe and the EU
» ‘F**k the Rich!’ What Jeremy Corbyn Really Thinks of High-Rate Taxpayers
» Ireland: Child Dies in Dublin Stabbing Incident
» Man Who Threatened to ‘Carry Out Massacres’ Deported From Italy
» Merkel’s Party Call for European Left-Wing Extremist Register
» Soros Buys Himself an “Independent” Fact Check Organisation — Can You Guess Why?
» Switzerland Was Battered by Heavy Storms on Saturday and Sunday Which Caused Millions of Francs Worth of Damage
» UK: Theresa May Orders Tory MP to be Suspended After Using N-Word
Israel and the Palestinians
» Israel Backs Hungary, Says Financier Soros is a Threat
» Trump ‘Knowledgeable’ & ‘Skillful Negotiator’ Says Putin’s Spokesman After ‘Win-Win’ G20 Talks
» U.S.-Russia: A Glimmer of Hope
South Asia
» 10 Amarnath Pilgrims Including 6 Women Killed in Jihadi Terror Attack in J&K’s Anantnag. 30 Injured.
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Villagers Warned as Four Lions Escape From Kruger Park in South Africa
» EU’s Migrant Nightmare: Arrivals in Spain Rocket as Smugglers Slash Crossing Price to £800
» Merkel Migrant Blowback Begins: “Chechen Sharia Police Terrorize Berlin”
» Migrant Camp on Fire: Hundreds Trapped as Blaze Breaks Out on Greek Island of Lesbos
» Orban: EU Following ‘Soros Migrant Plans’

Dying Middle Class: The Number of Americans That Can’t Afford Their Own Homes Has More Than Doubled

Have you lost your spot in the middle class yet? For years I have been documenting all of the numbers that show that the middle class in America has been steadily shrinking, and we just got another one. According to a report that was produced by researchers at Harvard University, the number of Americans that spend more than 30 percent of their incomes on housing has more than doubled. In 2001, nearly 16 million Americans couldn’t afford the homes that they were currently living in, but by 2015 that figure had jumped to 38 million.

When I write about “economic collapse”, I am writing about a process that has been unfolding for decades in this country. Back in the early 1970s, well over 60 percent of all Americans were considered to be “middle class”, but now that number has fallen below 50 percent. Never before in our history has the middle class been a minority of the population, but that is where we are at now, and the middle class continues to get even smaller with each passing day.

So these new numbers saddened me, but they didn’t exactly surprise me. The following comes from NBC News…

Sometimes people try to convince me that the economy is doing “well”, but when I ask them how they are doing personally the news is almost always dreary. I know so many people that are working for close to minimum wage that used to be solidly in the middle class.

One of the biggest reasons why the middle class is shrinking is because paychecks are staying about the same while the cost of living continues to rise steadily.

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The Breaking Point & the Death of Keynes

Take a look at the chart above. Beginning in the 1950’s, and continuing through the late 1970’s, interest rates were in a generally rising trend along with economic growth. Consequently, despite recessions, budget deficits were non-existent allowing for the productive use of capital. When the economy went through its natural and inevitable slowdowns, or recessions, the Federal Reserve could lower interest rates which in turn would incentivize producers to borrow at cheaper rates, refinance activities, etc. which spurred production and ultimately hiring and consumption.

However, beginning in 1980 the trend changed with what I have called the “Breaking Point.” It’s hard to identify the exact culprit which ranged from the Reagan Administration’s launch into massive deficit spending, deregulation, exportation of manufacturing, a shift to a serviced based economy, or a myriad of other possibilities or even a combination of all of them. Whatever the specific reason; the policies that have been followed since the “breaking point” have continued to work at odds with the “American Dream,” and economic models.

As the banking system was deregulated, the financial system was unleashed upon the unsuspecting American public. As interest rates fell, the average American discovered the world of financial engineering, easy money, and the wealth creation ability through the use of leverage. However, what we didn’t realize then, and are slowly coming to grips with today, is that financial engineering has a very negative side effect — it deteriorated our economic prosperity.

