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In the latest instance of deadly workplace violence, a Somali man named Mohammad Moghaddam was shot dead by a SWAT team after he took hostages at a Wal-Mart in Amarillo, Texas. Mr. Moghaddam had reportedly been an employee at the store where the incident occurred. The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of at least 100%, and possibly 200%, depending on the etymology of the late alleged perpetrator’s surname.

In other news, a culture-enriching “Frenchman” stabbed a young woman in what was apparently a Ramadan sacrifice, after being told by voices in his head that he must do so. The victim is recovering in the hospital, and the suspect is in police custody.

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» Arrest Expected Soon of Alleged Accomplice in Orlando Terror Attack
» Blaming Conservatives for Muslim Terrorism
» Bob Casey Introduces Pre-Crime Anti-Gun Legislation
» Ex-Wife, Former Classmate Say Mateen Was ‘Gay’
» Fishwrap: Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Hits Bottom
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» Homeland Security Instructed to Combat Violent Extremism With Political Correctness
» How the Elite Exploit Orlando
» Insider: US Terror Attacks to Increase Exponentially
» Meet Noor Zahi Salman: The Orlando Shooter’s Mysterious Second Wife Knew of His Plans, May be Charged
» Microsoft to Acquire Linkedin
» Multiple Suspects on the Loose in Orlando — Why the Media Blackout of Eyewitness Accounts?
» Nuland to Congress: We Spend $100 Mil a Year Trying to Destabilize Russia
» Obama Goes on Tirade Against Donald Trump Over ‘Dangerous’ Muslim Ban, ‘Radical Islam’
» Obama’s Controlled Demolition of America Leaves Door Wide Open to a Jihad Army
» Orlando Attack Reality Check: Next Time the Terrorists May Choose to Shoot Up a Church or a School
» Orlando Shooter: Deeper Hidden Ties to the FBI?
» Orlando: America Under Attack by its Own Government
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» SWAT Team Kills Suspect Who Took Hostages at Amarillo, Texas Walmart, Investigators Say
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» French Dad: ‘Flowers’ Protect Against ISIS Bullets
» UK: Emma Harrington Who Battered Another Parent With Her Stiletto Heel Avoids Jail
» UK: It’s Not Just the Plot to Let in 1.5 Million Turks… Daniel Hannan Outlines Ten Bombshells the EU’s Keeping Secret Until After You’ve Voted
» UK: Train-Mad Grandfather, 72, Spends £250,000 Building an Incredible 3,000 Square Foot Model Railway in His Garden Shed Because His Girlfriend Won’t Have it in the House
Middle East
» Sniper Kills ISIS Executioner During Beheading Class
» 30,000 Afghan “Refugees” In the US
» Imam Obama — Importing Gunmen to Destroy Our Rights
Culture Wars
» “Transgender” Mental Illness Spreads

17 Facts About the Orlando Shooter That Every American Should Know

America is in shock. On Sunday, a 29-year-old Islamic terrorist named Omar Mateen shot 102 people at a gay club known as Pulse in the heart of Orlando, Florida. 49 of those that were shot died, and 53 were wounded. So how in the world did this happen? Well, when you combine radical political correctness with extreme government incompetence and the dramatic growth of radical Islam inside the United States, you create an environment which is absolutely primed for Islamic terror. The truth is that the FBI knew about this guy well in advance. In fact, they had even interviewed him three separate times over the years. And at one point the government had been investigating the mosque that he had been attending, but that investigation was shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Mateen had told the FBI that he hoped to be a martyr someday, and those were not just idle words. His twisted ideology fueled his actions, and so the choices that he ultimately made should not have come as a surprise to law enforcement authorities. But now that this has happened, will it change the way that the government approaches Islamic terror? The following are 17 facts about the Orlando shooter that every American should know…

#1 According to the Director of the FBI, Mateen had “links to al-Qaida, Hezbollah, and the Islamic State”.

#2 Mateen’s father has openly expressed support for the Taliban on YouTube.

#3 Despite those links to terror organizations, Mateen was allowed to work “as a security guard at a local courthouse”.

#4 Mateen wasn’t directly hired by the courthouse. Instead, he was officially an employee of the largest security services company in the world…

#5 It turns out that this U.S. subsidiary of G4S is a company that works very closely with “the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, and federal and local law enforcement.”

#6 Mateen’s ex-wife says that he would repeatedly beat her while they were married.

[Comment: Hijra is being used to destabilize western nation states. Compassion and accusations of racism are being used to keep the influx going. Obama’s bankster handlers want more attacks to use as pretext for abolishing the 2nd amendment. Officials are not in a state of “denial” or “stupid”, they are intentionally lying to keep the American public asleep while the hijra continues.]

