The Calais Jungle Has Died. Long Live the Paris Jungle!

The Spanish writer Yolanda Morín sends her observations on the recent dismantling of the migrant shantytown near Calais.

The Calais Jungle Has Died. Long Live the Paris Jungle!

by Yolanda Morín

The French authorities have decided, finally, to dismantle the famous “jungle” of Calais: the chaotic, violent and odorous third-world embassy in the heart of Europe, the focus of crime and a festering sore on the landscape, once peaceful and prosperous. This in a country that is awakening to the terrible realities that the elites have cooked up, acting as wizards and doing experiments with people’s fate.

That clean-up operation actually consists in relocating the wildmen and mountaineers — the tenants of the camp — to various locations within the country. In other words: it is sweeping the dirt under the carpet. Bread for today and hunger for tomorrow…

The problem is not solved; it has just changed its address. Even worse: it has spread to areas that recently were relatively safe from this pest. But even the expansion of the invasion of illegal immigrants and other “refugees” is limited to certain areas far from large urban centers, in the middle of the green countryside, in the shadow of its historic bell towers.

Yet Paris itself has become the unintended camp of these new hordes of barbarians who have settled in the center of the old glamorous and romantic City of Light, a distant country of poets and artists, today on its way to becoming, by the work and grace of these unexpected and unwanted visitors, a replica of a rusty and rotten suburb of Africa or Haiti.

“After Calais, everyone to Paris!” — this seems to be the message sent to the four winds. The situation is becoming tragic in the capital, which has become a meeting place for the entire Third World.

The dismantling of the “jungle” of Calais is a failure. Hundreds of “refugees” have dispersed into nearby Calais forests, while others flock to Paris, taking possession of the city sidewalks, unfortunately for neighbors who suffer from the drawbacks of this forced promiscuity. Just over a month ago the police evacuated about 2,500 illegal immigrants who had settled in the heart of Paris. Today the situation is the same. With every passing day the number of “refugees” increases, by about 80 per day, according to the prefecture. The tents are piled up on sidewalks for approximately 700 meters. Campfires light up the night and rumors of the primeval forest rise. The night is filled with screaming, fighting, howls of wounded beasts, cries of desperate humanity…

The situation is becoming more complicated and conflict-ridden as the days pass. Garbage everywhere, excrement on the streets, shouting all the time, fights between individuals and between gangs, like old battles, with stones and iron bars. Robberies and assaults against neighboring areas multiply. Owners and sellers see their customers pass by. The neighborhood lives in fear.

Paris was a party. Now is a “jungle”. The longed-for Hemingway years are gone forever. Now is the time of fear, discord, conflict, surviving. Soon all of France will be affected by this situation, as the government does not offer any other solution than moving the problem from one place to another, without wanting to cut off evil at the root, closing the borders and expelling those outside the law, as there is the risk of ending up in the general chaos if this situation do not stop. But no one in the government seems to have the courage to carry out the measures required.

France expels almost no one. The number of deportees is negligible, while hundreds of thousands arrive each year. France is being ruined by the costs of this tsunami of migration, which threatens to suffocate the country. Each asylum seeker costs the public purse about €13,000 per year, at a minimum, in administrative expenses and maintenance, while an unaccompanied minor costs €50,000 annually. Of those famous “refugees”, the vast majority are economic migrants who are attracted like flies to the cake of the social Eldorado that France offered them. Meanwhile the government gesticulates and talks a lot but does nothing concrete to put a limit on this tide.

The blessings of the multicultural society seem increasingly far off. The endless happiness promised has not yet been submitted for appointment. Perhaps the dreamers will start to open their eyes, surrender to the harsh reality and end up voting for Marine Le Pen in a few months.

At least the French have that option, the opportunity, the possible way out of the nightmare in which they are immersed. The Spanish, as always, continue forty years late. Nevertheless, the problems of our neighbors will be ours soon. We can see our immediate future in the French present. Today is Paris, but tomorrow will be Madrid or Barcelona.

  Yolanda Couceiro Morín
    Twitter: @yolandamorin
Facebook: /yolandacouceiromorin
Instagram: /yolanda_bilbao/


36 thoughts on “The Calais Jungle Has Died. Long Live the Paris Jungle!