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1 Killed, 1 in Custody in Mount Airy Officer-Involved Shooting

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office to investigate fatal shooting by Howard County police

MOUNT AIRY, Md. — A man is dead and a woman is police custody after an officer-involved shooting Monday in the Mount Airy area, Frederick County’s Sheriff’s Office said.

Members of the Howard County Police Department’s Repeat Offenders Unit were in the area of Penn Shop Road near Ridge Road, near the Frederick and Carroll County lines, for a multi-jurisdictional investigation into a series of ongoing burglaries, officials said.

“We were aware of the burglaries in the area; however, we did not have any information that they would be violent. We were aware of the burglaries, we were aware Howard County was familiar with those as well as us and they were actively working the investigation,” Frederick County sheriff’s Maj. Tom Clarke said.

Sheriff’s Office authorities asked the Howard County police officers to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect’s vehicle, officials said.

During the initiation of the traffic stop, the suspect vehicle rammed a Howard County police vehicle on Penn Shop Road near Route 27 then drove toward officers that were outside of their vehicle, officials said.

“That same vehicle drove toward three Howard County officers that had exited their vehicles. Two of those officers fired, striking one of the suspects and killing them,” Clarke said.

“I heard a gunshot and a bunch of police sirens. I was super scared at the time,” said Yessica Garcia-Benitez, a 13-year-old resident.

Authorities said Penn Shop Road was completely closed while the investigation of the scene continues and will be for some time.

No officers were injured in the incident…

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6 Charged in Greenpeace Protest at Chicago’s Trump Tower

Six people, including four Greenpeace activists, were charged Sunday in connection with a Friday protest at Trump Tower in downtown Chicago, according to police.

Jeremy Alpert, 43, of Glencoe; Taylor Blevons, 27, of Deerfield; Wendy Jennings, 38, of Minneapolis, Minnesota; and David Khoury, 47, of Leslie, Arkansas, were each charged with one felony count of criminal damage to property and one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct, Chicago police said in a release.

[Comment: Take a look at the mug shots. A bunch of losers.]

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CNN Silent on Claims it Hired ‘Al-Qaeda Correspondent’

Left-wing website exposes news network for paying correspondent to pal around with terrorists.

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Controversy in the “Climate Science Trial of the Century”

Is global-warming vanguardist Michael Mann in contempt of court or isn’t he? Climate realist and Principia Scientific International (PSI) director John O’Sullivan says yes. He writes that Mann missed a judge’s deadline to produce his data in what’s dubbed the “climate science trial of the century” and now faces defeat, financial consequences, and possible criminal investigation in the United States. As for Mann, his attorney denies the allegations, calling them “spurious.”

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Destroying Our Military From Within Continues

“Late into President Obama’s last term, his military officials allowed transgender soldiers to serve openly, even funding gender-change surgeries with taxpayer dollars.” Doesn’t it just make you feel so good to know that borrowed money (not your federal income taxes) funds the mutilation of men and women who need mental illness treatment?

Further down in the article above, the writer hits things right on point:

Military As Social Engineering, Not National Defense

“The force-wide presentation sheds quite a bit of light on the implications of the rule change on transgender service members. The policy prioritizes subjective feelings over combat-readiness and inverts military order by placing the needs of individuals over the well-being of their units.

“The policy allows transgender soldiers to switch their “gender marker” in the Army’s personnel database without undergoing sex reassignment surgery or any other physical changes.