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Arrest Expected Soon of Alleged Accomplice in Orlando Terror Attack

Police say arrest coming within the next few days

Law enforcement in Orlando are preparing to arrest a suspected accomplice in the Pulse nightclub shooting that took the lives of nearly 50 people Sunday at the hand of an Islamic radical.

According to WFTV9, “law enforcement could possibly make an arrest in the next few days of someone who allegedly helped the Orlando gunman…”

US Attorney Lee Bentley told reporters that the public is not currently in danger from the alleged suspect.

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Blaming Conservatives for Muslim Terrorism

Admitting that “the full facts” were still unknown, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) nevertheless issued a statement on Sunday afternoon on “the senseless act of domestic terrorism in Orlando,” saying that “it is not surprising that the LGBT community was targeted” because “This community has long been vilified by those opposed to LGBT rights and is too often the target of violent hate crimes.” This was a clever but dishonest way of trying to shift the blame to conservatives for terrorism committed by a devoted follower of Islam.

Notice how the SPLC made no mention of the killer’s religious affiliation or motivation, or his acknowledgement of inspiration from ISIS.

Remember that the SPLC is a group which has been consulted by law enforcement authorities at the federal and other levels, including the FBI, and is frequently cited by the media as a legitimate and authoritative “civil rights” organization.

In the days ahead, expect media denunciations of conservatives as somehow responsible for the “homophobia” that drove a faithful follower of Islam to commit mass murder. This is how the SPLC will drive the discussion in the media and cause law enforcement agencies to miss even more terrorist plots. The FBI, which consults the SPLC and failed to uncover Omar Mateen’s terrorist connections, appears to have no understanding of the deadly ideological game that is being played…

Junaid S. Ahmad, director of the Center for Global Dialogue, tried a variation of the SPLC theme, declaring that while the “conservative” orthodoxy of Islam “may be homophobic,” Muslim thought, practice and behavior “has become much more intolerant of homosexuality” because of the “imposition and importation of Western homophobia…” He said that “contemporary Muslim homophobic rhetoric” reflects “less of Islamic tradition, and far more of Western Victorian and Protestant Fundamentalist vitriol…”

In other words, Islam is really a religion of peace. But it has been distorted and transformed by Western religious traditions and practices.

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Bob Casey Introduces Pre-Crime Anti-Gun Legislation

Democrats waste precious little time proposing bills after massacre in Orlando

Senator Bob Casey has seized the Orlando tragedy to introduce a pre-crime anti-gun bill.

The Hate Crimes Prevention Act would prohibit the purchase, possession, or shipment of a firearm by anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime. It would also prohibit the sale of firearms to anyone suspected of being guilty of a hate crime.

In other words, if passed, an individual would not need to be convicted of a specific crime to have his or her Second Amendment denied.

“If you have proven you will commit criminal acts based on hate, you absolutely should not have access to a gun. It’s common sense,” Casey said.

[Comment: Note how this globalist stooge is trying to set the stage. “Hate crime” would be expanded to include any criticism of Islam, the hijra, traitorous globalist elite, etc, etc… Another assault of 2nd amendment…Likely this bill was already written by some globalist think tank and passed off to this puppet to try to get implemented.]

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Ex-Wife, Former Classmate Say Mateen Was ‘Gay’

Omar Mateen, the 29-year-old Muslim man who murdered 49 people and injured 53 in a hail of gunfire inside a club in Orlando known as a LGBT hot spot, was himself homosexual — or at least obsessed enough with the homosexual lifestyle that he spent considerable time hanging about the same bar he shot up on Sunday, witnesses said.

As the New York Daily News put it: “The homophobic maniac who murdered 49 people inside Orlando’s gay-friendly nightclub Pulse Sunday morning had been hanging out there for three years — and chatted with men via online dating services like Grindr, said multiple witnesses who claimed to have firsthand knowledge of Mateen’s habits.”

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Fishwrap: Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Hits Bottom

Confidence in newspapers has hit an all time low in the latest Gallup survey, and TV news is also at a new low, the latest proof that Americans are losing faith in the media.

Gallup found that just 20 percent have confidence in newspapers, a 10-point drop in 10 years. TV news saw an identical 10-point drop, from 31 percent to 21 percent.

[Comment: Most all papers are communist rags that push the globalist agenda.]

