What Really Happened at Breitscheidplatz?

The following video shows part of the cleanup the morning of December 20, the day after the truck jihad attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. It appears to have been shot from a high-rise building with a zoom lens.

I can’t vouch for anything that’s described in the text. I don’t know if the people you see on the ground were doing the things they screen titles say they were. I don’t know if they said the things the maker of the video claims they did.

I simply offer it here in case there are any forensic video analysts among our readers who want to examine it more closely. And it will certainly provide ample fodder for paranoia.

Nash Montana, who translated the on-screen text, sends the following summary:

Were the police being filmed by RT journalists while they planted false evidence?

What exactly really happened on the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin? The Russian channel RT published the scene the morning after the terror attack. On the video we can see several police officers who seem to plant false evidence. In the background we can hear the voices of the RT journalists, who we must assume were somehow able to listen to the conversations on the ground from their hotel room or office location, and then they repeated them back while they listened.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   RT had left a camera rolling and it kept filming the forensic investigation
0:07   at the site of the Berlin truck jihad.
0:10   But which audio are we hearing? For one thing, we certainly hear dialogues
0:14   and noises from the RT room (the hotel room from which this was filmed)…
0:18   …but at times some of the picture/microphone sounds seem synchronized, and an audible whispering
0:22   tone gives the impression that the dialogues are partly coming from the investigators themselves!
0:26   What follows are a few excerpts which seemed especially noteworthy. See for yourselves!
0:34   (In the original video the following starts at 14:44)
0:44   Now it’s getting interesting: From the bottom left, a cop in a yellow reflective vest
0:48   appears in the picture, holding something in her hand.
0:52   Here she is!
0:57   Now watch very carefully what’s happening with the thing she’s holding in her hands…
1:03   The dialogue we hear matches the video. The topic: Christmas present!
1:14   “Let’s see here, you come to Berlin, and I have a present for you!”
1:17   “Wow awesome, that’s almost like Christmas!” “yesyesyes, four days early. I don’t know what it is.”
1:30   He’s still holding the present in his right hand…
1:48   and now his hands are empty…
1:53   …because now the present is lying on the ground in the rubble.
1:59   And where? HERE.
2:08   He’s holding the “yellow gift” in his right hand, BEFORE — AFTER
2:17   Oops the sound is on!
2:47   Attention, interesting whispered dialogue:
2:51   “What exactly is the plan at all?” “The plan… there is no plan! I’m not surprised either.”
3:00   “Now you just wiped away blood!”
3:28   About 80 seconds later.
4:08   And in just a moment a very bizarre scene is going to take place…
4:13   Watch the policewoman in the grey overall…
4:18   “Stand still!” “What???” (She is standing still!)
4:26   “Go get Laura to do the disc!”
4:29   (Watch the paths that the two cops now are choosing!)
4:39   And now an obedient bow.
4:43   “What are you reporting, what’s this about?”
4:48   Now watch the path the cop in the yellow vest is taking!
5:02   Once around the circuit…
5:05   And what is the investigator in white discovering all of a sudden
5:09   right where just shortly before that gift was placed?!?
5:15   Hold still for a moment, and check out the situation with the broom…
5:22   “All right! Now we try it!”
5:39   “Can I have a small bag?!”
5:46   “Thanks!”
5:49   (What now follows is a lengthy weird fidgeting with the bag)
7:25   “What in hell wasn’t held onto there?” “Now I’m going to need another picture.”
7:31   “…kidding me?
7:58   3 minutes and 10 seconds later
8:01   A weird muffled pop is heard whereupon the photographer starts to act weird.
8:13   (She stands still and straight up.)
8:18   But now it starts, watch the photographer!
8:46   And now…
8:49   Oh yes, quickly show something to the colleague and say…
8:53   “In case they send you…”
8:58   The photographer goes straight to the rubble and…
9:11   Well, look here — what did we suddenly discover there?!
10:02   After repeated and intensive studying of the entire video, it appears to me that what we’re seeing is an arbitrary chaotic poking-around in the rubble. They dig, burrow and sweep one minute here, the next over there, one throws rubble back on the pile, the next takes it and puts it somewhere else…
10:10   They place that “gift” in a chaos of rubble, just to purposefully find a short while later, at that exact spot, a “piece of evidence” (looked like a wallet).
10:24   And then this bizarre display (stand still, bowing of the head) with the one policewoman and the laborious circling of the cop in the yellow vest, the deliberate confusion with the almost identically dressed colleague, the scatterbrained way with the evidence bag, etc.
10:28   The photographer runs through the location, snaps the occasional picture and then later (after a very bizarre almost ceremonial standstill and straight display) she pulls a black purse (?) from the rubble.
10:32   The sounds and the conversations that we can hear are interesting as well because they apparently come from the RT journalists in the background in that hotel room. However it appears that RT didn’t just film the entire thing, but that they were also actively listening to the conversations and repeating them back aloud, since the spoken or the whispered words match the rolling video perfectly…
10:39   What really happened at Breitscheidplatz?