“For a soldier to officially change gender requires only some paperwork. A military doctor or civilian medical professional must certify that the transgender person has achieved “stability in the preferred gender” and the soldier must change the gender designation on the soldier’s passport or birth certificate. From that point on, the transgender soldier is “expected to adhere to all military standards associated with their gender,” and “use the billeting, bathroom and shower facilities” of their new gender.” And:

“The slide tells soldiers to “understand that you may encounter individuals in barracks, bathrooms, or shower facilities with physical characteristics of the opposite sex despite having the same gender marker in DEERS.” The next bullet point adds, “all Soldiers should be respectful of the privacy and modesty concerns of others. However, transgender Soldiers are not required or expected to modify or adjust their behavior based on the fact that they do not ‘match’ other Soldiers.” This is a first. The military is normally in the business of telling soldiers to “modify or adjust their behavior” all the time…

“As important as privacy and respect are, the biggest problem with the policy is its effect on the military’s core purpose of battle readiness. For example, under the policy, a male infantryman who cannot meet the bare minimum requirement of 42 pushups and is therefore considered a liability in combat can switch his “gender marker” to female and suddenly be qualified. Even though he retains the exact same physical characteristics, and can do only 19 push-ups, he will now be a combat-ready female infantry soldier, eligible to hold the exact same role in his former unit.”

Do take the time to read the entire article.

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FBI Rotten From the Top Down, First Comey, Now McCabe

Comey’s understudy, Democrat Andrew McCabe, now the acting FBI Director, is facing three federal inquiries for (1) sexual discrimination and subsequent retaliation against the complainant, (General Michael T. Flynn) (2) campaigning as an FBI official for his wife, which is a violation of the Hatch Act, and (3) ethics violations relating to campaign payments to his wife.

Let’s take a look at these charges one by one. John Solomon and Sarah Carter of Circa, exposed McCabe’s retaliation against General Michael T. Flynn.

McCabe’s Vendetta Against Flynn

Robin Gritz who is a decorated counterterrorism agent, had filed a sexual discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against Andrew McCabe and other top FBI officials. Once she filed the lawsuit, McCabe began investigating Gritz personally looking for any dirt on her he could find.

Unfortunately, it takes a good deal of time for the lawsuit to work its way through the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and is still waiting for review by an administrative law judge in the Office of Federal Operations.

In 2014 Michael Flynn backed up the sex discrimination charge brought by Gritz against McCabe and other top people at the FBI. Surprise…two years later Flynn is the subject of a McCabe-led FBI investigation about how he supposedly colluded with the Russian ambassador.

The General was on Trump’s transition team. It would make perfect sense he would be talking to the Russian ambassador. And, as Rush Limbaugh says, “Flynn is a super patriot, number one. He is a full-fledged super patriot. He would not sell out the United States to the Russian ambassador for anything. That’s his public image.”

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Hawaii Soldier Arrested for Alleged Ties to Terror Group, FBI Says

A U.S. Army soldier on active duty in Hawaii has been charged with providing material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the FBI said.

FBI officials identified the soldier to CBS News as 34-year-old Ikaika Erik Kang. According to the FBI, Kang allegedly attempted to provide military documents, and training, to ISIS.

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Jihadist Factory

Bewildered by what fanatic Muslims do, some conclude that Muslims are brainwashed. Otherwise, how can their totally illogical belief system and barbaric behavior be explained? But the notion of “brainwashing” that is bandied about is the stuff of science fiction and Hollywood movies such as The Manchurian Candidate…

Islam is a powerful magnet for the masses who are unable to deal with the uncertainties of life and death on their own. It is from this population, many already thoroughly indoctrinated from birth, that the majority of diehard jihadists emerge.

The jihadist makes a bargain: He surrenders totally to the religion of surrender in exchange for blanket security. Islam gives him all the answers he seeks for dealing with this world and promises him a most lush and eternal paradise of Allah once he leaves it. And leaving this world in perfect submission as the foot-soldier of the paradise’s creator gives the faithful jihadist an unimaginably glorious and sensual eternal reward in his next life. It’s a bargain that some buy in whole, some in part. Others refuse it and seek other means of dealing with their questions and their unrelenting existential anxiety.