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Former CIA, NSA Directors, Retired Generals, Launch Gun Control Group

Former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, as well as several 3- and 4-star generals and admirals have launched a new effort to control the sales of guns in the United States. The effort is certain to attract attention after last weekend’s deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. The group, which calls itself Veterans Coalition for Common Sense, is led by former CIA Director David Petraeus, former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden, and US Army General (ret.) Stanely McChrystal. The group’s advisory committee includes recognizable figures such as that of Admiral Eric Olson, who led US Special Operations Command from 2007 to 2011 and was the first US Navy SEAL to be appointed to four-star rank. Other advisory committee members include high-ranking veterans from every branch of the US Armed Forces, such as R. Adm. Jamie Barnett, Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney and Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Norman Seip.

The group was formally launched at a press conference in Washington, DC, on Friday, just hours before Sunday morning’s mass shooting in Orlando.

[Comment: Revealed themselves to be traitors and puppets for globalists that seek to disarm America prior to tyranny.]

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Homeland Security Instructed to Combat Violent Extremism With Political Correctness

Less than a week before Omar Mateen walked into an Orlando gay club and killed or wounded more than 100 people, the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) submitted its Countering Violent Extremism report to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson.

The report instructs the DHS not to use any language that might be “disrespectful” to Muslims, including (but not limited to) the words “jihad,” “sharia” and “takfir.”

The report was crafted by an HSAC subcommittee that Secretary Johnson created in November 2015. The head of that subcommittee, Farah Pandith, was appointed by Johnson in May 2015. The subcommittee published the report on June 9.

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How the Elite Exploit Orlando

Eradicating the 2nd Amendment and granting special protective status to gays

Orlando presents two distinct political objectives.

First, the most obvious and important to our rulers. Outlawing firearms, most notably “assault weapons” that cosmetically resemble military weapons (but do not function like military weapons used by the state) and, eventually, all firearms with the possible exception of the most rudimentary single shot, bolt and lever action rifles.

The sunset of Bill Clinton’s ban on “assault weapons” and the re-introduction of popular semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 Bushmaster represent a serious defeat for the state and its effort to disarm America.

The state believes the events that took place in Orlando will turn around public opinion in regard to firearms and more generally turn it against the Second Amendment.

This, however, is doubtful. The “gun culture”-the cultural understanding of the Second Amendment and individual rights-remains strong in America, although liberal propaganda (with its fear of guns) has diluted support to a measurable degree over the last few decades.

A subset of the attack on the Second Amendment is the demonization of people supportive of the Second Amendment, more specifically the patriot community.

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Insider: US Terror Attacks to Increase Exponentially

Scary warning from Special Forces operative

Special Forces member Tim Kennedy tells Alex Jones that the number of terror attacks on American soil is going to drastically increase due to Obama’s disastrous policies.

[Comment: Globalists — and their puppets — will continue to create the conditions that allow more attacks until America gives up the 2nd amendment. Without this tyranny cannot be imposed on America.]

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Meet Noor Zahi Salman: The Orlando Shooter’s Mysterious Second Wife Knew of His Plans, May be Charged

While over the past few days, the media has been ignoring Noor Zahi Salman, the now widow of Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen and instead focusing on his first wife who has accused him of beating her, being bipolar, and generally acting deranged and sociopathic. Like in the San Bernardino terrorist case, Noor Zahi Salman and Mateen had a young child together.

Now attention is slowly shifting on Noor.

According to NBC news, Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s current wife, Noor Salman, has told the FBI that she drove Mateen to the Pulse nightclub on a prior occasion and that she tried to talk him out of conducting any kind of attack, officials told NBC News. As NBC adds, law enforcement officials said authorities are considering filing criminal charges against her for failing to tell them what she knew before the attack, but no decision has been made yet.

Several officials familiar with what she has told the FBI said she was with him when he bought ammunition and a holster. She also once drove him to the nightclub because he wanted to see it in advance, but that she tried to dissuade him from doing anything, the officials said.

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Microsoft to Acquire Linkedin

Microsoft Corp. and LinkedIn Corporation on Monday announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash. LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence. Jeff Weiner will remain CEO of LinkedIn, reporting to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Reid Hoffman, chairman of the board, co-founder and controlling shareholder of LinkedIn, and Weiner both fully support this transaction. The transaction is expected to close this calendar year.

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Multiple Suspects on the Loose in Orlando — Why the Media Blackout of Eyewitness Accounts?

According to heavily censored eyewitness reports, totally suppressed from the mainstream, there were likely several other radicalized perpetrators involved with Saturday night’s terror attack, which led deaths of 49 club-goers at Pulse and over 50 others being injured.

One eyewitness to the attack, who was inside the nightclub when it happened, was giving his testimony to the attack, after being trapped inside the club, live on-air, to a mainstream news source when he was abruptly cut off after providing a crucial detail. The eyewitness said that during the attack “there was a guy there that was trying to […] hold the door closed so that we couldn’t exit,” as pointed out by an investigative reporter on YouTube.

