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  1. This was dropped on the Israeli diplomat who defended Soros, supposedly a holocaust survivor, versus Victor Orban, Hungarian prime-minister.
    Israel’s PM office immediately retracted the statement and reprimanded the Ambassador, took Orban’s side by noting that Soros’ organizations routinely defame Israel and finance anarchists who seek to undermine Israel at home and abroad.

    • You guys doing a great job! Baron reads these comments and I am sure he is willing to replace this image with the original you guys created!

    • I looked at your site, and scrolled through the past week of your Twitter feed, and I couldn’t find the original. Paste the URL here, and I’ll replace the one I have with the original.

      Also: Please update both your news articles and your Twitter to correct the report (originally propagated by The Express, I think) that the Israeli government supports Soros and opposes the Hungarian government on this.

      Now that the Israeli ambassador has been repudiated by his government and his prime minister, a correction of the record is in order. The Express should do the same, but I’m not holding my breath. At least al-Reuters has issued an update.

  2. Victor Orban commands the hungarian secret service.

    Vladimir Putin commands the KGB, sorry FSB.

    Just Sayin…

    • And your point is?

      Soros commands almost every western media outlet, he controls governments and manipulates currencies, destroying entire economys at a whim. Now, if Putin or Orban were to use their secret police to send this odious toad straight to the hell he so richly deserves then I would have a little more respect for such accusations. That they do not demonstrates that they are either too civilized for such behavior, or do not actually have such power to do so if they in fact want to.

      • Well said! As Putin’s reach has already been demonstrated to be very long, I suggest the answer is that Soros, like all the 21st century super-rich, has a fortress around him that would take an MOABs to penetrate – which is why those of his ilk can be so fast and loose with everyone else’s lives.

        They live in gated communities with armed guards. We have to fend for ourselves in deteriorating neighborhoods, with mosques being built next door!

        • Sad to say, Soros’ security detail is probably at ridiculous levels, by which I mean it is likely entirely composed of ex-Delta, ex-SAS, and ex-Spetznaz that are extremely well-paid.

      • It is always said that Orban and Putin are friendly towards us.
        Yes, I know “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and of course “a state has no friends, only temporary allies” but they could help us.

        Do you remember that when the CIA went against North Vietnam they dropped parachutes carrying iceblocks. When the VC found those parachutes the ice was gone (heath, humidity) and they were left witth the impression that a CIA assassination squad had been sent.

        I think that without killing even one person those that Support us could play havoc with the plans of our politicians.

        But as this does not happen I think that Orban and Putin are just puppets playing at being enemies of Soros and Co.

    • Hungary is a democracy. A Prime Minister not ordering the execution of a citizen. That’s was Obama’s specialty.

  3. And the police corps that are at the Mediterranean to ‘help’ survivors is teaching Soros’ men rescuing tactics.

  4. Soros is simply a willing and well paid useful idiot in the hands of the same entity who spawned Islam. Notice how the memes are nearly identical. We need to take this battle to the next level. Never mind the pawns, we need to go after the “god” of this world who thinks that he’s in charge.

  5. It is my impression, having spent some time watching this evil figure and family, Georgy Soros is as lethal, as schemingly sneaky, as the famous allegory of Aesop, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Farmer_and_the_Viper

    And in Britannica, they have him referred to as an ‘American speculator or financier’ don’t remember which word. but “American”, and yet he came up as a now atheist, turncoat Hungarian ghetto, former Jew of the holocaust, having turned on his own, stone cold with no conscience, as per his own video interview on you tube. Just as in the Aesop illustration, it is what he does……

    • By the way, giving credit where it is due, I first learned of soros, nwo, agenda 21 and the globalists, etc. from the heroic and amazing work which Glenn Beck had accomplished, during his real heyday, his incredible stint at Fox. So many of us were wised up to the real realities by his amazing work. America owes him much, an unsung educational hero, of Freedom!

      It took some time to readjust our-my focus to take all the cruel realities in, and see the truths he introduced, including its history, as well as the Frankfurt school history. Cloward-Piven and the rest. So my hat is off to that great work, he did. I had been in slumber until then…..

    • Granted Soros is amoral and evil and very wealthy and influential. But I think he’s the point man for a larger group of multi-billionaires. If you look at the figures for possessors of wealth, Soros is a second-string billionaire. Bill Gates and other high-tech billionaires are several times wealthier than Soros , including the Mexican communications monopolist, Carlos Slim, largest investor in the New York Times.

      The fact that foreign sources of money are allowed to buy our vital communications organs and our educational institutions argues for a much wider interest in destroying our culture than just George Soros.

      • Soros has a demolition company, only his company (NGO networks) does not wreck houses or cars but full countries. He got hired by the bankar families to accelerate the Kalergi plan for Europe before their FIAT money system collapses…
        As they say there are “conspiracy theories” and there are “conspiracy facts”. I think now we can say with certainty that this is in this second group.