The great majority of jihadists emerge from the ranks of those born into the religion of Islam simply because they are the ones most thoroughly indoctrinated and influenced by Islamic dogma in their most receptive early years. Yet there are others who embrace Islam in adulthood, on their own, and enlist themselves as devoted jihadists for the same rewards that Islam offers.

Islam has a great advantage of the first call on the new arrival. It is an omnipresent system with masses of believers, mosques, and madrasahs, and a host of other social and economic organizations that overpower the person and steer him into the same fold. It is a sea of people who seem to know what they are all about, what life and death are all about, and what one must do in general.

Within this sea of surging humanity composed of some 1.5 billion Muslims, each individual believer (a drop), through a combination of choice and forces beyond his control, ends up in one of its many waves. It is the jihadist wave that is highly attractive to the deeply-indoctrinated and poorly-adjusted in dealing rationally and independently with life. Here, such people find the ironclad, perfect solution to their anxieties and perplexities.

To a jihadist, death is nothing more than casting off a shell of worthless earthly existence and donning the suit for winging joyously to the life of bliss promised by none other than Allah’s beloved final emissary, Muhammad.

America must come to terms with the reality that orthodox Islam requires unceasing jihad…

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Mizzou’s Enrollment Still Plummeting

Enrollment at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) has continued plummeting, with the 25 percent decline reported in 2016 increasing to a 35 percent decline, according to a figure reported Sunday.

Mizzou experienced a 25 percent decline in freshman enrollment and suffered a $32 million hit to its budget in spring 2016. The university’s freshman enrollment deficit is at 35 percent as of Monday, according to The New York Times.

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Schlichter: Liberals Can’t Deal With a President Who Takes America’s Side

Trump loves United States and acts like it

Let me throw down this marker: The West is superior to the rest of the world in every significant way, we should aggressively back our allies over our enemies, and the guiding principle of our foreign policy should always be America’s interests.

No apologies. No equivocation. No doubt.

What are your questions?

Well, if you’re a normal American, you won’t have any questions — these truths are self-evident. But if you’re a progressive, you’re gonna have a little sissy snit fit like so many libs did in the wake of the President’s triumphant Warsaw speech. There’s one thing that always sets them off — uttering the truth/heresy that not only is Western civilization the best and most advanced culture in the history of humanity, but the United States of America is its greatest manifestation.

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Seth Rich Was Murdered 1 Year Ago Today, Massive Cover-Up Still Underway

Democratic National Committee Staffer Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016, and despite the public attention surrounding his death-and the possibility that he was the source who leaked thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks-no one has been held responsible for his murder.

He was just 27 years old, and was working as the voter expansion data director for the DNC in Washington D.C. Rich was shot twice in the back while he was walking home around 4:20 a.m., and the “official story” has always been that he was the victim of a botched robbery-yet even though he was killed, he was still found with his wallet, containing all of his cash and credit cards, and his expensive watch.

Despite the fact that the official narrative surrounding Rich’s death does not add up, and no suspects have been charged, anything questioning the alleged botched robbery has been labeled as a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

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Still Living in Propaganda-ville

As much as the U.S. mainstream media wants people to believe that it is the Guardian of Truth, it is actually lost in a wilderness of propaganda and falsehoods, a dangerous land of delusion that is putting the future of humankind at risk as tension escalate with nuclear-armed Russia…

The report also contained no hard evidence of a Russian “hack” and amounted to a one-sided circumstantial case at best. However, by then, the U.S. mainstream media had embraced the “all-17-intelligence-agencies” refrain and anyone who disagreed, including President Trump, was treated as delusional. The argument went: “How can anyone question what all 17 intelligence agencies have confirmed as true?”

It wasn’t until May 8 when then-former DNI Clapper belatedly set the record straight in sworn congressional testimony in which he explained that there were only three “contributing agencies” from which analysts were “hand-picked.”