Additionally, there were reports that police could be seen quietly conducting an “active search” for accomplices who may have already exited the nightclub after the attack.

Another eyewitness that was inside Pulse when the attack occurred told reporters, “I’m pretty sure it was more than one person, you know, like I said, I heard two guns going at the same time.” The eyewitness said that the event lasted “like eight minutes.”

Another crucial detail that the press is leaving out is that the shooter or shooters were initiating “rapid fire;” which means that the weapons used were likely fully automatic, as depicted by the same eyewitness when he made an animated machine gun-like sound with his mouth for the press to hear.

[Comment: Fully automatic weapons are already banned. This is why globalist controlled media are trying to keep this information out of the public’s mind since the next step on globalist agenda is to ban semi-automatic weapons.]

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Nuland to Congress: We Spend $100 Mil a Year Trying to Destabilize Russia

On Tuesday [June 7, 2016], the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations scheduled a two-hour anti-Russian hate-fest. Lies, misinformation and jaw-dropping stupidity were on full display. The star witness of course, was Tricky Vicky Nuland.

These congressional committee meetings crack me up. In theory, they’re supposed to be interviewing witnesses to collect information. In reality it’s a platform for congressmen to make speeches satisfying the special interests who own them and then they read questions from prepared notes provided to them by “experts” or lobbyists (or maybe the witnesses themselves). Then they get the answers they want to hear from the witnesses. It is 100% theater.

Nuland’s opening statement was full of scare mongering about the supposed threat to peaceful civilization from Moscow. She did provide some telling facts. She said the US had already spent $600 million on “security assistance” to Ukraine — so on top of other billions in handouts from the IMF, most of which was stolen by oligarchs, that’s money going directly tokilling kids in Donbass. (Warning, the foregoing link is very graphic. And there are many even worse images of Kiev’s terror victims I will not link to.)

Poroshenko was very clear how Kiev intends to win the war. They intend to win it by blockade and terror shelling of Donetsk. Just like Hitler planned to beat Leningrad. So they imagine.

Nuland also said the US had trained 17,000 Ukrainian troops. That’s training going directly to kill kids in Donbass. She said the US had “provided counter-artillery and counter mortar radars” and “over 3,000 secure radios” and “other equipment, to help Ukrainian troops successfully resist further advances.”

[Comment: US helping Ukranian Nazi’s.]

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Obama Goes on Tirade Against Donald Trump Over ‘Dangerous’ Muslim Ban, ‘Radical Islam’

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama lit into Donald Trump Tuesday, turning the tables to make the impassioned case that Trump is the one who’s un-American.

Obama’s extraordinary denunciation of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was about far more than a personal intervention on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the ugly general election campaign.

The commander in chief’s fury, which seethed out of him in a stunning soliloquy on live television, amounted to a moment of historic significance: a president castigating one of the two people who could succeed him as beyond the constitutional and political norms of the nation itself.

Obama’s remarks, motivated by his disgust over Trump’s response to the worst terror attack since 9/11, were also deeply ironic, given that Trump has hounded him for years with insinuations that he’s not a real American…

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Obama’s Controlled Demolition of America Leaves Door Wide Open to a Jihad Army

Globalists allied with radical Islam to destroy the west

Omar Mateen, the man said responsible for the Pulse nightclub attack last night in Orlando, called 911 and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, according to officials.

[Comment: Globalists using muslim foot soldiers to destabilize western nation states. This is intentional. Left allies with islamists, just like Hitler’s National Socialist Party (That’s what Nazi stands for) did in WWII.]

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Orlando Attack Reality Check: Next Time the Terrorists May Choose to Shoot Up a Church or a School

On Sunday, it was a gay nightclub in Orlando called Pulse, but next time it might be a church or a school. In fact, it might be your church or your school. As you will see below, 29-year-old Omar Mateen actually scouted Walt Disney World as a potential target before finally settling on a gay nightclub. And not too long ago another Islamic terrorist had already made plans to shoot up a very large church in Detroit. It is high time that we all had a reality check when it comes to Islamic terror. The terrorists are not limiting themselves to just military and political targets. Their goal is to create fear and panic, and they want as much media attention on their acts of violence as possible. So if attacking a church or a school or a theme park will serve their purposes, then that is exactly what they are going to do.

The Director of the FBI says that Omar Mateen had “links to al-Qaida, Hezbollah, and the Islamic State”, and ISIS has proudly taken responsibility for this attack…

The ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq News broadcast a claim of responsibility from ISIS for a shooting rampage at a gay nightclub in Orlando that left 50 people dead over the weekend.

