Something Wicked This Way Comes

We’re in the path of a line of storms that’s part of the severe weather system moving up the East Coast from the south (it’s far worse to the south of us). Y’all know what happens when a bolt of lightning strikes ten miles away, or the wind gusts to 10mph — we lose our Internet connection. So if we’re missing in action for the next little while, you’ll know why.

2 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. We lost our internet and phone connection yesterday for about seven hours here in NC.

    • I saw your plight on the weather report I use, “Weather Underground”. The head of WU is a true believer in AGW. Sad…but I wonder if his belief is necessary in order to keep his site up and running.

      Here is their forecast for New Bern to give you an idea of their model:

      You can use their search function to look for your area. I also like to check regional forecasts on that site because it has clickable icons for the various NOOA radar stations. If you do decide you like their format, be sure to check out their “Scientific Discussion” page. It can differ quite a bit from the graphs page, but the near-term graphs are accurate and full of information, especially for checking out any frost warnings this time of year.

      Evidently, the Big Clash of the Thunder Gods (i.e.,high and low pressure systems duking it out) only extended from Georgia into maybe Maryland but it was a three-day procession from Georgia northward. I don’t think it went much further than Maryland. When I looked earlier today, D.C. and environs were getting slammed, with dozens of storm cells, showing their rapid north/northeast direction. The DelMarVa area had large sections under a tornado watch. For once, ours looked uglier than reality showed it to be.

      It’s lots colder now – thank you, Canada – which I like because warm weather puts the flowering trees into fast-forward. Right now the redbuds are magnificent; a few days in the low 80s and they’d be turning to leaf.

      I was surprised we didn’t lose connectivity as you did. I think our phone/internet gizmo is still in beta mode. Since it’s relatively cheap for us to have the internet plus unlimited long distance, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they’re still working on the system, since they are our only recourse right now. Maybe some competition from the electric co-op will finally emerge.

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