  1. Utterly insane! Those whom the gods destroy first make mad. Yet the French people themselves do nothing.

      • Are the French so dependent on German banks they will let a modern day hitler like angela merkel destroy Paris as well as her Fatherland?
        Until Europe resists their marxist rulers, they’re destined to end up in a muslim [bordello]. I have nothing but contempt for these euro weenies. The Swedish and German sheep appear to be the biggest cowards, but France isn’t far behind.

  2. ** The problem is not solved; it has just changed its address. **

    That is just excellent!!

    The essence of the West today. Refugee problem in Syria? Import Syrian refugees to Europe. Cultural disintegration and pathology in Africa? Import the carrier’s to Europe. Third-world collectivism, revanchism, and gang culture? Import it to the United States.

    • Col. B-

      This has happened because we have leadership and intelligentsia that have fallen hook-line-and-sinker for Rosseau’s “noble savage” myth. From that starting point it is simple for the post-modernist to fully embrace a “Third Worldist” perspective.

      • No; “inadequate” does nicely. The Europeans aspire to inadequacy, because they deem it a virtue. Incompetence is the status quo; it has been achieved.

        • The majority of these pajama boys and girls are quivering sheep. I hope they find some courage before they end up in some Saudi harem.

      • Oh no, none of those corrupt minions of the “elite” are incompetent. Quite contrary, they do perfect job as directed by their master handlers, those who want Kalergie plan fully executed.
        They should all face charge of high treason though.

    • And how would you describe the “other” European countries? Successful Islamic states? We know from the United States and UK outcomes that there is a serious time lapse.

  3. It might be a good thing in the long run. While they were at Calais the problem was out of sight and mind. In Paris the French voter is confronted with what France is becoming, the madness of open borders is in the face of the average Parisian.

    • “It might be a good thing in the long run. While they were at Calais the problem was out of sight and mind. In Paris the French voter is confronted with what France is becoming, the madness of open borders is in the face of the average Parisian.”

      I agree.

      As France falls apart from Paris (not Calais) outwards the voters will move towards Le Pen. A few more large scale ISIS attacks around election time could seal the presidency for Marine Le Pen.

  4. They haven’t swept any dirt under the carpet, they are just spreading it about. But let’s not quibble, neither “solution” gets rid of any dirt. Hollande and his guests are intent on having a civil war. After the Bataclan & Nice atrocities they deserve one. [redacted. Check the commenting rules.]

  5. Let’s not forget that this mayhem was begun by the German Merkel. Just as they destroyed Europe (and almost the world) in two appalling world wars of the 20th century, their stupidity has returned for yet another attempt.

    There’s no way that this barbarism can continue. There will be fights in neighborhoods, on the public transport system and, as the police and military are already overwhelmed, all hell will break loose.

    • Agree it’s Merkel and her stupid stupid idea of inviting untold thousands of people from a totally different culture with many hating our way of life

    • >> There’s no way that this barbarism can continue. <<

      Of course it can continue . . . and get much worse. It will be enshrined in the law – Sharia Law. White Europeans have abolished themselves.

    • Sorry but WE are all responsible. This was all well under way long before Merkel got overly excited by all the “children” and their one world caliphate and then lost control. Best comrades Obama, Hilary and Bill willing supporters. IMHO the infidels need to get their males and family supports informed and up to date. Just read what Muslims believe.

      • We’re told what the Muslims [taqiyah-pretend to] believe . . . by the BBC, CNN, Grey Lady, Huffpost, etc. Shouldn’t that be enough?

        • And dont forget the London riots a few years ago.

          A direct result of labours multicultural migration policy.
          Thanks to Tony Blair and others!
          In some way the forerunner of what we face now in other countries.

    • Merkel, yes of course (and the Swedes and my own country Austria).
      But actually it was (and still is) Italy and Greece who bring them into the EU in the first place.
      And lately the EU`s own Frontex-Mission (literaly picking them up on the coast of Libya and Morocco when they just stick a feet into the sea).

      Dont belive for a moment that all this was not planed by the EU-Commission and others.
      I mean, in Bruxelles they still argue that Europe needs many millions of migrants in the years to come.

    • With all due respect, Merkel initially allowed in the hoards of barbarian Muslims, but the French permitted them to come into France. They could have acted like Hungary, built a wall, and ignored the EU gnomes. And Hungary is at some risk of invasion by NATO; France is not.

      Individuals do not have the power to affect the European stupidities, but you have to devolve it down to the lowest level where action is possible, even theoretically. And that is at French borders.

      As for fights in the street, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m not there, but all the video and reporting seems to indicate the French population is thoroughly pacified. They are like the Germans who continue to vote for Merkel’s party and still hold signs to welcome the hoards.