The agency said the shooting was the work of an “ISIS fighter,” multiple media outlets have reported.

But we aren’t just fighting ISIS. According to Wikipedia, there have been hundreds of Islamic terror attacks worldwide so far in 2016, and only a small percentage of them have been conducted by ISIS.

Even if ISIS were totally destroyed tomorrow, the threat of Islamic terror would remain.

There are some people out there that are downplaying the significance of this attack because of the target. But the truth is that Mateen almost selected Walt Disney World as the target. The following comes from People Magazine…

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Orlando Shooter: Deeper Hidden Ties to the FBI?

The website Cryptogon has pieced together some interesting facts, and a quite odd “coincidence.” I’m bolstering their work.

First of all, the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, changed his name in 2006. As NBC News notes: “Records also show that he had filed a petition for a name change in 2006 from Omar Mir Seddique to Omar Mir Seddique Mateen.”

Why is that important? Why is his original last name, Seddique, also spelled Siddiqui, significant? Because of a previous terrorism case in Florida, in which the FBI informant’s name was Siddiqui. And because that previous case may have been one of those FBI prop-jobs, where the informant was used to falsely accuse a suspect of a terrorist act. The New Yorker (cited above) has details:

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Orlando: America Under Attack by its Own Government

FBI, DHS, and Federal Government are not only unable to do their job, they are growing the radical Islamic invasion

Beginning around 2 A.M. June 12, 29 year old Omar Mateen, a registered Democrat, unleashed a Jihad attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida killing 49 and wounding 53 in the worst mass killing in U.S. history.

Omar Mateen, a U.S. born citizen, had gradually self radicalized.

He abused his first wife, yet no charges were filed.

Unhinged behavior was reported by co-workers but ignored because he was Muslim, and Mateen was interviewed by the FBI three times, but never put on any kind of list.

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Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims

In what may be the pinnacle of hypocrisy, moments ago Hillary Clinton, while speaking live on national security and addressing the Orlando shooting took some time from her constant bashing of the Second Amendment and calling for a ban on assault rifles, to say some less than kind words about Saudi Arabia whom it accused of supporting radical organizations. This is what she said:

The third area that demands attention is preventing radicalization and countering efforts by ISIS and other international terrorist networks to recruit in the United States and Europe. For starters, it is long past time for the Saudis, the Qataris and the Kuwaitis and others to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations. And they should stop supporting radical schools and mosques around the world that have set too many young people on a path towards extremism. We also have to use all our capabilities to counter jihadist propaganda online. This is something that I spend a lot of time on at the State Department.

There is nothing wrong with that statement, as it is the whole truth — Saudi Arabia’s involvement in supporting terrorism stretches from Sept 11 all the way through to ISIS — however, where there is a big, and potentially law-breaking, problem is what Jordan’s official news agency, Petra News Agency, reported on Sunday citing the Saudi crown price, namely that Saudi Arabia is a major funder of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to become the next president of the United States.

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SWAT Team Kills Suspect Who Took Hostages at Amarillo, Texas Walmart, Investigators Say

A SWAT team shot and killed an armed suspect who took hostages at a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas Tuesday afternoon, investigators confirmed, saying all the hostages are now safe.

Police identified the gunman late Tuesday as 54-year-old Mohammad Moghaddam.

Moghaddam, who was an employee at that Walmart, took two other workers hostage, local media reported. One of the hostages was the store manager, relatives told the Amarillo Globe-News.

“We do consider this a work-place violence situation at this point,” the sheriff’s office said. City officials first reported an “active shooter incident” at 12:30 p.m. local time.

Police earlier said they were looking for a Somali man wearing khaki pants, KFDA added. Officers reportedly were evacuating shoppers from the west side of the store in the Texas Panhandle…

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What if the Orlando Murderer Were a Christian?

Many people are surely asking, “What if the gunman from the Orlando, Florida, shooting were a Christian?”

The most obvious difference is that the media and the Democrats would have blamed Christians for the mass slaughter, whereas they do everything in their power to exonerate Muslims. Indeed, as many have noted, President Obama and the entire Democratic Party leadership have long refused to even use the terms “radical Islam” or “radical Islamists.”

So let’s imagine that a gay-hating Christian murdered 49 people and badly injured 53 others in the gay nightclub in Florida. America would be inundated with attacks on religion, Christians, Christianity and the Bible.

This is not theoretical speculation. For example, the mainstream media and other voices on the left regularly cite one family — literally one family, the Phelps family — in order to demonstrate how “homophobic” conservative Christians are.

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France: Horror as Teenage Girl Stabbed as ‘Sacrifice’ During Ramadan

The man is said to have stabbed the 19-year-old three times

The man, 32, is said to have told police he had heard voices ordering him to “make a sacrifice” to coincide with Ramadan.

