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  1. Not having to hear about the Wookie jetting around the world visiting exotic locals on the taxpayer’s dime is even sweeter…

  2. The question I have is what plans are being made, for four and hopefully eight years hence to ensure that never again is a Clinton or a Bush or an Obama type of candidate selected and elected as President of the USA?

    • Whatever those plans might be a necessary component would be massive restrictions on immigration. All of it. Just going after illegals won’t do it. The US legally imports about 1 million immigrants a year. Legal immigration alone will turn US demographics into California. When that happens it’s game over for any future Trumps.

      • Keep the immigration LEGAL. I know it’s difficult for some people to grasp this SUBTLE distinction from what has been going on.

        • Ending all illegal immigration completely but continuing legal immigration at current rates takes the US population to the same destination but at a slower rate. In the same way Reagan could not win California today the future Trump will not be able to win America tomorrow.

          There is no need or benefit to the US in continuing the current rate of legal immigration. It needs to be drastically reduced.

        • You can always change the qualifications for immigration . . . legally. Tighten the rules to slow the flow.

  3. Trump – here’s my plan.

    RICO M3 – Use existing US RICO statutes to, declare Islam, a criminal enterprise. Then close-down Islam as it presently exists in the US.

    RICO allows the government to follow crime and money. And then arrest all, and confiscate anything in its path.

    M1 – Confiscate 100% of the (M1) money involved in any terror attack.

    M2 – Arrest all involved including specifically the (M2) mullahs.

    M3 – Close and confiscate the (M3) mosques involved in any way.

    This will send a shock wave throughout the world and help kick-start an Islamic reformation.

    • I voted for Trump because he promised to keep Muslims from coming here, and because he promised to build THE WALL. Other than that I might have stayed home.

      • As I said at that time “I don’t care if he is a purple bottomed baboon as long as he builds the effing WALL. So far Trump has been one pleasant surprise after another.

    • I don’t think the term reformation will ever be relevant to islam, as its main objective is to rule the world, establish the caliphate where sharia is the “law”.

      • Sadly, you’re right. Islam and Sharia law are perfect as they are. That’s the rhetoric. The reality is the fact that Islam itself is riven with deadly doctrinal differences; the rift between Shi’ite and Sunni is the main one, but there are others – e.g., the Alawites, of which tyrant Assad is a member.

        Islam is doomed eventually – i.e., when oil runs out or is replaced by a better fuel. Be assured, though, that it will take a lot of us out before it finally crumbles.

        • I do hope you’re right, Dymphna! The sooner, the better!

          Regarding oil running out, there is already a huge economy based on draining the West. Many a palace has been raised in Pakistan, as well as in numerous countries in Africa, courtesy of European taxpayers.

          An interesting question, might be, how many would turn away from this death cult if they knew they wouldn’t risk their own life.

          How many have been converted by force in the last
          – year
          – 5 years
          – 10 years

          How many of these would prefer to go back to a normal life without the burden of islam?

          • I’ve lost the link, but I think a report on apostates from Islam ran a few years ago on either Front Page or World Net Daily. The imam who was quoted said that the death penalty for apostasy – leaving Islam – was absolutely necessary. Otherwise, Islam would disappear in a generation.

          • Yes, that was Yusuf al-Qaradawi, if I’m not mistaken, the “spiritual leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  4. Congratulations from Belgium!!!

    As an aside, I do not participate in the scolding of former President George W Bush. In my opinion, he remains a fairly efficient President. Facts are facts, if you are willing to look for them.

    Not only that, but imho he’s also a very decent and honorable individual. And his wife Laura is a class act.

  5. Congratulations with this new President America!

    I just listened to president Trump’s first speech . It was a nice speech! I have only one minor question.
    At which soera/hadith does islam starts to become radical?

  6. Congratulations President Trump! The Hungarians awaited your presidency. Welcome to the fight against Globalism, Islam and the bankar cartel!

  7. With that speech, Trump can only fail. There are some nasty critters in the Swamp on the Potomac, and they are going to fight tooth and nail to keep their sleazy crony-money. Good luck to Donald John Trump. He’s going to need it . . . and more.