The reference to “hand-picked” analysts pricked the ears of some former U.S. intelligence analysts who had suffered through earlier periods of “politicized” intelligence when malleable analysts were chosen to deliver what their political bosses wanted to hear.

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You Want a Picture of the Future? Science Fiction Has Arrived

We have arrived, way ahead of schedule, into the dystopian future dreamed up by such science fiction writers as George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Margaret Atwood and Philip K. Dick.

Much like Orwell’s Big Brother in 1984, the government and its corporate spies now watch our every move.

Much like Huxley’s A Brave New World, we are churning out a society of watchers who “have their liberties taken away from them, but … rather enjoy it, because they are distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing.”

Much like Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, the populace is now taught to “know their place and their duties, to understand that they have no real rights but will be protected up to a point if they conform, and to think so poorly of themselves that they will accept their assigned fate and not rebel or run away.”

And in keeping with Philip K. Dick’s darkly prophetic vision of a dystopian police state-which became the basis for Steven Spielberg’s futuristic thriller Minority Report which was released 15 years ago-we are now trapped into a world in which the government is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful, and if you dare to step out of line, dark-clad police SWAT teams and pre-crime units will crack a few skulls to bring the populace under control.

Minority Report is set in the year 2054, but it could just as well have taken place in 2017.

Seemingly taking its cue from science fiction, technology has moved so fast in the short time since Minority Report premiered in 2002 that what once seemed futuristic no longer occupies the realm of science fiction.

Both worlds-our present-day reality and Spielberg’s celluloid vision of the future-are characterized by widespread surveillance, behavior prediction technologies, data mining, fusion centers, driverless cars, voice-controlled homes, facial recognition systems, cybugs and drones, and predictive policing (pre-crime) aimed at capturing would-be criminals before they can do any damage.

All of this has come about with little more than a whimper from a clueless American populace largely comprised of nonreaders and television and internet zombies. But we have been warned about such an ominous future in novels and movies for years.

The following films may be the best representation of what we now face as a society…

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Debate Rages Over $10.5M Khadr Deal

People are really peeved about the blood money payout to Omar Khadr.

In my quarter century at the Toronto Sun, I can’t recall seeing so much anger from all across Canada. It is directed at the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government’s decision to settle with Khadr for $10.5-million and apologize for not properly honouring his Charter Rights while imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay.

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How This Al Qaeda Militant Turned Into a ‘Victim’ — Then a Millionaire

In the ruins of a dusty al Qaeda compound in Ayub Kheil, a remote village in Afghanistan, 15-year-old Canadian-born Omar Khadr secured his position behind a crumbling, bullet-riddled wall and threw the Russian grenade that would change his life forever.

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‘F**k the Rich!’ What Jeremy Corbyn Really Thinks of High-Rate Taxpayers

The explosive quote was attributed to the then-backbencher MP in 1997, as he addressed a crowd of young demonstrators, just months after Tony Blair swept to a huge majority in the election with his centre-left policies.

Speaking in London’s Hyde Park on November 26 1997 during a rally against the cutting of university grants introduction of fees, Jeremy Corbyn said: “We have to address the problems of society by redistributing wealth. F**k the rich!”

[Comment: Class warfare is everything to the die hard communist.]

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Ireland: Child Dies in Dublin Stabbing Incident

A 3-year-old boy has died following a stabbing incident in the Kimmage area of Dublin.

A woman in her 40s has been taken to St James Hospital and is being treated for stab injuries. Her condition is described as serious.

The child was found when gardaí were called to a house in the Poddle Park area at around 7pm. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The scene has been preserved for an examination and the State Pathologist has been notified.

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Man Who Threatened to ‘Carry Out Massacres’ Deported From Italy

A 48-year-old man was on Sunday deported from Italy for “reasons of danger to society”, the Interior Ministry said.

The man had threatened “to carry out massacres [in Italy] in the name of the Caliphate”, the ministry said, using an alternative name for the terrorist organization Isis.