19 thoughts on “What Really Happened at Breitscheidplatz?

  1. The whole video is absolutely bizarre. I can’t find any logic, any rhyme or tune in it … they are just poking around chaotically, picking up a piece of something here and there, sweeping (sic!) with a broom and just acting like one would expect confused children to.

    Planting evidence? But WHAT KIND of evidence? Hiding evidence? Why would they do it when we know the background of the whole thing – or do not know we?

    Just plain weird, chaotic, odd, nonsensical behavior. Definitely something I would not expect to see at a crime scene during police investigation.

    So what the hell this video is showing?

  2. These events are similar to an archaeological dig investigation. The simple rule is “touch nothing!” Terminus antequem- Terminus postquem. Simply by touching the items in situ especially in pre-investigative contaminates the whole site. These “later accretions” would be known as “N or T transforms” so the “deposit” is no longer “clean” or “sealed”. Is this an inside job then?

    Archaeology played a huge role in evolution of Police forensics. If I were in charge I would void the whole Field Report.

    • Precisely! Crime scenes are treated systematically and for instance: If the crime scene is an open area such as on that video then there is a diagram made of the scene, photographs taken of the entire area, and each part of the diagram is numbered and then allocated an investigator to rummage through, ever so carefully, their allocated area.

      That does not appear to be occurring in this video – do German forensics police have a different approach?

      • No! The rules of archaeology are precise globally. “Utmost good faith”. Read up on Ian Hodder about the importance of “Context”.The Lefties tried to discredit him, even though he is a “Lefty”. I still hold true to his methodology.

        “Post Processual Archaeology”


  3. In archaeology, the term Site Formation Processes—or more simply formation processes—refers to the events that created and affected an archaeological site after its creation.

    Two classes of formation processes are recognized: culturally created (C-transforms) and naturally created (N-transforms). C-transforms that might have affected an assemblage at an archaeological site include purposeful and accidental discard of objects or burning and demolition of structures. N-transforms could include earthquakes or rodent burrowing or vegetation growth or normal decay.

    Site Formation Processes is a core concept in archaeology, developed by Michael Brian Schiffer in the 1970s, and although the pendulum between scientific and cultural archaeology may swing away from process, SFP remains an immensely useful point of discussion.

    • Archaeology at its best is a study sturdily balanced between anthropology (as the study of human cultures), history (as the study of human historical and prehistoric past), and archaeometry (as the science of decay). Leaning too hard in any one direction pulls the balance out too far (even though it is asking a bit much for one scholar to be all three things). Post-processualists such as Ian Hodder criticized the processualists as getting too involved with the archaeometry of it all and ignoring the stuff of man–the behavior, the gender, the culture of people. Naturally, the processualists think the post-processualists go too far.

  4. Well it looks all very amateurish to my eyes. Haven’t these people watched CSI? A few spray painted circles and a bunch of people stomping around. Not even a grid pattern. Nothing scientific in that sort of scene examination. Archaeologists could teach them a thing or too about that.