    • The speech itself was fabulous. This is from an outsider. It is a difficult job, but he has both houses and the will. The rest of it are pieces of paper. Lobbyists have been running things to the detriment of the country.

      • You’re not kidding. But I don’t think there is a solution to *that* feature of American governance.

        Lobbyists should be listed as a de facto branch of American government, right after the three de jure branches our founders created: (1)the Executive branch (the president and all his advisors), (2)the Legislative branch (both Senate and House of Representatives), and (3)the Judicial branch (the Supreme Court at the top of a YUGE tangle of lower federal courts).

        Since lobbyists are paid astronomical sums by whatever special interest groups who’ve hired them to suck up to the legislators in charge of rulings that pertain to their businesses, perhaps these powerful lobbyists could be considered a part of the Legislative branch.

        BTW, government bureaucrats are the 5th branch of government. Administrations come and go, but members of the permanent bureaucracy don’t leave until they’ve served their twenty-plus years and are eligible for their generous pensions and a wonderful health insurance separate from the one average Americans are stuck with.

        I was so happy to see that one of Trump’s first edicts was to freeze further hiring in those permanent bureaucracies. The last one to do that was Reagan, but then he went on to grow government by creating a whole new department, Veteran’s Affairs. Back then, many Native American tribes, speaking from experience, warned veterans that with the installment of this new “cabinet position” they would be even more at the mercy of Big Government than they already were.

        Whatever else he does, if Trump manages to significantly reduce or erase two federal “agencies” he will be a success in the eyes of many Americans.

  8. Being an American in the United States, I thought I’d watch at least the swearing in part. For about fifteen minutes I searched for any live coverage which I could get presented on my computer. I tried three different browsers and three different (big stuff) media sources. Nothing connected reasonably.

    At approximately 11:58 a.m. I fished out Vlad Tepes blog (them folks in Canada) and did watch the hand raised part.

    …Just thought I’d mention it.

  9. Congratulations America, you’re not often wrong, but you’re right this time!

    I wish we had President Trump’s equivalent here in Canada, but then I remember America had Obama before it had the sense to elect President Trump.

  10. Congratulations! I think our European neighbours would be so grateful if Germany could bring itself to heed these words. Make it great again, yeah, but most importantly let it worry about itself and leave everybody else alone to do their stuff at home as they see fit. They are all getting so sick and tired of the bullying — and us, again. I think the day isn’t far when President Trump, citing his German roots, will have a few choice words about this.

      • That will take some insane killing. Words can’t cut through this thick layer of stupidity. Said the above from the neighbours’ viewpoint, but it really is wishful thinking.

        • K, Germany hasn’t got that on it’s own unfortunately, there’s a very thick layer of stupidity here in both Canada and U.S.A.–they’re called Liberals and Democrats.
          At least the Americans now have President Trump-and hope, while here in Canada we are stuck with the vacuous ‘Mr Potato-head’, intent on shutting down the oil sands and proliferating the country with giant windmills and solar mirrors, in other words, a disastrous, green-liberal climate-nutter, with troglodytic tendencies.

  11. Gone golfing

    “He and Michelle are staying at the mansion of Spanish ambassador James Costos and his husband, interior designer Michael Smith, in Rancho Mirage.”

    “Why are we waiting: James Costos and his husband, interior designer Michael Smith posted a selfie from inside Air Force One while it circled”

    • Golfing all by his lonesome. At last, the City of One known as “former President Obama” gets the golf course all to himself.

      Seriously, I feel sorry for him. As a malign narcissist, he must surely be in withdrawal now. Oh wait – he’s not alone: his Secret Service detail is trailing after him. I sure hope he treats them better than Hillary does those assigned to her.

      • Must be such a shock for him to realise that he is no longer The President, from one moment to the next. It’s over.

  12. Off to vacation
    …then we’ll get back to work

    – Still working on the NWO, is he? And, M is also working on it?

  13. One over at jw is commenting how President Trump is “revoking Obama’s fatwas one after another”.

    And a response to that

    “Etymology of “fatwas” – it consists of two words, the government waste (=”fat”) from the previous administration In promoting Islamic ideology; that administration “was” but “is” no longer in power. Fat + was = fatwas.”

  14. Thanks for making those extra points, Dymphna and Baron

    – apostasy and
    – Qaradawi

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