  6. I wish those demed frenchies would grow a pair and round up the lot of em and ship em back to Arabia

      • Quite right, they (moslems) have been allowed and invited to infest all kafir nations, and they have gone for it!

        And why wouldn’t they? Free stuff, food, housing and women!

  7. This is gold, pure gold for Front National, after this all plays out, a return to Socialist Utopianism will take generations.

  8. Personally, I am glad this problem has migrated to Paris. For years the French elite were perfectly happy to sacrifice Calais and its 75,000 tax-paying citizens, who already had regional decline to deal with, on the altar of its perverted open-borders ideology. Now it’s on their doorstep, and also that of all the other virtual-signalling champagne socialists that infest that no longer very enviable city. Living in Paris, I came to despise the French intellectual, with his/her collection of unread Lenins and Che Guavara coffee mug–perhaps the most shallow, blinkered and sheltered of all the leftwing traitors that now dominate European elites.

  9. The election of Trump will undoubtedly lead the leftist elite to double down as far as their obstinate attitude;…. “never let those filthy Americans see us sweat”, as they hold fast too their left bank even as the bodies and the excrement race towards the “idee fixe”, le grande obsession, one world one love oneness. A right bank and left bank possessing a Tower of Babel of excrement and Sub Saharan solstice . One high point and low for each bank. Wow! what a plan! Who the hell is in charge of this madhouse? Prepare for many French speaking neighbors America. Their other obsession is denim.

    • The leftist powers will also double down on their FALSE FLAG campaigns: painting swastikas on synagogues, writing racist message and leaflets, defacing mosques, etc. . . . and then blaming it on anyone or anything they deem to be in opposition to them.

      DO NOT believe what you read or see in the MSM. Just about everything you’re blamed for, is probably a leftist false flag.

  10. I recall in 2001 our taking the family on a visit to London and Paris.We used Virgin Airways for the trip. The hotel in London was several blocks off Hyde park underground and I remember walking up a rather busy road scattered with hookah bars. I thought that very exotic…
    In Paris Virgin booked us into a nice hotel, great breakfast, in the 19th arrondissement .
    We had a great time.
    Having watched what has become of these two areas I wonder how the tourist trade is dong. People living in the streets with no sanitary facilities, trash everywhere.
    This is not conducive to families like mine considering a vacation to these countries.
    No, everyone in France and the UK will suffer from this.

  11. To a muslim the voyage across the Mediterranean, the encampments, the street-level hostility they encounter, and the general misery they bring with them is the will of Allah. The country of France is a fiction, as is French culture, language, and government. The only thing that is real to these people is their ” religion ” and the territory they control by force of arms or intimidation.
    Civil war over territory in Europe is a very old story and I suspect it will be the way things turn out again. Militarism is really the only option, certainly it is one the muslims understand. But first of course the masters of illusion in the crumbling statehouses of Europe have to go. I think governments such as Egypt has installed- military dictators – will be the model. Certainly dictators such as Franco arose because of Internationalist threats and Islam is no less internationalist than Communism. I think Europe is in a cogitative phase now but within few years the sabers will come out.

    • Does anyone have first hand knowledge of what street life is becoming in Brussels? What do the neighborhoods look like near the EU headquarters?
      I realize these bureaucrats are overpaid do nothings who must live in nice areas. But how close are the muslim and african trash squatters who appear to be destroying Paris?

      • just a snapshot:some 10 years ago, I tried to leave the centre of Brussels by car and due to insufficient signs,I ended in a street that looked like a Kabul bazar with stands and displays of apalling merchandise,just the cheapest of junk you can imagine.And I was used to oriental bazars.Same in Paris.Leaving the Gare du Nord and strolling down the beat of my youth, Sebastopol in the 60 ies, I was surrounded by gypsy pocket thieves and then felt like Main Street Bamako – but hey, Bamako might possibly be a bit more attractive, because the more civilized part of denizens has remained there!

    • >> The country of France is a fiction, as is French culture, language, and government.

      A lot of that fiction was created by American “expat” reporters and writers in the first part of the last century, and by Hollywood in the 1940s through 1960’s. It will always be fiction, but now it will seem increasingly alien.

      Paris is – in cold reality – an overpriced, overhyped dump. Now there’s another reason to avoid it.

  12. One million Mohammedans in Paris would not sway the election for NF. I’ve heard it said “We are all French”!

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