He has been sent to a psychiatric hospital and the girl’s wounds are not life-threatening, according to a lawyer in Rennes, France.

The attack is believed to have taken place outside the city’s Lycee Chateaubriand, where the girl studied, at 4pm local time.

The man, who has not been identified, reportedly told officers he was Muslim before handing the blade to them.

Prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet said: “Voices told him that he had to make a sacrifice on the occasion of Ramadan.”…

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French Dad: ‘Flowers’ Protect Against ISIS Bullets

Son told in viral video: ‘It’s to fight against the guns’

Video of a French father has gone viral since he told his son the Islamic State group’s terror attacks can be thwarted by “flowers.”

Angel Le’s son was approached on Monday by a reporter for Le Petit Journal and asked if he understood the significance of last Friday’s terror attacks. The boy said he was worried about guns used by ISIS before his father assured him flowers and candles would keep him safe.

Over 15 million people have viewed the video on Facebook.

The exchange was translated as follows:

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UK: Emma Harrington Who Battered Another Parent With Her Stiletto Heel Avoids Jail

A mother who battered a fellow parent over the head with her stiletto heel after she arrived to collect her children from primary school when drunk has been spared jail.

Emma Harrington, 30, became embroiled in a row with the father at Eaton Park Academy, in Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, because he was occupying a toilet she wanted to use, a court was told.

North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard she told the man she could smell cannabis when he left the cubicle, which sparked a lengthy verbal dispute in the reception area of the school on May 4.

Harrington called the victim a ‘junkie’ while he told her to ‘go back to working in a lap-dancing club’, at which point she slapped him in the face.

After a tussle, she removed her metal-tipped stiletto shoe and used it as a weapon to attack him with, wounding his head and hands.

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UK: It’s Not Just the Plot to Let in 1.5 Million Turks… Daniel Hannan Outlines Ten Bombshells the EU’s Keeping Secret Until After You’ve Voted

Embarrassing leaks have revealed that British Government officials colluded in Brussels to keep contentious issues about plans for making the EU into more of a superstate off the political agenda until after next week’s referendum.

One of the most shocking of these secret proposals involves allowing 1.5 million Turks visa-free access to Britain.

Here, DANIEL HANNAN outlines ten more controversial policies EU leaders are planning — by stealth — if we vote to Remain…

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UK: Train-Mad Grandfather, 72, Spends £250,000 Building an Incredible 3,000 Square Foot Model Railway in His Garden Shed Because His Girlfriend Won’t Have it in the House

Roy James, 72, from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, started building the railway scene in his garden shed in the 1990s because his partner Hettie refused to have it inside.

Now, twenty years on, his collection — which features more than 100 trains and its own working fairground — is so big that it has spilled onto his back garden.

[Comment: Impressive stuff. Gotta love thosie model trains.]

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Sniper Kills ISIS Executioner During Beheading Class

‘We got rid of 21 terrorists with 1 bullet’

An Islamic State executioner’s head exploded during a class on beheading after a well-aimed shot by a British Special Air Service sniper.

Military sources told the Express that a recent mission into northern Syria involved killing an ISIS recruiter with a Dan.338 rifle as the terrorist was instructing 21 new recruits.

“One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded. The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in,” a source told the newspaper on Monday. “We later heard most of the recruits deserted. We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet. He was an extremely sadistic and ruthless individual, feared by the locals and the jihadis alike.”

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30,000 Afghan “Refugees” In the US

At least 30,000 Afghans have been resettled in the US as part of the 1.5 million Muslims imported into the country between 2001 and 2013, it has emerged in the wake of the Orlando homo club massacre.

According to the Pew Research Center, 99 percent of Afghans support the imposition of Sharia law-which demands the death penalty for homosexuals.

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Imam Obama — Importing Gunmen to Destroy Our Rights

Immigration into America is only increasing as ISIS promises to send cells to attack Infowars Nightly News — June 14, 2016 Comments

In spite of the shooter calling 911 thirty minutes into the 3 hour shooting spree & announcing he was killing for ISIS, Obama waited another 12 hours before he would say it was terrorism.

Then he carefully avoided blaming Islam.

The AR-15 was to blame, the internet was to blame and the Orlando shooter was a “homegrown” terrorist.

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“Transgender” Mental Illness Spreads

The controlled media-promoted “transgender” craze is-predictably-spreading with the first US court order officially allowing a male to change his registered sex to “nonbinary.”

A county circuit court judge in Multnomah County, Oregon, has granted a petition from a man, who claims to be a woman, to change his official sex designation from “female” to “nonbinary.”