      • In Europe Soros is wreaking havoc. Viktor Orban is now locked in a vital battle against the EU and Soros – we must hope that Mr Orban wins because If he loses, there will not be a single elected government left to defend Europe’s history and identity. Soros is the devil incarnate.

        • Soros is the Antichrist? That is much too complimentary. Of course, Soros may perform the introduction of the devil’s spawn to the world. It would be in his character and fit rather nicely.

  6. Soros is a Nazi he self describes the time he went around identifying and sending jews to the gas chambers with a SS colonel as the best time in his life, He is not a Jew because that also he says he is an atheist, Hungary has every right to vilify this monster.

  7. You do realize that Hungary would be a [pit of excrement] without Soros money, influence and lobbying?

    • Lol!!!!!

      This is not a fiction site. You may have the wrong URL.

      Back to the real world, Orban brought the Hungarian government back to fiscal responsibility. Spending within its means allowed the Hungarian government to reject the EU diktats and reject having to admit hundreds of thousands of low-IQ, no-skill, high-sociopath immigrants.

      Financial dependence is political dependence. It took time and effort repairing the damage from previous administrations before Orban was able to thumb his nose at disastrous EU demands.

      The only mistake Hungary made concerning Soros was not giving him the choice between US citizenship and Hungarian citizenship. Soros would never choose to become a sole citizen of a country whose government is as hostile to him as Orban, so in one stroke, Soros would lose all the benefits deriving from a dual citizenship between the US and Hungary.

      • This is largely a fiction site:)

        You might want to check the evolution of Hungarian diaspora and its impact to post 1989 Hungary. You should also, as i’ve said, check how much money Soros has invested DIRECTLY in Hungary, besides all those who he brough in indirectly.

        Hugary dishes out dual citizenships left and right, feeding the absurd hopes (of some poor mislead fanatics) that they will break up some countries and remake Hungarian “empire”. They had that chance in 1990, they stirred up some [effluvium] and it didn’t work. Guess what. Orban was directly involved in that. Now that ship has sailed. Although Orban keeps beating the dead horse.

        Yes, the EU is not perfect, some might say it’s even bad, but for Hungary it has bee more good than bad (just like Soros). Also, if your choice is between Putin and Merkel, you’d have to be a truly idiotic or malevolent person to choose Putin.

        • No, it’s not a fiction site, but it does get the occasional leftist operative.

  8. And now Orban turns against him just like Stalin turned against Trotsky. Except Soros is not Trotsky and Orban is not Stalin, try as he might.

    • Oh man, you are so wrong on so many levels it is hard to describe. It is Soros who openly turned against all of Europe. Of course even before he caused nothing but damage with his financial manipulations, but now he is really turned on everyone. Orbán just says that everyone with a shred of common sense thinking. Common sense you so obviously lacking.

  9. I’ll tell to you what I said before right here. Do you know that the Open Society Fundation sponsored the translation and printing of Hayek, Nozik, Friedman, Locke, Buchanan? Do you even know who these people are?

  10. Open Society Fundation [sic]? Nozik [sic]? What a Soros operative you are! Soros can call his handiwork “Open Societies [notice the plural] Foundation,” and we’re supposed to be fooled? You expect those of us who have actually read Hayek to take Soros’s connection with him seriously?

    Beat it, operative. [redacted].

  11. You don’t seem to understand. They could have translated the french postmodernis or the “classics” like Adorno or Marcuse, hell, even Rawls, but no, they go with the freedom ones, shaping an entire generation. It seems a little couterproductive, wouldn’t you say? Also, the Open Society pulled out altoghether from some important countries, like Romania for instance…I guess their work is done…But wait, people there hate immigrants.. Meantime the russians occupy Crimea and half of Ukraine, the chinese buy Africa in bulk and the Piraeus port and the turks devolve into a theocracy. That Soros, always up to no good…

  12. You still don’t seem to understand. Ok, I’ll repeat it. In the early ’90 the Open Society could have sponsored the printing of the french postmodernists, “classics” like Adorno or Marcuse, hell, even Rawls. But no, they choose the freedom thinkers, thus shaping an entire generation. That’s a little counterproductive, wouldn’t you say? For that reason the academia in Romania is overwhelmingly right leaning, which makes it quite unique, even in the Eastern Block.

    What also doesn’t make any sense it the fact that they pulled out of some important countries, including Romania. So either they admited defeat or their work is done. But the populance and academia hates immigration so their work is clearly not done…

    Meantime the Russians invaded Georgia and occupied half of Ukraine and Crimea, the Chinese bought Africa in bulk AND the Piraeus port and the turks devolved into a defacto theocracy (also friedly with Russia).

    But nooo, Soros is the boogieman. A decrepit old man with little money compared to the Rockerfellers, the Aldis, the Carlo Slims, the Zuckerbergs and the Jack Ma of the world.

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