Police had monitored the suspect “for showing a strong aversion to Western customs, condemning the military operations of the anti-Daesh coalition, as well as boasting that in the past he had slit the throats of many men”, the statement continued.

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Merkel’s Party Call for European Left-Wing Extremist Register

GERMAN politicians are calling for the creation of a register of violent left-wing extremists from across Europe following the Hamburg riots which overshadowed the G20 summit.

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Soros Buys Himself an “Independent” Fact Check Organisation — Can You Guess Why?

This almost cartoon-like Super Villain, George Soros, has just “donated” half a million dollars to Full Fact, a fact checking charity in the UK. As to why he has done this is anyone’s guess…kind heart, seeker of truth…Or is it perhaps set to be just another arm of his personal propaganda army?

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Switzerland Was Battered by Heavy Storms on Saturday and Sunday Which Caused Millions of Francs Worth of Damage

Switzerland was battered by heavy storms on Saturday and Sunday which caused millions of francs worth of damage.

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UK: Theresa May Orders Tory MP to be Suspended After Using N-Word

Theresa May has ordered the Conservative party’s chief whip to suspend an MP who used the N-word at an event during a discussion about Brexit.

Anne Marie Morris, the MP for Newton Abbot in Devon, said sorry for causing offence with her use of the word, after a string of opposition politicians accused her of racism.

However, the prime minister decided to suspend the whip from Morris after saying the remarks were shocking and unacceptable.

The row broke out after Morris was recorded telling an event: “Now I’m sure there will be many people who’ll challenge that, but my response and my request is look at the detail, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Now we get to the real nigger in the woodpile, which is, in two years what happens if there is no deal?”

Her remarks, recorded by the Huffington Post at the East India Club, caused an immediate backlash, with opposition politicians calling on May to withdraw the whip from Morris.

Within an hour of the comments emerging, Morris had issued a statement of apology. “The comment was totally unintentional. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused,” she said in an email.

About three hours later, May released a statement saying Morris was being disciplined and the whip suspended.

“I was shocked to hear of these remarks, which are completely unacceptable,” May said. “I immediately asked the chief whip to suspend the party whip. Language like this has absolutely no place in politics or in today’s society.”

A Conservative source said that May had initially been unaware of the remarks because she was had been with the Australian leader and then in the House of Commons.

Morris is likely to carry on voting with the whip but the move notionally reduces May’s fragile majority of just six, if both Conservative and DUP MPs are included.

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Israel Backs Hungary, Says Financier Soros is a Threat

Israel’s foreign ministry has issued a statement denouncing U.S. billionaire George Soros, a move that appeared designed to align Israel more closely with Hungary ahead of a visit to Budapest next week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Trump ‘Knowledgeable’ & ‘Skillful Negotiator’ Says Putin’s Spokesman After ‘Win-Win’ G20 Talks

Russians dismiss claims of Trump’s incompetence as delusional trash.

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U.S.-Russia: A Glimmer of Hope

by Srdja Trifkovic

Considering the toxic Russophobic atmosphere nurtured by the Beltway establishment, the first meeting between presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin last Friday went reasonably well. Contrary to the mainstream media pack’s predictions and predictable post mortems, there were no “winners” or “losers.” The encounter was not perceived by its principals in terms of zero-cum game. It was a businesslike encounter between two grownups and their foreign ministers.

It is a good thing that the meeting did not include various staffers and advisors. The danger of leaks was thus eliminated, the setup was more conducive to candor. In the end it went on for over two hours, much longer than either side had anticipated, and covered a broad range of topics. For all their differences of temperament and background, Trump and Putin both understand that the business of U.S.-Russian relations is too serious to be subjected to the Deep Staters’ shenanigans or to the ukase of corporate media commentariat. Their initial agreements, notably on Syria, may not look earth-shattering. It is significant that they were reached in the first place…

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10 Amarnath Pilgrims Including 6 Women Killed in Jihadi Terror Attack in J&K’s Anantnag. 30 Injured.