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/14/2016

  1. We need to start looking at Islam as a whole, not isolating it into ‘sections’. What we are seeing is the reverse of “divide and rule” it is the purposeful splitting of Islam into disparate factions; ISIS, Al Q, Hizbulla, Hamas, Boko Harum, PA, Fatah and many many more. It is purposely fragmented to diminish the fact that Islam is a problem worldwide and whether it is China, the Philippines or Chad, the results are the same, dead innocent civilians – you and me.

    We have a death cult in our midst and PC/MC says we must not ‘see’ it, we must pretend it is a religion pf peace and therefore just a figment of our imagination, and is therefore not a problem. So in Orlando it is AR 15’s (although it appears the gunman was using a very advanced and expensive sig-sauer MCX carbine). In Amarillo it is ‘workplace’ violence, In Tel-Aviv it was ‘freedom fighting’, in France it was just ‘obeying orders’, one from ISIS, the other from Allah demanding a Ramadam human sacrifice (the guy is deemed insane). All in just a week!

    Washington, we have a problem – and you are the main part of it

  2. They hear voices in their heads, via the internet. Mental illness is the go-to defence.

  3. Well he’s Dead Jim and now ship him back to the middle east along with Obama


    What or to whom am I being a “bigot” against?

    Islam (the ideology)?

    Regarding that (religion) I have taken a close look at its origins, the sources from which it cobbled itself together – and I properly fear it. I harbor no fear of assimilated Western Muslims, but of classical, historic Islam, that I do rightly fear. How is that bigotry? I find all this a cold-eyed, hard-looking gaze upon the facts.

    In our present conversation about Islam, and all islamic, the question of Islam’s origins (the etiology of its beliefs and practices) never enters into the discussion. It should. The origin of a thing sets the parameters and contours of a thing. what did Isl;am pick up from the Arabian sands to cobble itself together. All this assists in getting a grip on what happened in Orlando.

    Now, how is that bigotry?

    This, now, we do know. After last bloody Sunday morning, all the islamic cards are on the table.

    A homosexual Muslim male raid a gay night spot , in the midst of Pride Weeks, and slaughters homosexuals (and their allies)) by the dozens.

    Should we be surprised? Knowing what we know in how Islam cobbled itself together from the debris of the Arabian sands, should we be surprised? A further question can be asked: Was the horrific flow of blood this homosexual Muslim Male shed upon that dance floor a sacrificial offering to appease Allah’s disfavor? Not for being homosexual, but for being hoosexual in a very non-islamic way. By murder and slaughter did he set right the disorder his wayward life stirred within the *umma* (the community of Allah)?

    These are the questions the shooter had asked himself. These are the questions Muslims in their hundreds of million queried among themselves within the *umma*. These are the questions which prompted candy to be passed out in Gaza and the West bank. These are the questions – answered – which gave ISIS the green light to pronounce the shooter a roaring majestic lion of Allah – to set him apart, to sainthood him.

    These are the questions we, in the West, should be putting to one another: to our spouses, our children, our neighbors, our deaf & dumb & blind politicians.

    Islam maintains a *hypocritical* stance towards homosexuality. Homosexuality is widely and brutally condemned by the religion even as it is widely and aggressively practiced within the islamic umma (majority Muslim countries plus the subcultures holed up within the West). This double-mindedness regarding homosexuality has been so since Muhammad’s co-coreligionists whirlwind from Arabia (establishing the Muslim Male as the primary carrier of all things Islam) laying waste to Mesopotamia, Sassanian Persia, North Africa, the Byzantines and the Romanized Vandals & Franks – until King Martel met them with great defeat at the French frontier.

    Islam has been (is now, always will be) two-faced about homosexuality – and any of its LGBT litter siblings – as the incident in Orlando violently illustrated to us. Islam pivots (equally, wildly) between culling out homosexuality for punishment (for death) and celebrating it (with exquisite disarming ritualized effeminacy). It does both semmingly without guilt or contradiction.

    Islam’s double-mind (dual truth) operates within a tension of denial, which does, now and hen, exhibit itself in great explosive violence. This wound up tension becomes expressed mostly in things sexual. For instance, in Islam, male-to-male eroticized love is often the preferred affection. but at a cost, for the natural order of things can never for long sustain the tension. Both the homoerotic preference, and the explosive tension, can be illustrated profusely from Islam’s history, from the professional literature, and from cold-eyed observation of current islamic societies. Even from the Islamic State (ISIS): even with their Quranic enthusiasm for tossing gays off building, they have perfected weaponizing anal intercourse while taking up male concubinage (mostly boys).