  5. When it comes to credibility RT is a somewhat problematic media.
    Sometimes they have good coverage and reports, on other occasions it`s just nonsense.

      • Exactly my point, they all have their agenda or political positions.
        But in the case of RT it`s the Russian Government.

        That doesn`t mean that all is wrong, but one should keep it in mind.
        It`s never wise to change a lie just for another lie.

        • No, CNN deals with fact. I take it as a FACT that EVERYTHING they say is a lie and/or slanted. I expect it.

  6. I have no answers to this video. Only observations from my field of expertise from which I can draw from.

    I used to work in the field of criminal (forensic) psychology with accused and convicted sex offenders from the pedophile spectrum.

    One thing that I clearly remember my boss teaching me and making sure I’d always remember it, was that any pedophile sex offender, any sex offender really, is a walking talking forensic crime scene.

    There is no difference to a static crime scene when dealing with an offender like this. For everything they do, say, show, is in layers, – and layer by layer you have to diligently and carefully dig and discover with an unencumbered mind and without disturbing the fickle difference between what is important evidence, and what does not belong in the evidence bucket.

    More often than not, even those things in an offender’s being that do not seem to belong in the evidence bucket, will sooner or later turn out to be very much part of that said bucket. Because he is the crime scene, he is the perpetrator, he is the evidence, living and breathing, and just like the crime scene at Breitscheid Platz he/it is the witness and holds all the secrets to everything that needs to be known.

    Therefore, seeing these “police”, these… cretins, walk around, walk over, displace, poke, plant, grab, dig, sweep up, move around, even the slightest bit of what makes this crime scene whole, even the smallest shard of glass, it makes my skin crawl.

    I don’t think what they did changed anything in the grand scheme of things, or will upset the original story of what really happened. But what it does show me very clearly, is that – as I keep saying – Germany, and all the other countries in Europe, are miles and leaps behind the Forensic Technology and Science of the USA. I do not mean to tout the horn of law enforcement and FBI. But the Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico is the best, most advanced, forensic unit in the world.

    I’ve interned in the fingerprints department a long long time ago, pre iAnything. It was an eye opening 3 weeks of learning.

    The one thing that everybody learns at any crime scene, is to not touch anything, not to step on anything, and not to disturb the balance of the scene in any way.

    These buffoons do it all. They are not right in the head.

    It might be excused if the crime scene was a few days old. But we are told this is the morning after. These “cops” are clearly not the clean up crew. They are the police. Real police, real investigators, do. not. act. that. way. At the scene of a crime. It is inexcusable.

  7. And one more thing to the people in the video:

    Show a little damn respect for those that lost their lives there.

    • Some police become very ‘hardened’ and that produces a remoteness or lack of empathy for those victims they are employed to gain ‘justice’ for.

      I found it very difficult to remain emotionally attached to something or someone you do not personally know when your training kicks in.

      Just saying.

      • This is not behavior of people being hardened. This is behavior of people not giving a flying you-know-what other than to please their Masters, and on that note I would like to know who the men in black were…, their local Mosque superiors?

        • One’s training will always overcome one’s emotions when acting professionally, that is why police officers receive intensive training. I have worked with many ‘hardened’ cases who wore a uniform only because they were well paid, but they got the job done. I have also worked with some who let their emotions get the better of them and couldn’t get to finish the job, so someone else had to do it.

          And that is not fair to those who were not allocated the job in the first place.

          I know who I’d rather be working with.

    • They have already been forgotten; at least by the German government. Who remembers Nice, Bataclan, Brussels, Orlando, San Bernandino, etc. ? Now we await the next attack and the usual circus.
      – Fed up. Not with the Muhammadans and their death cult but with the apathetic leaders in the West; and the Progressives. We seem to churn them out; out of some factory. Trudeau is the most recent idiot.

  8. Was this released by Anonymous? I see the Anonymous ‘logo’ in the upper right corner.

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