10 Amarnath pilgrims killed in Jihadi terror attack in J&K’s Anantnag. VHP and Bajrang Dal calls nationwide protest on Tuesday.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Delhi | July 10, 2017:: Pak supported Jihadi Terrorists on Monday night killed around 10 Amarnath Yatra pilgrims from Gujarat, including six women, and injured 30 others as they struck at a bus in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district, in the worst attack on the annual pilgrimage since the year 2000, the local sources said. While TNN source told the casualties of 7 pilgrims, Zee News figured it as 8.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal will hold a nationwide protest on Tuesday+ against the terror attack on the bus carrying Amarnath pilgrims in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district.

The bus bearing the registration number GJ 09Z 9976 was attacked at around 8.20pm near Khanabal when it was on its way to Jammu, the J&K police said.

Police said the bus was not a part of the Amarnath Yatra convoy, which is being provided elaborate security. The terrorists first attacked a bullet-proof bunker of the police at Botengoo, a police official said, adding the firing was retaliated. There were no injuries in this attack.

Thereafter, the terrorists fired on a police picket near Khannabal. When the police retaliated, the militants fled, firing indiscriminately, and the bus carrying the Amarnath pilgrims came in the crossfire.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his anguish over the “dastardly attack” in a series of tweets . Condemning the attack, PM said “India will never be bogged down by such cowardly attacks”…

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Villagers Warned as Four Lions Escape From Kruger Park in South Africa

The predators sneaked out of the major tourist attraction on Sunday night and have been spotted in a nearby village.

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EU’s Migrant Nightmare: Arrivals in Spain Rocket as Smugglers Slash Crossing Price to £800

THE number of migrants arriving by boat to Spain has rocketed by 60 per cent this year as the EU faces the nightmare prospect of a fresh front opening up in the Mediterranean.

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Merkel Migrant Blowback Begins: “Chechen Sharia Police Terrorize Berlin”

A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Sharia law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who are investigating a recent string of violent assaults in the German capital.

The self-appointed morality police involve Salafists from Chechnya, a predominantly Sunni Muslim region in Russia. The vigilantes are using threats of violence to discourage Chechen migrants from integrating into German society; they are also promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in Germany. German authorities appear unable to stop them.

The Sharia patrol came to public light in May 2017, when Chechen Salafists released a video warning other Chechens in Germany that those who fail to comply with Islamic law and adat, a traditional Chechen code of behavior, will be killed. The video’s existence was reported by Meduza, a Russian-language independent media organization based in Latvia. The video, which circulated through WhatsApp, an online messaging service, showed a hooded man aiming a pistol at the camera. Speaking in Chechen, he declared:…

In one instance, a young Chechen woman was recorded on video while walking down a street in Berlin and conversing with a non-Chechen man. That same evening, a few dozen unknown Chechen men drove to her house in northern Berlin. The man she had been seen with was brutally beaten; almost all of his teeth were knocked out. The young woman managed to hide.

On July 4, the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel reported that several other women and men have been assaulted by the Sharia gang in recent weeks, and that the Berlin Criminal Police Office has now launched an investigation. A police spokesperson said that the investigation is being hampered by the fact that so far no victim has publicly dared to bring formal accusations against the gang. The victims are all, apparently, afraid of retribution.

According to Tagesspiegel, some members of the gang, which has grown to around a hundred members, are armed and many have combat experience from the Chechen wars with Russia. The gang members, who also come from Dagestan and Ingushetia, have attacked Muslims as well as non-Muslims, including Christian asylum seekers at migrant shelters in Berlin.

The gang is linked to several Salafist mosques in the German capital, including Fussilet 33, which once served as the headquarters of the so-called Berlin Caliphate. The mosque was shuttered by German authorities in February 2017, after they learned that Anis Amri, the Tunisian jihadist who carried out the suicide attack on a Berlin Christmas market, had sheltered there.