    It’s not only ISIS, consoling themselves with “boy-wives” after toppling gays off high walls; our decade long involvement in Afghanistan has done nothing to effect that country’s fundamental pedophilic culture (or, for that matter, the Northern Tribal areas of Pakistan). Both islamic/Quranic societies. (And the home heritage of the Orlando shooter.)

    Things do get off balanced and out of kilter – as the biography of the Orlando shooter tell us – and as they must when one attempts to cobble a religion together which incorporates unresolvable dualism and tensions.

    In Islam how is that balance restored? Why not ask the shooter – or attend to the explosion of pride and honor which lit up the Twitter cloud. For hundred of million of Muslim, worldwide, shed blood on a gay dance floor in Orlando, Florida, was a benediction. Those who say that it did not are burdened with the chore of proving otherwise

    The Left knows all this about Islam (its double-mindedness about homosexuality) and so – awkwardly – considers the religion an ally in its perpetual war against the Judaeo-Christian West. The Left knows and accepts in spite of the cultural and theological brutality intertwined in being so double-minded.

    The shooter at the Pulse Club in Orlando was both Muslim & homosexual. In his own person he demonstrates, near to perfection, Islam’s two-faced hypocrisy regarding homosexuality.

    The shooter participated in it – which is just fine in Islam – but obviously, this homosexual Muslim fellow did not so not properly – that is, within the boundaries set by the religion (that is, Allah’s exampled Perfect Man, Muhammad). As a Muslim Male all things were open to him (justified through various double-truth readings of islamic texts). Yet, still, something went hay-wire and screw-loose.

    The shooter’s participation in homosexuality crossed a certain line: most likely, he “being gay” was devolving into an *identity* separate from he being Muslim. (*Identity*, that great infallible dogma of Queer Theory). He being Muslim Male, he was at liberty to ask (and expect) anything he wanted from sex (primarily under the rubric that he was always “top”.) Though, apparently, his homosexuality was becoming a god to him, rivaling the greatness of Allah and his Prophet.

    Things had gone awry, topsy-turvy. The world had become a disordered place.

    After disturbing Allah’s *umma*, letting loose reverberations of disorder through his un-Quranic disorderly life, the shooter was duty bound to right – to make recompense – for the havoc he wreaked upon on Allah’s *umma*. (This is no different than the duty of any male head of a Muslim family or clan righting the disorder a daughter, for instance, lets loose when she dishonors the family with wayward sexuality.)

    And, so the the shooter did so with great carnage and blood sacrifice (in Ramadan). From his (classical, historic Muslim) point of view it all made sense. With all that shed blood now on the gay dance floor the world is now made right – it is in balance, once more.

    (At its origins Islam took over the theology and texts of some heretical Gnostic Christian groups. This accounts for Islam’s hard, bitter, internal tensions. This explains Islam’s unsolvable *dualism* which spins out theological, social, and political havoc wherever it seeks to settle: Mamlo, Sweden, London, Dusseldorf, Parisian suburbs, on the steps of the Cologne Cathedral, Copenhagen, Bakersfield, California, or Orlando, Florida.)

    Our refusal to see that what happened in Orlando was a religious act will bloodily slick the way for the next one. Next time, not be a gay nightclub, but something closer to home. Something as near and dear as Beslan, Russia.

    So, tell me, how is, my saying all this, a sign of bigotry?

    Maybe your accusation of my being a bigot has nothing to do with Islam, but homosexuality (or, if you prefer, my supposed animus towards the LGBT2Q – that unending acronym – community. Let me put that one to rest, right off and straight away! I have known the gay community for decades: 0 too well, really. Compassion, patience, but no bigotry on that score.

    So, please, pray tell – once more – how am I a bigot? My children and grandchildren are bi-racial (Black); unlike Elizabeth Warren, I stream honest-to-goodness Cherokee in my blood; my experience is such with Arabs & Latinos (gays and whomever) that you’d be hard put to hold a match to light up any dark corner of hate in my head or heart – because there isn’t any. Well, unless you insist there is because I’m male (though not quite dead), past middle age, Christian, Occidental Western, and somewhat less White than Elizabeth Warren.

    Though, maybe I am a bigot, of sorts.

    I do despise, utterly, the Post-Modernist International (UN, EU, NGO, Big Business, Big Government, Big Military, Big Education) Left. Maybe that’s the bigotry you smell. If so, I own up to it. Refuse to take any deodorant to mask its sweet scent. One uplifted arm to you, dear sir!

    [Penned at the Black Cat Bar, 700 B

  5. I have run out of time. At least for this morning. Fascinating reading, especially Bracken’s story.

    As for the want-to-be gun-grabbers: Molon Labe!

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