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Migrant Camp on Fire: Hundreds Trapped as Blaze Breaks Out on Greek Island of Lesbos

AROUND 1,500 people could be trapped after a fire broke out at a migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Images from the scene show huge, bright orange flames licking the edges of buildings at the Moria Refugee Camp as migrants flee from their makeshift homes.

Thick black clouds are also seen rising from the buildings, while witnesses reported hearing explosions and claim they started to smell smoke before being evacuated.

It is believed some migrants living in the camp had been told they were going to be deported before the fire broke out, with some involved in an altercation with police.

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Orban: EU Following ‘Soros Migrant Plans’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has claimed the European Union are implementing migration plans designed by left-wing billionaire Geroge Soros to bring in a million migrants per year to Europe with the help of his army of NGOs.

Orbán claimed the EU and Soros wish to bring in the one million migrants annually to create an EU immigration force to undermine the national sovereignty of member states, Die Presse reports.

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/10/2017

  1. I see a strong alliance developing between Russia and the United States over the next decades – an alliance of sorts is already in place, for instance; their joint efforts in some ‘space adventures’.

    The Globalists have been defeated in their ambition to take Russia as their last prize in their evil plan for one world government via the United Nations. Their other ‘Globalist’ protege, China, must now deliberate on which path it will pursue – the path the Globalists direct it to take or the path of opportunity to finally be their own Nation if they hitch a ride with Russia and the United States.

    • That’s a most interesting characterization of China as a globalist protege. The phenomenon of moving tens of thousands of U.S. factories to the shores of a communist dictatorship has never been explained. That this was a deliberate policy to benefit said communist country and damage the U.S. is clear not least for the simple scale of the shift. Billions of dollars and great intellectual property resources were gifted to the Chinese. The Chinese did not “exact” IP concessions without the approval of American elites.

      Other signs of deliberate policy include (1) failure to demand proper Chinese currency valuation, (2) failure to lower the (I think) then-second highest corporate tax rate in the world, and (3) lessen the burden of regulation on domestic industry.

      The fanaticism of the same open borders scum ensured that the U.S. worker suffered another body blow in the form of intense wage competition and job theft.

      The malevolence is hard to imagine.

      • My own observations have led me to believe that China is currently on the path to One World Government via what the Globalists direct. One only need to look over where Chinese influence has spread throughout the world to appreciate that aspect to Chinese/Globalist Imperialism. North Korea was a test on how far China would bend to reining in a rogue state by Trump who spent much time with Xi explaining where China is headed and where he, Trump, will not let it go, well not without a fight that is. One should now see that China has failed in that test.

        We should appreciate that the Chinese have been given a new lease of economic arrogance that is now coupled with their own sense of racial superiority, and that does not bode for good times ahead.

        And that is where the Russian/American alliance will have to be used to counter Chinese ambition, hopefully, peacefully of course, but the Chinese have a long history of believing in their own invincibility and racial superiority over the rest of the world, so what occurs at some time in future is really open to unfolding events as they happen.

        That malevolence you mention is becoming more apparent in what the Chinese now do. Like Japan prior to WW2, they have spies everywhere taking in whatever they feel is relevant to their own geopolitical projections.

        The watch word on the Globalists current position should be to watch what China does.

  2. Netanyahu needs to recall his ambassador to Hungary. Sounds like the bum is in the pocket of the Soros crowd, not speaking for Israel. Well done, Bibi, for castigating this flake.

  3. ** Left-Wing Extremist Register **

    Oh em gee. Are there left-wing extremists in Germany? Angela is on the qui vive! Now that there will be a register the leftist scum won’t be out cracking heads and teeth when patriots demonstrate.

    • Oh I thought they were ‘right wing fascists’ as the narrative goes. Why has Antifa not been proscribed as a terrorist organization, which it is?

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